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7.01 - Tiny Echo Sabre BROKEN BUILD

January 6, 2017 by Vapor24
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7.01 - Tiny Echo Sabre BROKEN BUILD

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


1 3 8 9


2 4 5 7

Tree Throw

11 13 14 16

Tree Grab

11 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2 Toss Charges
-8s Avalanche Cooldown
Toss Requires No Target
+40% Grow Damage with Tree
+80 Avalanche Damage
+10% Status Resistance
+10 Strength
+20 Movement Speed


Hello guys, this is Vapor24 and welcome to my guide to the hardest (literally speaking, he even has an ability called craggy exterior) carry in the game! (WiP Work in Progress) I wonder which hero in the game makes tiny grow.... maybe Templar Assassin? That video makes me cry FeelsBadMan.

Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons of Tiny includes....
+ Hard as ****
+ Extremely good at dumpstering any hero from full hp
+ Very tanky against melee heroes with Craggy Exterior
+ Can get double avalanche damage if combo'd correctly
+ Very fast with ultimate
+ Very fun to play
+ Did I mention that he is hard as ****?

- Melee hero that can be abused by ranged heroes (Tiny while return the favor once he gets blink dagger)
- Hates silences and nukes (partly compensated by initiating with stun and being fairly tanky)
- Can be kited by heroes such as Drow Ranger and Viper
- His large masculine figure makes people flee at the sight of you (cause you are so damn powerful)

Who Tiny counters and what counters Tiny

Tiny is generally dumpstered by heroes such as:

Wraith king

Tiny dumpsters heroes that are squishy and/or rely or illusions to deal damage up close for your craggy exterior to kick in. Honorable mentions include:

Phantom Cancer or eh Lancer
Phantom Assassin
Troll Warlord
Naga Siren

What is the role of Tiny?

Your role for playing tiny is really simple. You have a team to HARD carry. All of your 5 enemies are pieces of ****ing TRASH. What is your job? Roam around the map and dumpster heroes and towers all day!

AN IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW RELIGIOUSLY: Make sure that after you dumpster someone, all chat this: "I'm sorry, my mom said that I HAD TO take out the trash!"
Remember: It is all about the mind games, you want your trash foes to throw trash at each other in there own little BabyRage chat. And finishing of the enemy with an Echo Sabre will just make them rage at volvo for doing a great job at balancing things, once again. I mean Outworld Devourer says it himself "Good buffs travel slowly, bad buffs have wings!" OSfrog
If your enemies momma tells them to throw you away, they will respond like this:

I mean, you are hard as ****!

Ability Build

What kind of build is that?! Are you maxing your game avalanche or maxing your damn toss?! At level 1, getting toss or avalanche is situational. If you are fighting the rune, tossing the enemy to your allies may be a good idea. If you are solo fighting a hero, avalanche provides more dps, it is your call. At level 3 you will have 2 points in avalanche and 1 point in toss. Avalanche is level 2 so that you can get the double stun damage. At levels 4 and 5 pickup toss because once you hit 6, your toss while deal more damage than avalanche and you will have a better mana pool to occasionally spam you low cooldown toss. Avalanche has a long cooldown of 17 seconds and toss has a cooldown of only 9 seconds. Pickup your ult at level 6, just do it! DO NOT be that scrub who won't level his ult because he/she thinks that you won't get as much burst damage. That theory is false because tiny's ult at level 1 increases toss damage by a whopping 35%, increases you movement speed by a fantastic boost of 40 and increases your damage by 50 at the cost of 20 attack speed.

New 7.00 Talent Tree

The introduction of talent trees is completely changing the way we used to see dota 2. Heroes can now adapt their play styles and item builds accordingly to their talent tree skills. I've seen SumaiL build his signature veil of discord on ember spirit along with a euls scepter and an octarine core. He did this because ember's new talents can give him extra spell damage, lower cooldowns, and a longer chain durating or flameguard absorb damage at level 25. So with these new talent trees, feel free to experiment with new idea.

Tiny's talent trees are looking pretty above average compared to other heroes. At level 10, pick up the +6 strength if you feel like the enemies have a lot of burst and you need more hp. If you feel like you can dumpster people for days and you will just need more mana to do it, then grab the 10 int.

At level 15, +15 movement speed sounds great but +45 damage is just huge. Go for +45 damage.

At level 20, grab +14 mana regen. The reasoning is because you already have an echo sabre to give you some attack speed and you are probably still lacking in the mana department. If you grabbed +10 int on level 10, you may not need this and you may want to opt for the +25 atk speed. I just feel like atk speed is easy to buy with a hyperstone but +14 mana regen is really hard to get. Take advantage of this and you should never run into mana problems again.

At level 25, pick up +20% cooldown reduction. The 20% cooldown reduction is insane because not only does it work with all of your abilities, it ALSO works on your items. So your blinks dagger/shadow blade will have a shorter cooldown, same thing with your boots of travels, etc. The +200 avalanche damage could be viable too since with a well timed combo can deal more than just 200 damage, but i feel like the shorter cooldown will give you an advantage.

Starting build and early game items explained

The starting build for Tiny is very situational. In this guide, I go for 2 branches, a stout shield, tango, salve, and a clarity. You can also throw in a faerie fire for some OSfrog clutch saves (nobody even knows that you have that extra 75 hp, it's hilarious when used, great at giving the enemies some BabyRage. It's all about the mind games!)

For the early game pick up your phase boots and a magic wand. Now you may be thinking, phase boots?! You gotta be kidding me!? I'll explain: First of all, in the early game where you do not have a blink dagger, you need an extra boost of speed to close the gap and land an epic avalanche/toss combo. Secondly, your enemies will NOT expect that you would ever build phase boots so they would think they could kite you. Thirdly, the extra damage would be great once you pickup your Echo Sabre. When using your combo with Echo Sabre, you would blink in, dumpster them with an avalanche quickly followed up with a toss, right click them for 2 quick hits and 2 more after. Then if they are still alive (impossible), you would phase to them as they flee like ******* and finish them off with another double echo sabre hit (which would be off its 5 second cool-down by now). Lastly, SingSing builds phase boots on Tiny and it works really well for the extra speed to pull of ganks.

Make sure you buy clarities throughout the game. In the 7.00 update, clarities can only be broken similarly to a blink dagger. This is great because tiny is a mana hungry hero and he can now pop a clarity and still farm creeps. Huge buff to tiny.

Phase boots activated!
Now don't get me wrong, treads are still a great choice on Tiny, so feel free to build them instead. This build ain't set in stone, is it?? Don't you dare modify it to your playstyle!

Early / Mid-game items

Pickup a blink dagger or a shadow blade. They are both great and it is up to your play-style. Buy your new "balanced item" tome of knowledge. It starts out of stock, increments stock every 10 minutes. Buy it at the 10 and possibly the 20 minute mark. Just do it, volvo has blessed you with unbalanced items, may as well take advantage of it. Most of the times you would just want to claim the first Tome and leave the rest for your supports because they will fall of in exp and the burst of early exp for yourself really helps you get the extra damage you need for kills. You don't always have to claim the Tome, if your allies are about to grab level 6 or something it is best to give it to them. Oh, and there's also this new scan ability... Great tool to find garbage!

Why Echo Sabre?

Fear not, we will introduce some new balance into the game!

Basically, Echo Sabre is broken on tiny because in his early game he will have extremely high damage with his ultimate. What does he need? Some burst damage and something to solve his mana problems! Well valve has answered your prayers and introduced the Echo Sabre! With this item, you can blink in, stun, toss, hit the guy twice super quickly for huge damage, hit him some more, then 5 seconds later double hit the target again! Even the tankiest of foes can not survive this. Then you can walk away with your mana regening back to full and dumpster some new enemies.

Late-game Items

Now that you are rich from some well executed ganks, kills and towers, it's time to pick up some more goodies. Your items really branch off from here. Most of the time you will pick up a hyperstone. Wether you upgrade your hyperstone into a moon shard or assault cuirass is situational based on the ammount of physical damage your enemies have and how well you are doing. For the reasoning behind AC/Moon shard you have extremely high attack damage and low attack speed and your echo sabre isn't enough to take down towers in 5 seconds (although you are close). Other great picks include a black king bar, mkb, daedelus, etc.

Wrap it up already!

Thank you guys for your support! This guide is brand spanking new and will be updated with new information. Don't you dare leave a thumbs up and don't even try saying anything like advice for this guide in the comments section!


PS: Feel free to add me on steam if you would like to chat, play, or whatever,

Update Log

4/25/2016: Created guide
4/27/2016: Added update log
4/27/2016: Added countering chapter
4/27/2016: Added many more situational late-game items (all of the ones after TP boots MK.2 were added)
5/2/2016: Added a greater explanation regarding the Tome of Wisdom
12/21/2016: Updated guide for 7.01

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