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phantom assassin 7.20d guide

December 5, 2018 by masoud237masoud
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Build 1
Build 2

safe lane build1(mid game focus) 7.20d

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 8 9 11


4 13 14 18

Coup de Grace

6 12 16


10 15

Hero Talents

Triple Strike Stifling Dagger
+7% Coup de Grace Chance
+60 Phantom Strike Attack Speed
+20% Stifling Dagger damage
+250 Phantom Strike Cast Range
+25% Blur Evasion
-2s Stiffling Dagger Cooldown
+0.5s Phantom Strike Duration

phantom assassin 7.20d guide

December 5, 2018


this guide is about PA for ez mmr :).
so with the new patch released we saw many changes in the game ; both to the heroes and to the items and to the game mechanics and of the changes was PA which was buffed really nice which made the hero one of top 3 carry heroes to spam in pubs in this is easy to learn this hero and easy to do what is expected of it which is get farm a bit ahead of your opponent team and when in mid game try to gank enemy lanes and kill enemy when they are squishy and still don't have many defensive items and then snowball into winning the game.

with the new blur rework it is even more easy to play the hero as a real ASSASSIN .u get one of your early mid game items and then try to gank unaware enemies either in lane or in jungle . when blur is active you are not detectable by wards and only when you get near the enemy which is too late for them to react since you have dagger and then you can jump on them to easily kill them with3-4 attacks before they react.

overally PA is a carry hero which has her most impact in the midgame.
her laning phase is not that bad but usually you need a support by you since you have low hp and can be harassed easily by enemy offlaner and support nukers early ,so pick it when you have a support confirmed to babysit you in laning phase.

she is played mainly in the safe lane but can be played in mid too .overally you need to be in your lane farm each and every creep and deny as many; which is obvioulsy what every carry player need to be bested at before starting to play this role seriously,so you need to be good at lasthitting first of all which only comes by practicing with the hero you want to spam ,in this case PA since every hero has different attack animation and damage so try to get familiar with how to last hit with PA at first.

secondly you need to make lane easy for yourself in order to farm better and in order to make opponent outfarmed .so always try to harass the opponent at every opportunity you can ,always try to hit them once or twice when they want to last hit or when they want to deny and use your dagger to slow and deal damage to enemy offlaner as much as possible and even get a kill with the help of your support when possible.

when you reach level 6 you hit a noticeable power spike with your ult and the damage it provides and you can start ganking and punishing enemies getting out of position in other lanes and be effective in teamfights (so always carry a tp incase).and when there is no fight just farm till you get your desolator. this is now your true power spike and when you can just kill almost all enemy heroes before they buy mkbs or silver edge to counter you and be most effecient in fights with the easy kills and then snowball from here and finish the game before it is to late, if you play carefully and have good positioning and dont get careless to get caught by enemy spells or disables(in the mid game since enemy carries still dont have items to counter you,you mostly die by enemy nukers so all you need to do is to have good positioning and have map awareness to not get ganked).
so i hope you find this guide usefull ...


well boots has been reworked in this patch and phase doesnt give you damage anymore and so now you always get treads on PA .it gives you huge early stats and good damage which is really big in the early game .always try to complete your boots before making your mid game item.

i like vladimir a lot although some dont agree .but i think its a good item ,it gives you mana regen which is good for you spamming your dagger,it gives 15% attack damage bonus which is great with your ult and it is reletively cheap and makes you able to team fight have another option to skip buying vladimir and buy 2 wraith bands which give you almost everything for early game and then make a morbid mask if you want to play a bit safer or even skip this one make your early deso or battlefury since you have a lifesteal talent si up to you to choose between these 3 options.

desolator is your damage item for mid game build which really amplifies your damage insanely and as soon as you get this item you need to group up with your team and go aggressive on enemy team this item is even better in this patch since the armor rework each point of armor has more impact and deso still reduces 7 points which has higher impact than last patch . just dagger enemy supports and jump on them at the start of the fight and they mostly die with 3-4 hits in less than 5 seconds.if you want to go for late build ,get the battle fury and farm for late game.this item gives you fighting potential too and adds to your damage too but not as much as desolator .but it is still good for fights.

well bkb is a must have .thats all you almost 99% of the time need to buy it after your 2nd big item.dont hesitate to use it in the fights... :).activate it then jump and you can get 2 enemy squishiest heroes fast.with the blur rework now you can dodge projectiles if you are good and you can skip bkb for late game and get a skullbasher or butterfly or another damage item and try to snowball in the game with explosive kills in fights or ganks.(only skip bkb if you are ahead in terms of farm and towers in the game.)

sange and yasha

with the rework of sange this item now gives you status resistance which means lockdowns work less effective on you . and this item is now a decent mid game item if you want to skip deso.

the early skullbasher gives you stns which with the new phantom strike which gives you attack speed on all targets rather than first hero you initiate on you have more chance to proc and stun and is really good on killing heroes as fast as possible without them having time to react.
when upgraded to abyssal this item gives you the lock down for the carries late game and some damage reduction for late game when enemies buy mkbs or silveredges and you can reduce somedamage.jump on enemy and stun them and kill them before they do.the bash and damage is also appreciated on pa.

in cases which the enemy has evasion like vs windranger or riki or enemies which buy radiance or butterfly or... this item is also gives you a lot of damage to amplify you crit.

well if you go for late game build get these.they all give you tons of attribute stats which make you real tanky and also good damage dealer from all those agility they give can use manta to evade some stuns or range projectles and to dispell silence.the slow from skadi really is very brutal against enemy carry in late game.with the armor reworks the armor that agility items give you is even better and with these items you can transform into a tanky late game hardcarry.

silver edge is good for enemies like bristleback or timber or any enemy with annoying passives.its also good in cases you feel you can reach enmy key hero like sniper which is farmed and is always in the back hitting you.

get this when enemy heroes get ghost scepter/euls and you cant kill them also gives you some damage too.

get this when you are 6 slotted...

it is a very defensive item on pa .get this when there is a legion commander or pudge and is constantly targeting you and you are crippled by it.

well :).what can i say...300 damage and 450% crit.and 3 daggers .well what can i say again :).throw the daggers and enjoy the sound :).

well it is a situational item when there are enemies like wraith king/medusa in the enemy team .it also gives good agility stats. you can also buy it as a mid game item instead of deso or SNY but it is situational and other two items are better on pa.

this item makes you more tanky and also gives you damage reduction and attack is good when there are enemy heroes with heavy physical damage.

get this if enemy team are heavy magic damage dealers like zeus/pugna and are harassing you hard in the early can skipp life steal item if you get this and go straight to you next big item since it gives you good hp regen.


this is a great spell.always max this at first .it increases the damage ,it's slows,it's range so always max it is a great harrassing can use it to lasthit creeps which is really effecient specially at the start when you damage is low but this daggers damage is enough to secure you the lasthits especially when you have a hard lane and you cant get near creeps.remember to always spam this everywhere(to farm,to harass,in fights ,...)
it also applies effects so sometimes in the lategame you can kill enemy squishy heroes with one dagger if you lucky.

we get 1 level of this for the escape potential in laning phase and max this 2nd since it gives you more attack speed(max this 2nd after your dagger if you want to play offensive).use this to initiate on enemy heroes or to escape in bad situations.

well blur has been still give you evasion but now it has an active which make you invisible (like an assassin :D)and then you can roam around the map with out being spotted by the wards and when you see and enemy jump on them and kill also has a small period when you activate it which makes you invulnerable to projectiles like wk stun and you can dodge them.(you can max this nd if you want to play defensively).

biggest crit spell of the game.i think this ability makes pa a nuker :).you know sometimes you throw a dagger and it crits and you make a full health enemy 1/5 of their health .if it is not a nuke what is it :D .anyway as i said before as soon as you reach level 6 you reach a power spike which makes you powerful enough to zone out enemy offlaner by your self and have kill potential in ealry fights .so you can be active around the map when you are 6.


level 10 talent
almost always we get +15 damage since it synergises well with your ult and it give you harass potential in lane and farm potential.only get +150 health when enemy has heavy nukes and you are constantly dying to them like a fat zeus which is always ganking your lane and you die alot.

level 15
we almost always get -3 armour reduction since it gives you more dps on the single enemy which is your role to intantly kill squishy heroes.get cleave if you want to go for late game and want to farm with it or when the are illusion heroes like pl or ck are against you.

level 20
well for this both of these talents are is dependent of the game you are playing to get which.if you are snowballing and had a good game and you are in the mid game get the triple daggers since it ampifies your damage and you can just remove enemy supports fast with this talent.but get lifesteal if you dont have a lifesteal item or if you are going for the late game and you have to face fat enemy carries.

level 25
+5% coup the grace is almost always the choice.since at this point enemy carries usually have the mkb and ignore the evasion already .it also amplifies your damage.


well overally pa is a very popular hero and if played correctly it can be really devastating killing enemy supports and squishy heroes really fast and thus winning you fights.most importatnt thing about this hero is to my opinion positioning and when to get in fights and where to be.
i hope you enjoyed my guide and used it effeciently.

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