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FoC - Group A

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » May 27, 2015 1:00am | Report

Group A



    Submission threads are for SUBMISSIONS ONLY, if i see any comments that arent submissions on them you will get one warning then the whole group will get docked 5 points from there scores... for the rest of the FoC.

    you will be given a scheme/parameter/guideline/base idea to create your idea on. please adhere to this as your score is directly attached to how well you have worked with what you have been given. if it says create an item ... dont create a bloody hero.

    any questions about your idea please post in the main questions thread. any questions or comments about anyone else's . post there. questions .... go ... there.

    any unrulyness will be dealt with by the forge enforcer!(wulfy-samaaaa) *AHEM* good? good!

Create an Item with a Unique Mechanic (i.e. Euls cyclone) that ties in with a existing hero's lore. Include play style, counters and other heroes that would get it.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Scezory » June 4, 2015 1:20am | Report

Equipment of the Masks

Recipe 500

Total of 4350 gold

+20% Lifesteal
+15% Movespeed
+30 Agility
+30 Attack Speed

Active: Mask no Jutsu For a small duation, you deflect any incoming attack, or targeted spell (Does not work on Skill Shots) back to the owner. Each attack you deflect increases the duration of the deflection, and increase your movement speed and attack speed. After the duration, you take bonus 25% damage for 3 seconds.
Deflection Duration: 1 second
Deflection Add On: 0.2 seconds
Attack/Move Speed Duration: 10 seconds
Attack Speed per Stack: 20
Movespeed per Stack: 5%
Cooldown: 2.5 seconds

Extra Information!

I don't want a giant wall of text on an item so this is here to explain some random interactions.
Firstly, If damage by reflection is greater than 500, only 500 damage is reflected and the rest damages you.
Secondly, If you try and reflect and attack from over 1500 range, nothing happens. So don't try and be cheeky and deflect an Assassination attempt by Sniper.
This item is made out of 2 early game items Mask of Madness and Yasha. MoM is great for the attack speed, but falls short late game when you get chained stun and die horrible and painful death. This item takes the attack speed increase (and movement) but also increases your EHP! This sounds OP, but the only way to actually increase your EHP a lot is by going around in your underpants and asking people to shoot you in the face. Also, deflecting an attack goes AFTER reductions, so if your a Spectre you are practically poking them with a stick. You should still remember that after the duration ends, you are taking 25% increase damage for 3 seconds, which is more than enough time to get instantly Suntriked, Ice Blasted, get some extremely bad weather, A terrible KSP player is nearby and Silence...ed to death from anywhere on the map.
A good player should buy this item mid-to late game and start tanking random magical blobs that enemies throw at you. You can use this item to make heroes like Axe Wraith King and Centaur Warrunner unstoppable blocks of Kevlar. This is good but the Agility, Attack Speed, and benefits are mostly wasted. You could also build this on heroes like Juggernaut, Weaver, and Mirana to gain some survivability and offensive power.
If you want to counter this amazing item, it is really simple. After he pops it, don't attack him. It is the same logic as not attacking an Axe when you have one health and your next to an Axe. Run away and blame your carry. This item is only amazing if you use it after an enemy has targeted you with 50 magical blobs of burning hell. If an enemy activates it, stop attacking and change targets, the duration is 1 second if your smart, you can survive that.
Before you ask why, think for a moment, why not.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Pro_in_progamer » June 5, 2015 5:18pm | Report
Scree‘auks Span
Ties into Vengeful spirits lore

Evasion 25%
Armor 15
Move speed 25%

Made from Plate mail 1400, Chainmail 550, Talisman of evasion 1800 and a recipe 950=4700 Gold Cost
Active: Soar, Allows the hero to gain unobstructed flight for 3.5 seconds and gain an extra 10% evasion during the Soar duration, mana cost 35, Cool down 25 seconds
Passive: 25% movement speed

Extra info:

Play style: An item used by tanky heroes who lack a natural escape or a decent initiation or chase. Gives armor and evasion making it worthwhile for tanking up and will allow some hero’s to escape situations they would normally be left behind in. This is a late game item that is effective because it lacks the weakness of blink dagger and allows you to travel farther than a force staff would take you and it is an item that tanky heroes can get for an a strong escape. Counters: stuns, slows and disable will not be blocked and will prevent the character from moving also a blink dagger would most likely outdistance this item in instant distance. Hero’s who’d get the item: Bristle back, elder titan, Doom, Razor, and Spectre for some examples the item would be effective on them because most lack a effective escape and all of them could benefit from the armor and evasion buffs


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