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BS Guide (Pos 2) [OUTDATED]

October 5, 2014 by Avantir Chaosfire
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Mass Micro Mid

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Quelling Blade
Healing Salve

Early Game

Poor Man's Shield
Boots of Speed
Soul Ring

Core Items

Phase Boots
Blade Mail
Armlet of Mordiggian

Situational Items

Boots of Travel
Assault Cuirass
Black King Bar
Abyssal Blade
Eye of Skadi
Force Staff
Heart of Tarrasque
Sange and Yasha
Shadow Blade

Hero Skills


1 3 13 14

Blood Rite

4 5 7 8


2 9 10 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

BS Guide (Pos 2) [OUTDATED]

Avantir Chaosfire
October 5, 2014


Let's be clear: This is not a pro guide to BS (He more of a supp hero now, but this guide assumes he's playing pos 2 like before). It will be out of date very quickly and very soon people will be all "My goodness who thought that was a good idea?". I'm making this because BS just got refurnished and nobody had posted anything how to play him and why. Thus, this a guide for those moments of:

"AHHHHH! I'm playing Bloodseeker! Quick, what does he DO NOW?"

Calm down. If you're good at microing items, then use the Mass Micro build above (Generally I go for Abyssal Blade first, which leaves you with 5 activatable items). If not, go for Mini Micro. If your team needs someone else mid or if there's a counter to you in mid, go jungle and adjust with the Jungle Variant build.



1. Grab a rune.

2. Last hit & deny.

3. If you're under heavy harass, bloodrage a creep and last hit it. Regen if necessary.

3.5. If you're under light harass, bloodrage yourself and last hit.

4. Build all the way to soul ring.

5. Get ulti.

6. Start roaming.

7. Soul Ring > Rupture > Blood Rage Target > Blood Rite > right click

8. +1 kill.

9. Repeat from 6.

10. In case of teamfight:

11. Wait for initiation.

12. Blood Rite.

13. Blood Rage a tanky enemy or glass cannon ally (Remember, ally spell damage is amplified if they are Blood Raged).

14. Rupture annoying enemy.

15. Blademail/Armlet if needed.

16. Run away!

17. Run back and kill survivors.

18. End of Guide. Congratulations! You actually kind of not really might have some sort of vague notion of the possibility of actually doing anything useful with Bloodseeker.

Good job.

Oh, and if you think this guide is terrible (I know you do) please post WHY below and if it's legit then I'll change it.

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