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A First guide to Mars

January 9, 2020 by majormax17
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Introducing Mars

DotA2 Hero: Mars

Hero Skills

Dauntless (Innate)

Spear of Mars

3 8 10 13

God's Rebuke

2 4 7 9


1 5 11 16

Arena of Blood

6 12 18


14 15

Hero Talents

Arena of Blood Grants Team +180 HP Regen
God's Rebuke +65% Crit
+0.6s Spear Stun
+14%/7% Bulwark Front/Side Damage Reduction
+100 Spear of Mars Damage
-2s God's Rebuke Cooldown
+30% Bulwark Active Redirect Chance
+100 God's Rebuke Distance

A First guide to Mars

January 9, 2020

Introduction of Mars

Yo Guys , looks like a new hero is here finally . It is a Strength hero which is great in terms of tanking fights and towers (but only physical damage !!!) . So this hero is obviously vulnerable to magic damage . His other 2 weaknesses being attacked from behind and break abilities . That makes Riki , Magic Damage and Break abilities his Nightmares . So if you play against heroes with break abilities , you gonna be forced to buy "BKB" . Now we gonna take a look at his skills briefly :

1- Spear of Mars (Deals 100/175/250/325 Magic dmg and pushes first target back until it reaches ability range 900/1000/1100/1200 or until it hits Tree or a cliff in which case it stuns a hero for 1.6/2.0/2.4/2.8 seconds) - Ability is similar to Windrangers "Powershot" but it's much harder to hit a moving target .

2- God's Rebuke Deals 160%/200%/240%/280% crit damage in 500 radius 140 degrees angle in front of him . It has a 150 units knockback and it can not miss .

3- Bulwark is his passive ability that is in fact physical damage reduction skill similar to Bristleback passive skill . This skill has 25%/40%/55%/70% front damage reduction and 12%/20%/27%/35% side damage reduction .

4- Arena of Blood is this hero ultimate ability . When casted a big arena of wariors appears . Enemies can't walk out of it without "BKB" , and can't attack you or your teammates if they're outside the arena . Even some spells wont work , for example Witch Doctor ultimate if casted outside the Arena . Allied heroes are free to walk in or out of the arena . Also every time enemy hero tries to go out of arena without magic immunity he will be pushed back by arena warriors and will receive 150 / 200 / 250 damage (magical type) .


This hero can be very good combo with most AOE spells . In my opinion , he will be most useful as tank due his ability to absorb a ton of damage thanks to his passive ability . The positions he can play are Offlaner (primary position) and Mid . Well he can be played as a carry too but i don't recommend it . In higher mmr bracket games like Divine and Immortal he may be played as a support due his ability to trade well on lanes .


Starting and Early Game Items :

Whatever role you decide to play , in my opinion , one of most important items for this hero is a "Soul ring" (because of this hero low mana pool and his low mana regen) . It will give you decent health regen and some strength that this hero needs . It will also provide you with mana whenever you need it (you won't need to buy "Clarity" or "Mango" after) . "Bracer" is the second item you need , because it will give you what you lack (some magic immunity) .
And finally "Phase Boots" which will work well on you especially with your second spell (provide more dmg) . Some will choose "Arcane Boots" over "Phase Boots" but with "Soul ring" you already solved your mana problems . All you need to stay in lane when the game starts is few "Tangos" , a "Mango" , 2 "Gaunlets of Strength" , "Circlet" and 2 "Iron Branches" . "Magic Wand" is great too , because it can replenish your mana especially against skill spammers on lane .

Mid Game and Core Items :

"Vladimir" is great as this hero first item because of lifesteal that works great with his second skill and gives him decent mana regen . Next "Sange and Yasha" as a movement/strength item that will make you faster and give you status resistance and a "Desolator" which is great for your second skill (improves dmg significantly) . "Blink Dagger" is also important item for this hero . It works well with all of his skills , especially with his first skill which mostly requires good positioning . After that you should go for "Radiance" and "Black King Bar" as his most important items . Radiance will be hard to get , but it will be very useful due good combination with his ultimate and him being tanky hero with a ton of health .
That means he can last long enough in battles and in that way his "Radiance" would do it's job very well . :)
Now the only thing that's left is the "Crimson Guard" . With it this hero will be almost impossible to kill with physical attacks .

Optional Items :

Optional Items always depend on the situation and can come in place of Core or Mid game items . So i would single out 2 "must" Items on this hero in any game . Those items are "Black King Bar" or a "Pipe of Insight" . I mentioned these 2 items mostly because of this hero Magic vulnerability . Obviously if you play support or a initiator you will buy "Pipe" first and if you play carry , you will probably choose "Black King Bar". Other optional Items depend too on what role you play . I have to add here that "Eul's Scepter" is great with this hero to when played as support due bonus mana pool and mana regen and ofc movement speed . This item is great for good positioning and doing combo with your 1st skill (similar as Shadow Fiend).

Skills and Talents

Whatever lane you play with this hero , i think you should take 3rd skill first . It's because when you take it , you are the "lane God" in terms of receiving physical dmg . That's all you need to start your game well . The exception is when you wanna contest the rune , save your teammate or kill enemy hero . Then you can choose first or second skill depending on situation . Anyway , next skill depends of what you wanna be : disabler or harasser . I0t is also important to take all 3 skills as soon as possible because of knockbacks that the first 2 offer . When you reach level 4 you can upgrade your 3rd skill once more , and it will be enough until you max out other spells . This is mostly because your 3rd skill has amazing 40% damage reduction on 2nd level which is more than enough until you reach level 11 .

When we talk about talents , here's few suggestions :

- First talent you should take is +20 movement speed , because you don't get much with +8 strength (you already have items that give you strength when you reach lvl 10 , whatever position you play - even "Bracer" with "Soul Ring" will be enough) ;

- LVL 15 talent should be +35 Damage , it will enable you to nuke heroes with your second skill (who needs armor xD) ;

- LVL 20 talent is the obvious choice . Why would you take +150 Spear Damage when you are already in late game where that means nothing . Of course you will take +1.5s Spear Stun that will disable enemies longer and make you more useful by all means ;

- LVL 25 talent is completely your choice , either choice is ok ... This mostly depends on what position you play , if you wanna be more of a support , you should take +100 HP Regen in Arena , and if you want to have bigger nuke with 360% crit and you already bought "Divine Rapier" , then you should choose the other talent God's Rebuke +80% Crit ;

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