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After a month of guide crafting and judging, the contest has concluded and we have our worthy winners. They've invested tremendous amounts of time and effort into making these guides happen, make sure to check them out if you haven't already and share what you think of their work! :D

Strength Winners

The Lord of Avernus is a tough target to take down, but that's not enough to know in order to play him well. Embrace the Mist of Avernus with Safecyn's guide, Some Idiot's Guide to Abaddon! Don't be fooled by the guide's name, Safecyn knows very well what he's doing and his guide covers everything you need to know to be the most impactful Abaddon DotA has ever seen. You can find nicely explained information about item and skill build, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and for the players who want to know even more, there is a special chapter dedicated to the friends and foes of Abaddon. Don't get counter picked!

Abaddon is not the only horsemen who's got a new cool guide. Joining him is Nessaj, the Chaos Knight, the durable mounted carry who is featured in Blex12's guide, Chaos Knight - Item and Skill Guide! Nessaj is one of the strongest carries in the mid and late game, being able to take down the enemy team in a matter of seconds if farmed and played well. Even though the hero is strong, players require the necessary knowledge and skill to play him, and that's where Blex12's guide comes in handy! Whether you're only looking for a skill and item build to follow or for some advanced strategies, this guide will answer your questions and greatly improve your performance on Chaos Knight!

Running won't help, especially after reading tekkeX's guide on Tidehunter, Smashing Anchors and Getting Danker with tekkeX's Tidehunter! The Leviathan has always been all about team fights and supporting his teammates. His strong abilities might give the impression that he's easy to play, but there is a significant difference between a good Tidehunter and a great Tidehunter, and that difference is marked by tekkeX's guide! The guide is short and simple, providing straightforward information on how to play Tidehunter and what to aim at during the match. Make sure to not miss out on any useful insight on how to Ravage your enemies to the death!

Agility Winners

Ride the lightning and zap your foes with Masked_Man98's guide for the Lightning Revenant, Razor Sharp Lightnings! Razor is one of the most versatile agility heroes who relies on positioning and stealing the power of his enemies. This guide is one of many Masked_Man98's guides and it has been recently updated to the latest patch, meaning it's time to increase your win rate on Razor! If you're not sure what items to pick up or what skills to max out first, Masked_Man98 has got you covered with special chapters where he explains what options he believes are most effective. If you're confident with the way you build your hero, there are also other chapters on what to do at each stage of the game, which heroes have the best synergy with Razor and also which are the best against him. Prepare the Underscape for fresh arrivals!

If you're looking for more advanced guides, then BloopDotA's guide Divine/Immortal Troll Warlord Guide is exactly what you've been looking for! The Troll Warlord is one of the strongest heroes when it comes to taking down single targets and raging through your enemies. Bloop's guide offers information on strategy and itemization for each stage of the game. If you would like to see his guide in practice, make sure to check out his Twitch stream that can be found in the introductory part of the guide. Don't feed the trolls!

Taking down your enemies in a single hit is one of the most satisfying feelings DotA has to offer. If you haven't experienced it yet, then you must check out masoud237masoud's guide for Phantom Assassin! Mortred is one of the most popular heroes across all skill brackets, meaning you can use this guide to learn how to play her and also how to properly counter her. As the author mentions in the introduction, this guide will help you in gaining "easy MMR", with simple to understand information about items, skills and talents.

Intelligence Winners

Time to enchant your enemies and make them turn against each other with Soffy-chan's In-Depth Enchantress Guide! This is one of the most comprehensive and beautifully formatted guides we have ever seen on DOTAFire, and even though we're not playing Enchantress very often, after reading it we feel like we perfectly know the hero! From the general chapters about itemization, laning stage and talents, Soffy has also prepared special chapters about pulling and stacking, communication and rune control, all in a very enchanting fashion! It's like the guide has an Enchant ability of its own...

Your enemies should watch their step, as you're going to be one of the best Techies players out there after checking out Yasi's In-Depth Guide to Techies. Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, the demolition trio, is one of the best heroes at defending the base and making sure the enemies don't have a single moment of peace. Yasi offers us information on how to build Techies, what to aim for at each stage of the game, and also what to do if our team is ahead or not. In case the game is not going as planned or you're having difficulties handling Techies, Yasi has also provided information about different decisions that you can take in the late game and even tips on how to properly stack mines and use key binds to improve your Techies game play!

If you've been playing Io recently, you have probably heard of Wisper_The_Wisp, one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable Io players, with more than 3.600 matches on the hero! However, today we are going to praise him for his 4000+ Commend Oracle Guide! Oracle is one of the most versatile and complex support heroes in the game, being able to turn the tides of battle if played carefully. His abilities can be used both offensively and defensively, and unlike most heroes, not using his abilities properly might help the enemies. Not to worry, because Wisper has written a comprehensive guide on how to use each of Oracle's abilities and how to mix them up for most efficiency. More wisdom, more danger!

How to Claim Your Prizes
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  2. If there is no email associated with your DOTAFire account, you will receive a private message on DOTAFire instead

  3. Activate your codes and happy shopping!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the guide contest! You've all been great and your work will surely be appreciated by all of our community members! Let us know what you think about the guides above and tell us what you'd like for the next contest!
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LOL I can't believe my Razor guide won. Thank you all for this great contest and sorry I couldn't write the BB guide. It will be done once these ******** exams are over.
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Masked_Man98 wrote:

LOL I can't believe my Razor guide won. Thank you all for this great contest and sorry I couldn't write the BB guide. It will be done once these ******** exams are over.

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

I know how exams can be, haha. Good luck! :)
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Oh my god! Thank you very much for this recognition, and I hope I can continue to produce many good guides. Congratulations to all the other winners, too!

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