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Ansom's Generic Jungle Doom

October 6, 2012 by ansom
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Jungle Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

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This guide is not about the most optimal way to jungle Doom. Doom in the jungle is relatively recent as of writing this guide, so there's a lot of experimentation to be done. This is merely a straight-forward way to jungle Doom. It is a foundation.

Starting Out

Get a Ring of Basilius and a single set of Tangos. Head to one of the hard camps. For both teams, this is the camp adjacent to your middle lane's tier two tower. Devour the largest creep in the camp. Use the spell immediately. Don't whittle the creep down first. Finish the rest of the camp. You will probably need to use one of your Tangos. Do so. Now check your gold. Do you have 250 gold? Yes? Send that Stout Shield. No? Well, when you do, get it.

Now head to the small camp. You might need to use Scorched Earth here and/or a Tango. That's fine. A general tip is to always target the creep that deals the most damage (usually the largest) or makes the biggest impact. For example, Satyr Soulstealer deals 24-27 damage, so he should be taken out before the Satyr Tricksters, which deal 7-10 damage, and while the Forest Troll Berserkers do more damage than the High Preist, the latter's heals will slow your clear.

Now you should be ready to go to the hard camp again. Devour should be nearing the end of its cooldown. Go repeat this process, using the last Tango at the hard camp. From here, it's all about using Scorched Earth when you absolutely need it to tank the camps; dealing damage and regenerating health. The passives from the large creeps; be it additional armor, mana regeneration for Scorched Earth, attack speed or additional damage to clear faster, or even health regeneration, should be enough to keep you in the jungle.

But, there's a condition to fighting hard camps. Furbolgs are your worst nightmare. The one that remains after you devour the largest one will hurt you much more than you will hurt him. This is the only hard camp where I recommend you not fight the left-over creep, instead opting to devour one and come back to devour the next one later. Don't just ignore them and go to the other camps. You need to clear them out so that camps that you can clear will be available.

Building up to Midas

You are going to rotate back and forth between the easy and hard camp, using devour to make the hard camp easy to clear. Do not use creep abilities unless you absolutely have to. Don't feel pressured to gank with them either. Your mana pool is simply too piss-poor to gank with them, and even if you were successful, you would have to go all the way back to base to get that mana and perhaps even health back, delaying your jungle. Doom is not a ganker. He's not an early game hero at all. He's not a tank. He's not a nuker. He's a late-game carry who, with the right items, can do those things, but doesn't do it from the start.

The second you get the money for Gloves of Haste, send them your way. This item is going to make clearing the camps much easier, but you're still going to be rotating between the two. Getting the remaining 1,400 gold to finish Hand of Midas should come quickly. Once you have the recipe, send it your way and let out a sigh of relief, because your jungle is now guaranteed. The hard part is over.

Post-Midas and Beyond

Devour and Midas will allow you to clear two hard/medium camps instead of one when you're done with the easy camp. Use Devour and Midas at two separate camps, unless it's a Furbolg camp. You want to alternate these two abilities so you always have a clear open. Some camps can be cleared easily without either; such as the Wolves or Medium Satyr camp. You can use Scorched Earth to tank others, though. That's all you need to get up to speed. From here, you pretty much snowball in terms of farm. Every camp is open to you. No other jungle items are needed. You can start working toward your core items, whatever they be.

This should take you twenty minutes. You should have your Midas at around 8-9 minutes. At around 20 minutes, you should have a big item like Radiance, perhaps. I recommend Radiance in conjunction with an armor buff from the jungle because Scorched Earth and Radiance really hurt the enemy team this early, if you leave the jungle to help your own. But, more importantly, it accelerates your farming to another level. You can easily make enough gold in the next 5-10 minutes to buy one or two more big game-changing items. That's not counting gold you get from outside the jungle.

Noteworthy Neutral Abilities

I feel these are the best abilities/passives to have. Some of them may cost mana, so use them wisely.

Ogre Magi's Ice Armor

The Ogre Magi summons an invisible layer of icy air that surrounds the target friendly unit, increasing its armor by 8 and temporarily slowing (-30% MS, -20% AS) any melee enemies that dare attack it for 5 seconds. This passive lasts 45 seconds and costs 40 mana. Its cooldown is 5 seconds.

Satyr Hellcaster's Unholy Aura

The Satyr Hellcaller's demonic communion allows him to emanate regenerative power, increasing the health regeneration of himself and all nearby allies. This passive provides 4 hp/s regeneration.

Wildkin Warchief's Toughness Aura

The Wildkin Warchief's fury numbs it to attacks and inspires nearby allies to withstand more blows. This passive provides 3 armor to yourself and near-by allies.

Centaur Khan's Swiftness Aura

The seasoned Centaur Khan attacks more quickly and inspires nearby allies to follow suit. 15 attack speed bonus. This helps with clearing, especially stacked ontop of Midas' attack speed.

Alpha Wolf's Critical Strike and Packleader's Aura

Critical Strike provides a 20% chance to deal 2x damage. Packleader's Aura increases your damage by 30%. Both passives synergize well with one another, if you get lucky.

Alternative Jungle Builds

I have tried a few builds. I've tried Stout Shield, Quelling Blade, Tango. I've tried Ring of Protection, Stout Shield, Tango. I've tried Ring of Protection, Quelling Blade, Tango. None of them give me the feeling of security like Basilius and Tango into Stout Shield. Another big item people are considering are Tranquil Boots. Here's my rationale for not recommending them.

First, they delay your Midas and jungle in general. Your Midas lets you clear fast and more often with both the attack speed buff and the active. That means less damage done to you anyway. Your Midas is going to get pushed to the point where you should have a big item like Sacred Relic if you build Tranquil Boots.

Second, the active on Tranquil Boots is atrocious. You're not Axe. You don't clear camps fast enough with Helix that the active makes up for the little dings here and there. You're going to take damage that makes the active trivial. Second, it wastes mana. The one or two times I tried Tranquil Boots, I was constantly out of mana from spamming the passive thinking it was going to make a difference. Are you dangerously low? Just send a salve. It heals much more for a fraction of the cost.

Third, if you are conservative with your mana, and the rotation above should ensure that, then you will always have mana to use Scorched Earth. The health regeneration that provides is more than enough, but if that isn't reassuring enough, what about the passives you get from devour? Virtually every one gives you sustain. There's only one advantage to Tranquil Boots. They're boots. You do need boots, but you can farm Phases easily when you actually need them. But, don't take my word for it. Experiment for yourselves.

I don't level Doom at 6 because I'm not going to be leaving the jungle. Its mana cost is too much for Doom's ****ty mana pool anyway. Devour and Scorched Earth are both needed for the jungle. Level Death has been recently changed to be more useful later game considering the bonus damage is now 20% of the target's maximum health, so take that later.

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Merodoc » December 30, 2012 3:58pm | Report
I recorded jungle with this guide. It wasn't the best but it still shows some of the strengths and weaknesses he has and also shows how much ursa's screw him over. Managing to stack ursa probably set me back a long way on my core.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by OfflanerExtraordinaire » September 9, 2013 8:34am | Report
Great and helpful guide, +1!

There are some things I'd like to discuss though:
1)I don't think we should completely negate an utlity doom (when you say he's not a tank, not a nuker), even though I agree with you saying that Doom is best played as hard carry. Still I think he has some early and especially mid game potential and should be played utility in some situations, like, when you all random and get Doom + another hard carry. In that case you can't pretend to play him hard carry as that would leave any early fights tower+3allies vs 5enemies and potentially conclude the game with a midgame stomp from the enemy. An ideal utility doom would quick farm in the jungle a basi+phase+drums +good creeps abilities and picking ulti at 6 to be a bit more active early, and then farm an aghanim to transit into midgame (even ganking I think Doom should be able to farm the aghs thanks to devour), being able to completely shut down a key hero during midgame teamfights (which works lategame too anyways).Maybe even farming some mana items before or with the aghs to be able to spam his nuke and being even more powerful early/mid.What do you think?

2)What do you think is better, butterfly or heaven's halberd? Let's compare: heaven costs 2150 less gives 320hp, 45damage, some regen, 25%evasion and an awesome utility active; butterfly costs a lot more, gives 30damage, 35%evasion, about 4armor and 60attackspeed. I feel like is best to get butterfly when you're going hard carry as it gives you a lot more of tankyness, and, unsure about this, but should also give better damage as even if it's only +30damage it also gives +60 whopping attackspeed. And so heaven become an utility doom item. What do you think?

3)This last point is more of a question/doubt of mine, what about vanguard? I've heard a lot of people say that it's kinda useless to build it on Doom now, because it just delays his radiance and that a simple stout+basi/drums gives more of everything. At the same time I know that vanguard was abused at the first International. What reason would you give to build vanguard over other items and also, do you know why it has lost so much popularity? Everytime I build Doom carry, Vanguard always comes to my mind and I'm beset by doubts, sometimes I feel that even if it gives me some good durability it just falls off too quickly during midgame and just becomes a waste of money and space. I really need help with this item. What do you think about vanguard?

Soz for the wall of text but I really wanted to ask you these things (created this account just for that^^), thanks for the guide and for any answer you'll give me.


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