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DOTAFire Challenge #1 - Calculated!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » November 4, 2019 1:11am | Report

Hey everyone! We're excited to announce our first DOTAFire Challenge, a new type of community event that will spice up your DotA matches! We all know that nothing's better than a good match of DotA, but now it will be even more exciting with our challenges that anyone can take a shot at. Check out this week's challenge and good luck in trying it out! :D

More information on the DOTAFire Challenge and how to participate can be found below.

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DOTAFire Challenge - Calculated!

We know that the ultimate goal of DotA is to destroy the enemy ancient and that stats aren't what matters (or so they say). However, that's not the case for our first challenge, where great stats can bring well deserved prizes!

Beat this week's challenge of having a KDA of at least 3 in a match and have the chance to be one of our worthy winners!

You're free to attempt this challenge in any normal or ranked match against players using any hero. Remember to focus on the ancient though, winning the match is the ultimate goal while our challenges are a fun bonus! ;)

There will be 5 winners chosen randomly from all the eligible participants that will receive a 10 EUR Steam Wallet each.

Only matches that have been played during this week (Monday, 4th - Sunday, 10th PST) and have beat the challenge are eligible.

How To Participate

  1. You must have a DOTAFire account to be able to participate. Don't have an account? You can create one here.

  2. Play a match during this week and try to beat the DOTAFire Challenge - KDA of at least 3 in a match.

  3. Once the DOTAFire Challenge has been fulfilled, take a screenshot of the final scoreboard and upload it to imgur.

  4. Reply to this post with the screenshot link from imgur. You can only submit one match!

  5. That's it! Winners will be announced next Monday and will receive an email to claim their prize!

We wish you good luck and we're excited to hear your thoughts on our challenges!

Feel free to ask any questions and let us know if you have any fun idea for the next challenge! :D
Message me if you'd like to join our official Discord server!

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