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Centaur Runner | Going On In!

June 24, 2015 by DucksAreMagical
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Normal Tank

DotA2 Hero: Centaur Warrunner

Hero Skills

Rawhide (Innate)

Hoof Stomp

1 8 9 10

Double Edge

2 3 5 7


4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17

Centaur Runner | Going On In!

June 24, 2015


I'm a experienced Dota 2 player I've been playing for around a year now, and I've made a few other guides in the past but this is going to be the "first good" one in my opinion the other guides I didn't really put much effort into, this guide changes that.

Centaur Warrunner or formerly known as Centaur Warcheif is a powerful late game intatior

Early Game

Early Game for Centaur Warrunner , is easy if you are in the safe lane, you just farm and last hit and harass as much as you can when you get that point of return, because if you harass most likely they would give you harass back but then they get damaged for it, if you are going up against ranged heroes, its a little harder but usually they don't deal enough damage yet to hurt you without dealing a lot of damage to themselves.

If you are in the off lane which usually Centaur Warrunner does, this is easy for Centaur Warrunner because of Return damage, if you are solo off lane it isn't much harder.

Mid Game

Centaur Warrunner 's, Mid Game is all about ganking, once you get your Blink Dagger you should go around and gank when you arn't ganking, jungle.

Jungling will make the enemy team think that you are missing if they havn't got good warding, so they will stay away from pushing to far into your teams' towers.

In Team Fights you should blink into the enemy team where you can stun atleast 2 people or the enemy carry, such as Ursa or a good team fighter such as Crystal Maiden.

Late Game

Late Game Centaur should just go for kills on the enemy team, if you are underfarmed go for the solo supports that are trying to push.

If you are fed, go for any kills you think you can get make sure that the enemy team is visible (atleast 3 on the map or you know where they are).


Hoof Stomp - Stuns any heroes in a 315 radius, for 2 seconds as an added bonus deals 100/150/200/250 damage.

Double Edge - Deals 175/250/325/400 to a target and Centaur Warrunner himself, also deals that damage in a 190 radius around a target.

Return - Any Enemy Unit that hits you gets dealt 16/18/20/22 + 26%/34%/42%/50% of Centaurs Strength (so if you have 100 strength and maxed Return will deal 72 damage back to the target).

Stampede - Makes all of your team (plus their units), hasted and phased and when one of your team runs over an enemy unit, it damages them based on 100%/200%/300% of your strength.

Team Work

Centaur Warrunner needs his team to be as ballsy as he is, for me my motto with Centaur Warrunner is "Going on in" you cant back away from a fight with Centaur once you go in with one, unless they are more farmed than you, in that case run use your ult to run away if you need it and are doing the best on your team.

But mostly if you still run after them they will die because they will try to fend you off by hitting you, but then they get damaged, but if they don't its a kill, see.

So you need a team that will go in with you on your jumps, otherwise it will seem like you are feeding.

Creeping / Jungling

Last Hitting, it is simple just don't constantly hit the creeps it will push the lane.

TIP: if you don't want the enemy to deny creeps right click on the enemy when you are close to the creeps and then run back to your tower so that the only way to deny your creeps is to get closer to your tower and you so you can get harass.

Pushing, is easy its like pushing with Axe, just run into the creeps and let them hit you, your Return will damage the creeps for hitting you and you get kill them off with your Double Edge and right clicks.

Jungling, another easy feat for Centaur Warrunner because of your Return you can kill the camps with alot of creeps easily.

TIP: Before you attack, drop your Tranquil Boots if you think it is safe to do so, so when you go to another camp, pick up your Tranquils so that you can regen a little before get to the other camps.


Tranquil Boots - Good Regen bonus movement speed for easier and faster ganks, and also if the enemy wanted to stop your 13 health regen they have to hit you.

Vanguard - Armour for more effective Return and more regen health all good points that go with Centaur and his abilities

Blink Dagger - A must get on initiators

Hood of Defiance - Because Centaur, usually gets armour and tanky items, but not much magical resistance, this also reduces the damage from Double Edge.

Eye of Skadi - Because you are a initiator, it is helpful to slow the enemies down so that your carries can catchup.


Centaur Warrunner is a good tanky initiator, that does well on the off-lane and once he gets enough strength, can just soak up damage and kill people just becasue they are attacking him.

9/10 in my opinion

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