July 02, 2018

First Blood

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My first ever DotA (Defense of the Ancients) game was an -apem1 game on Northrend server.2

The first hero I played with was Zeus. My friend advised me to choose him because he's, according to his words at that time, quite easy to play. He told me to go with him on the top lane and to spam Arc Lightning on creeps as much as I can so that we could push fast toward the first enemy tower. He said that I should use Lightning Bolt on heroes only.

However, he wasn't able to help me with my items because he had no idea what to build for this hero. At that time, he used to build Power Treads and Sange and Yasha on every single hero. And yes, I ended up building those two items for Zeus!

1 Apem stands for All Pick Easy Mode. Essentially, it's the same thing as Turbo game mode in Dota 2.
2 European Battle.net server.