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Hierophant's Profile
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JOINED: April 25, 2012
LAST SEEN: April 30, 2012
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Hierophant's Bio

I currently play LoL with three other people, usually skillshotting heroes like Lux. I got into the DotA2 beta and I think it's very much a spiritual and actual successor that lives up to the heritage it is part of. In DotA2 I mostly like playing heroes with escapes since I like getting that last shot off that allows my team to finish someone instead of having them walk away away. Heroes I play at the moment:

- Earthshaker // As a pure initiator and pathblocker - long lane
- Clinkz // As a main tower taker and scoutganker - short lane
- Lich // As a babysitter and late-game slow spammer - support


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