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Hartan, the General (really weird hero)

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Hartan, the General (really weird hero) 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » September 27, 2014 12:47am | Report
Hartan is a hero with an amazing intiating abilities, but with ways untraditional to most intiators that requires Blink Dagger. He initiates the fight by simply attacking, and when he does, he applied a powerful buff to allies. He also has the ability to push globally with his creep-buffing spells.


In the grim lands of the Ruelands, there lies the small village of Talonreach. They lived in harmony, with animals and plants, and with each people. But then, an threat rises. Raiders of Dread, wielding steel and magic to destroys all in their path. Ravaging and raiding village after village, led by the Scourge of the Plains. The elder gathered with his people, deciding what shall be done to delay grim fate.

They must chose a General. A man who is capable and willing. 4 man rises to volunteer. All of them spoke in arrogance of their capabilities. One said he had slain a dragon with bare hands, one had also said that he raided a bandit camp all by himslef. With much thinking, the elder choses all 4 to be the General.

In the army was Hartan. A humble farmer with fine swordplays. During the battle, he cut through the steel of his foes with his blade. Sometime later, chaos erupts. The generals had created 3 orders at once. The leaders cannot cooperate. Some squad was raged because it didnt follow a particular general. The generals are fighting each other. Caught offguard, they were victims to the enemy's sorcery.

When defeat seemed to follow, Hartan spontaneously shouted. Giving orders and battle plans. With one clutch command, the left flank revived and forces the enemy back. The right and the center had pushed the enemy further aswell. Soon, the Raiders of Dread will become the Raiders of Death.

The soldiers shouted of victory, celebrating their continuing of life. The elder raises Hartan as the village's commander and general. They had won some more battles after that day, and his statue was made in honor of him. Hartan's work was noted by great kingdoms, and he is on the way to become legend.

Role: Offlane, Carry(?), Durable, Initiator, Support

Base health: 606 (2.3)
Base mana: 247 (0.8)
Base damage: 65
Base armor: 2

Base movement speed: 310
Base attack speed: 1.6
Attack range: 128 (melee)
Vision range: 1800/800

STR: 24 (+2.3)
AGI: 12 (+1.6)
INT: 19 (+1.4)

(1) Charge (no target, self, allies)
Orders the units around you to a battle mode, increasing movement speed and reducing any forms of damage taken from the front while moving under this buff. Does not reduce pure damage. Grants phased movement at level 4.

Cost: 80
Radius: 550/550/600/650
Bonus movement speed: 35%
Front damage reduction: 40%
Duration: 4
Cooldown: 35

"When the horns sounded, Hartan's army is always ready to serve him"

(2) Beginning the Fight (passive, allies, UAM)
When Hartan attacked a hero that hasnt been attacked by another hero for the last 12 seconds, Hartan and nearby allies gained a powerful buff that increases armor and damage. Stacks up to 5 times, duration is refreshed for each stack gain. On creeps, the effects are halved (including duration) and stacks indefinitely separately.

Beginning the Fight is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with any other Unique Attack Modifier.

Bonus damage: 10/10/15/20
Bonus armor: 1/2/2/3
Duration: 9/10/11/12

"When the General attacks, nearby soldiers always creates a devastating follow up"

(3) Master of Logistics (passive, allies, creeps, self)
Mastering the logistics, Hartan passively improves the battle. For each creep that died near Hartan, he and all his allies gained 10% of the creep's bounty. If a hero dies near Hartan, he and his allies would receive a percentage of it's net worth as gold. Gold bonuses from heroes are divided to each hero in the battlefield. Gold from heroes are reliable, but from creeps is unreliable. Also passively adds an additional 1 periodic gold every 1.2 second.

Bonus periodic GPM: 50
Creep and Hero death radius: 1200, must be on vision
Networth as gold: 6/7/9/11%

"For each soldier fell for the blades of Hartan's army, his army grew stronger."

(4) Leadership (passive, creeps)
Mastering the warfare, Hartan increases the health, armor, and damage of faction creeps. If an enemy unit (heroes and buildings not included) goes near to a faction-controlled unit or building, it will has it's attack speed and armor reduced. Has a timer before actually going active, and will be reset upon death and retimed after respawn.

Bonus health: 75/150/225
Bonus damage: 8/15/23 (raw damage, not base damage)
Bonus armor: 2/3.5/5
Reduced attack speed: 15/30/45
Reduced armor: 2/4/6
Timer: 60 (*40)

Reduces timer and adds the 'Knight' unit to every creep wave. Has different models for different factions. Cannot become mega creep. Is controlled by faction, not by hero. Will not respawn if Hartan is killed.

Damage: 48-56
Health: 500
Armor: 4
Gold bounty: 44-68
EXP bounty: 38-58

"The terrifying powers of the General comes rather from the forces he lead."

There you have it folks. Another hero idea. This is a weird hero I may say, but oh well :<
Yes, its too much of a passive hero. 3 of the spells are passive.

Feedbacks are a must


"Hartan, at your service"
"I am Hartan, the General"
"From the humble Talonreach I come"

Beginning the battle
"I shall lead us to victory!"
"Begin the battle!"

"With sharp blades I move"
"Move out"
"A strategic position"
"Very well"
"I'll move there"

"Your end is nigh!"
"Feel my blade!"
"Your head on a pike!"
"A target!"
"Your blood shall spill!"

Attacking that would activate his UAM (only heroes)
"Focus him!"
"To battle!"
"The battle begins anew!"
"Refresh the battke!"

Last hitting
"Coin for my army"
"Gold is an army's best friend"
"Better for the logistics!"

"My army shall fall only to me!"
"Our riches are not yours to take!"
"Too slow!"

Using Charge
"I'll go myself, then" (1 man charge)
"Charge!" (1-5 man charge)
"Confront them!" (2-4 man charge)
"A perfect start!" (5 man charge)
"Swarm them!" (5 man charge)

"The general... Falls...."
"Fall back! Fall back! Fa..."
"Who will lead the army now?"
"Death... With.. Honor...."
"This is madness!"
"Arrogance got the best of me"

"Back to battle!"
"Did the war changes?"
"My army roses once again!"
"You can't out a general down that easily!" (Buyback)

Meeting ally
Luna: "Ahh, I remember you. Dont worry, I store no grudges"
Luna: "Ah, the Scourge of the Plains are at my command!"
Legion Commander: "Double the leader now!"
Juggernaut: "I always appreciate a capable blade"
Omniknight: "You honor me with your presence, omniknight"
Templar Assassin: "Stalk the field, Lanaya"

Killing a rival
Luna: "Your second attempt failed"
Omniknight: "Sorry, omniknight"
Legion Commander: "There is only one general here!"
Axe: "I blunted your axe!"
Invoker: "Arrogance got the best of you"
Riki: "Only cowards hunt from the shadows"
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Cuttleboss » September 27, 2014 2:23am | Report
Hey Unscathed. You have an interesting hero idea here. I'll try to tackle it by breaking it into categories.

Lore: 5/5. Solid. Fits in well with the others.
Originality: 4/5. Since Abyssal Underlord has not yet been implemented, I've kind of wanted to see a hero more built for faction fighting.
Balance: 2/5. Numbers are a bit high, like Charge being 35% at all levels. His Masters of Logistics skill seems like it can be very dangerous with its current amounts if he has a team to protect him.
Synergy: 3/5. Oddly, his Q and W have synergy, and his E and R do too, but all together, it feels like two different skillsets. It's okay for versatility, but making one little factor of them more synergistic will make the hero feel more complete.

Comments: This hero has some insane snowballing potential. Also, Some of the skill names are a bit out of the tone of Dota (but oddly fit Legion Commander, so it's fine).


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » September 27, 2014 5:01am | Report
Thanks for the feedback cuttleboss!

I've reworked the Masters of Logistics, but remained the periodic gold.

Charge are always 35% for the offlane and besides its just 4 seconds. And its not that good for escape either because it only reduces damage from the front. And the cooldown too.

I've added some responses too. Hope you enjoyed and liked it ! :)
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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