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TR 115's Profile
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TR 115

JOINED: April 13, 2013
LAST SEEN: April 22, 2013
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TR 115's Bio

Hello and welcome to my page.My is name is Tristan,the username I have listed on this site is abbreviated with my initials, and 115 is the atomic number for the element Ununpentium,which is a reference from way back when I use to play Black ops and WAW zombies.Anyways,I'm fairly new to the Dota 2 community,even though I did play some matches in Dota 1.I fell in love with Dota 2 when I discovered Dotafire,this site assisted me with the quite complex mechanics that a new player wouldn't fairly comprehend well.I say that I wouldn't even be considered a pro,for even after a long number of matches,I strive to improve in anyway I can.
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latest April 19, 2013

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