May 18, 2017

Studying the Pros (Questions)

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I woke up late today, and got really tired after going to the gym. It came to my attention when I looked at my Steam Account that I have played 232 hours since I started about a month ago. Ten days out of about 30 that I have been spending playing DOTA 2.

I thought it was time to take a break from playing, but not from DOTA. I decided to spend the day making notes on You Tube Pros and trying to formulate strategies of my own from my personal experiences.

Here are a few questions I would like answered.

1) A few games where I actually got the drop on Pudge, he was able to pocket deny without a bloodstone. How?

2) Can you pocket deny with a Soul Ring?

3) Now... I've heard of stutter stepping where you click, move, click, move. But when I see the pros moving their heroes, the repeatedly click like morse code in a line to where they want to go. What does this accomplish.

4) Okay, this has been bugging me for awhile. I saw a pro Ursa in offlane, and he upgraded his Stout to a Poor Man's without a courier, but without returning to fountain. You can't buy the green boots needed to upgrade from side shop. How did he do that?

5) Can a Dagon target an enemy ward?

6) Can Riki use an item while remaining invis with his Cloak and Dagger? I know one can place wards while Invis with smoke, but would he be able to use something like a Mek or give a shared Tango while invis?

I have an evil idea that looks good on paper, but I'd like to see if it would work.