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Best Support Awesome! VICTORY

September 22, 2012 by PhD-Protector-
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Support Support!

DotA2 Hero: Treant Protector

Hero Skills

Nature's Grasp

2 12 13

Leech Seed

1 3 5 7

Living Armor

4 8 9 10


6 11 16


14 15 17 18

Treant Protector


Melee - Durable - Initiator - Lane Support - Disabler

Treant Protector Description

I dedicate this Guide to Art Style, and My favorite team: Ig Team, Navi Team

Conocimientos Esenciales

Treant Protector- ESPAOL

Treant Protector es mi Hero Favorito. Mas que eso lo he jugado tanto demasiado, Incontable. Por lo cual en cierta forma me da la facultad de hacer esta guia !Support! .

Solo hay algunas claves en el Juego tan importante del Arbol.
1. Cuando tengas Arcane. Utiliza Cada momento Leech Seed como medio de regeneracion a tus aliados.
2. Por que en level 2 Nature's Guise? Simplemente es por que ayuda en las batallas en el Bosque o en cualquier Zona del mapa, Proteger a tus aliados y Sorprender a tus enemigos.
3. Vanguard Es muy importante pues ayuda a tener mas Recistencia y ser el primero en entrar y Salir en las batallas pues : Nature's Guise ayuda a que te salves.
4. Como support es importante que des lugar a los Hero Carry y ayudandolo a salvarse o ingresar a las batallas con Nature's Guise!

Utiliza Overgrowth para contrarestar el Ultimate de los siguientes enemigos
-Crystal Maiden
-Sand King

Como puedes ver Nature's Guise es muy importante.

Combinaciones tan radicales y sobresalientes:
Treant protector y sus aliados:
-Treant protector+Sven + Invoker! WAO
-Treant protector+Zeus+Invoker! WAO
-Treant protector+Sacred Warrior (Huskar) WAO!
-Treant protector+Enchantress ! WAO
-Treant protector Ultimate + Sand King ! Ultimate (Arrasa con todo)

Bueno eso es todo lo que puedo aportar a la Comunidad. Agradesco sus comentarios y criticas constructivas. Dudas o respuesta estoy a sus Ordenes! :D

Essential Knowledge

Treant Protector-Version English

Treant Protector Hero is my favorite. More than that I played too much, uncountable. Therefore somehow gives me the power to make this guide that. ! Support! .

There are only some keys in Game Tree so important.

1. When you Arcane. Use Every moment Leech Seed as a means of regenerating your allies.
2. Because in level 2 Nature's Guise? It is simply that aid in battles in the forest or any area of the map, protect your allies and surprise enemies.
3. Vanguard is very important as it helps to have more Recistencia and be the first to come and go in battle because: Nature's Guise helps save yourself.
4. As support is important to give rise to Carry Hero and helping save or enter into battle with Nature's Guise!

Overgrowth uses to counter the enemies of the following Ultimate
-Crystal Maiden
-Sand King

As you can see Nature's Guise is very important.

Combinations such radical and outstanding:
Treant protector and its allies:
Sven-Treant Protector + + Invoker! WAO
Zeus-Treant Protector + + Invoker! WAO
-Treant Protector + Sacred Warrior (Huskar) WAO!
-Treant Protector + Enchantress! WAO
Ultimate-Treant Protector + Sand King! Ultimate (destroys everything)

Well that's all I can contribute to the community. Agradesco feedback and constructive criticism. Questions or answer am at your service! : D

Replay. Sorry Dota Version 1

Thanks for looking

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