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Inprisoned Death

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Inprisoned Death 11 posts - page 1 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » July 24, 2016 3:35pm | Report
Welcome to my 3rd hero suggestion!

Hero type:

Melee Dire Strenght

HP: 716
MP: 208

BAT: 1.5
Range: 128
DMG: 54-65

MR: 20%
PR: 25%

Speed: 280
Abilities: 5

+STR: 2.5
+AGI: 2.4
+INT: 1.8

Quick notes:
I usually by "accident" make overpowered heroes. Please help me nerf them if needed.
English isn't my primary language.




Imprisoned Death uses his chains to strangle the enemy, dealing damage every second and forcing them to stand still (root).

MC: 75/80/85/90
CD: 14/12/10/8

Single Target
No BkB penetration

Range: 193
Duration: 3

Dps: 40/65/80/105

Note: Manta stops it too!

Powerful ganking skill and together with blink dagger it can be really annoying.


Chain Spin

Imprisoned Death spins, and his chains (that spin too) stuns enemies and roots them. Hits 3 times. (Does not restun already stunned enemies)

MC: 120
CD: 22

AoE stun
Centered around Imprisoned Death
The damage penetrates BkB, the stun does not.

Radius: 375
Spin Duration: 1 (0.33s=360°)

Dmg: 50/100/150/200 (Total)
Stun: 1/1.5/2/2.5s

Very useful teamfight spell. Blink Dagger would be a common buy.


Reaper's Call

Imprisoned Death throws his chains at the target (It then spins around it to grab it), grabbing it and pulls it to your position. If any unit is in the way of the chains it will deal damage (to allies too) and pull them in instead.

MC: 170
CD: 34/34/34/24

Range: 700/750/800/850

Dmg: 100/130/160/190 + 5% of max HP

Wrong unit damage: 50/100/150/200 ( +20% of max HP to allies)

Projectile travel

No-one can escape the Imprisoned Death.

Weaker version of meat hook, but it scales well. Punishes hard if you accidentally hit allies. (Removable in pubs maybe?)
Pro Tip: Use it to deny creeps in midlane!


Death Unchained

Imprisoned Death's chains break, and he becomes free and unleashes his rage, increasing multiple stats. Lasts for 55 seconds.
During the duration the player has access to Death, but it uses charges. You get a new charge if you kill an enemy with death.

MC: 50% of current mana
CD: 150/125/100

Duration: 55

Speed: +35/40/45
BAT: 1.46/1.45/1.44
Dmg: +10/15/20
Armor: -6/4/2
Agility: +1/2/3
Atkspeed: +30/40/50
Charges: 1/2/3

When Imprisoned Death's rage reaches it's limit, he breaks his chains and crushes his enemies. And if they are strong enough to withstand his strangling and punching, he will attempt to kill them all with help from another world.

The spell that makes him a carry. Useful during teamfights.



A bit similar to Lich. It's a man with chains around him.

Weapon: A chain
Race: Human
Element: Death


V1: Wrote it all.
V2: Huge nerfs to Death. Some spelling fixes. Manta now stops Strangle.
V3: Buffed Death. Changed some names and balanced a few things.
V4: Buffed Strangle and nerfed Reapers Call by disabling the full single-targrt part. Changed how the Reaper's Call chains fly through the air.
V5: Buffed Death.
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » July 25, 2016 10:17am | Report
Hi Sclipzer! Really nice to see you around! :D

First of all... isn't it supposed to be Imprisoned Death? :p

On the skills, I don't think his skills are OP... except for the Death skill. No matter what you say, an 'instant kill' spell is just... broken. It doesn't work on dota because there's no way to counter it. You can make the chance 0.05%, but as long as it's there, it won't work. Even reaper scythe deals damage based on missing HP, which translate to "instant kill under ..% HP", but it can be countered by magic resistance or BKB. I think that's the only way to do 'instant kill' spell like this. Nonetheless, interesting idea!

On the hero, I find it refreshing to have a tank with 4 (all) active skills, and I think it has the potential to develop more. As of now, there are several improvements I can talk about, but I don't think it's needed (unless you want it, of course).

All in all, it's nice to see some ideas around here, thank you!

Keep up the good work :D
My hero ideas
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » July 25, 2016 12:28pm | Report
Is Death really that broken? The chance of killing someone is really low unless they got almost no HP. I guess that I could nerf it.
One thing that balances it a little is that it tries to kill the closest enemy, but I could change it to a random enemy.
The delay could be increased to 2.66 seconds.

Any suggestions on name changes? I think that Chain Pull and Chain Spin sounds a bit boring.
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » July 25, 2016 9:20pm | Report
Yeah, since a chance to kill an almost full HP enemy instantly, no matter how rare, is seriously frowned upon.

I like the way you nerf it, it seems like a better Culling Blade now, but it does seem a bit weak. How about this:


I think the nerfs were a bit overdone, especially considering that this is basically his 'ultimate skill', so I strengthen the skill a bit, and most importantly by strengthening the Freedom Rage instead. Other than that, an important addition is the 'fallback', in case the chance don't trigger. I add a simple damage, like how culling blade works.

Freedom Rage

By changing this skill, the Death skill gain a huge subtle buff, and I think it's more thematic to use the charge system in here, at lower level this means a single "huge" ultimate, while at higher level it's more like a perpetual buff to DPS because of the damage fallback from Death.

Okay, that's basically my feedback for this skill, just suggestions though, you're free to do anything you like to your own hero.

Then, the skill names... While I'm at it, I'll provide suggestions for your hero name and other skills, m'kay?

Tartarus the Chained Reaper

Q: Chain of Tartarus
W: Fatal Vortex
E: Reaper's Call
R: Death Unchained
My hero ideas
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » July 25, 2016 9:48pm | Report
I'll buff Freedom Rage/Death Unchained. The idea of the spell is to increase the offensive stats of the hero but slightly reduce defensive (it removes 6/4/2 armor.)

All the names will be changed (or at least 3/4). The original names are horrible.

Just one idea: Is it a good idea to nerf and buff Strangle a little? I maybe make it deal 370 max dmg but; it cannot kill
(Leaves enemies with 1 HP). This would make it easier to escape but it deals more dmg so it is actually slightly more deadly.
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Afghanizm » July 26, 2016 10:10am | Report
The first skill is a bit underpowered if you ask me, since taking 300 damage is very easy later in the game and the duration is not the best either. The second skill actually has good teamfight power, which is always welcomed by any team. The thrid skill is not exactly a weaker version of meathook: since it is single target, it can go through creeps which is a nightmare in the laning phase and would make him together with his first skill a very good mid hero. Now the ult. The buffs are a bit weak and do not scale so great, but the duration makes up for it and can let him farm while he is not in fights. The Death sub skill maked me want to hug you. It is literally the things DOTA really lacks: uncertain bets, INSTAKILLS( seriously, only Axe and AA have them, and they are not so good) and some chance for hillarious play. Get 3 fails and you might as well say **** IT or get 3 wins and watch the enemy cry. I personally think it should have a chance to kill even at full health, because those kind of stupid effects would make DOTA more fun to play and could open up some hillarious situations like 3 carry insta-slaughter. Also, I do not think 1st skill should leave enemies with 1 HP, since that is like Venomancer ulti which makes no sense on a hero with no damage over time, especially since it doesn't stun the enemy and leave them helpless. Just my opinions


Posts: 26
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » July 26, 2016 1:18pm | Report
Thanks for commenting.

Strangle needs some buffes, true.

Reapers Call could be nerfed.

A chance to kill full HP enemies was my first idea, but it wouldn't be balanced at all if it could kill full HP enemies (sadly).
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Afghanizm » July 26, 2016 2:55pm | Report
Not even 1% mate?


Posts: 26
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » July 27, 2016 3:12am | Report
I'm thinking about that.

It takes 2 seconds before it hits anything.
It does not pierce BkB.

That's more than enough time to use BkB.

Support Instakilling Spell lol
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


Posts: 114
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Afghanizm » July 27, 2016 7:25am | Report
BTW who the **** decided it get's blobked by Linkens? It's an AOE random target spell if I am correct so regardless of balancment that is against the mechanic behind Linkens Sphere. Sorry for being an *** but it makes it look like you have no idea what is Linkens Sphere...


Posts: 26

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