DotA 2 Item: Bloodstone

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Armor
Passive Effect Total Cost: 4900

Item Details


+500 HP
+400 Mana
+9 HP/sec Regeneration
+200% Mana Regeneration

Passive: Bloodpact - Starts with 8 charges. Bloodstone gains an additional charge each time an enemy hero dies within a 1675 AoE. Each charge gives 1 Mana/sec Regeneration, reduces gold lost on death by 25, and reduces respawn time by 4 seconds. Can be activated to instantly kill yourself.

When the bearer dies, Bloodpact restores 500 HP + 30 HP per charge to allied units in 1675 range, and Bloodstone loses a third of its charges (rounded down). While dead, the bearer gains 1800/1800 AoE vision at the location of death, and gains experience in 1000 AoE at that location.

Bloodpact only functions for the highest priority Bloodstone in the inventory.

The Bloodstone's bright ruby color is unmistakable on the battlefield, as the owner seems to have infinite vitality and spirit.

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