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Zoomba Cheese

May 2, 2015 by Zoomba
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Zoomba Cheese

DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Chop Shop (Innate)

Rocket Barrage

1 3 5 7

Homing Missile

2 4 8 9

Flak Cannon

10 14 18

Call Down

6 11 16


12 13 15 17

Zoomba Cheese

May 2, 2015

Gyro Cheese By zoomba

Zoomba Cheese
By Zoomba

The Zoomba cheese build for gyro is designed for a dual or tri-offlane, in which, gyro will then transition to a roamer after obtaining the bottle, while shutting down the safe lane of the opposing team completely. (Lots of fun even if you loose). Remember, surpise is key, people are not used to this damage at most mrr levels. And if played with the right combos, it wont matter if they are.

Some combos: Dual
Tusk+Gyro (let tusk get last hits after you get bottle)
Undying+Gyro+(if you choose a range carry)
Dark seer + Gyro
Use your head! Its all about how you play, gyro can dodge any skill shot with 365 ms.

The new buff on gyro has allowed him to move while casting rocket barrage. Why you may ask is this strong? Because with boots he has 365 move speed and can kill anyone alone. Because of gyros insane rocket barrage and missile damage, he is the best ganker in the game. Note: If people stack up q will not do as much damage, so try to position at max distance (Range of rocket barrage) from the target you wish to hit in that situation. The goal of this strategy is to not play conventional Dota 2, but make it into a slug fest, were you and your team will come out ahead with 5-10 kills within 10 min on average.

NOTE: Why did newbie make all other teams look like fools? They played real dota, not farm fest.

--Position 1
Because many people zone out at the start of the game when going for the rune, flank behind them with your support and push out at 20 seconds. Boots will give you 365 move speed and two q's will kill anyone. (Get tangos from the partner in the off lane)After the first kill which usually puts gyro at oom (3 cast at max), if you use the mango you can snag a double (two more cast), if they did not run to their tower.

--Position 2
Once You hit level two with a bottle, you can start roaming and taking runes. The next phase is to gank as much as possible or stop the off-lane completely, if done correctly they will need 3-5 in the off-lane to stop just 2 people. The rest is up to you to figure out. HINT: Don't play like a puss, but be smart.

Tip 1:
Gyro can cast rocket+ult+rocket barrage (q ability) then Eul's him self. This will allow them to take the damage of his ult and full q damage if they are close by. The other combos are obvious, think of them!

Tip 2: Because glimmering cape is the most broken item in the game, 79.2% magic resit on activation [(66%+(20% of 66%) ~ 79.2% magic resit], and it allows you to have a free mirana ult for 1950, it is the core item to get. Heroes like SF, Lina, lesh, etc... will do no damage. You can also use the cape, rocket, and use q and chase them down while invisible.

The fifth or 6th slot item to get is octarine core, because it allows gyros burst magic damage to carry into the late game and with his almost hasted move speed (522 if you swap phase with tp boots) you can resist fairy quickly for another 1k+burst damage.

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