September 09, 2017

Update! (Good News!)

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Heyo! I know it's been awhile, but I got tired of waiting for the Neurologist and got a second opinion from a Chiropractor and a therapist. Both of them said I likely have a pinched nerve, so the massage therapist started working on it and confirmed that the majority of my neck, shoulder and elbow were filled with more knots than a boy scout rope.

The massage lady said that I should take physical therapy because insurance would cover it.

I've been spending the last month working with them and low and behold, I can feel my ring finger again. The pinky is still mucked up, but I've gone down to only going twice a week and I've been cleared to play DOTA for 3 hours max.

Still not good enough to be a pro, but at least I can play the game again. I'm thinking about starting a stream where I teach new players how to play the game until they're level 20.