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Zero's Guide to the

February 8, 2014 by Zero_551
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Engineering of Beams and Explosives

DotA2 Hero: Tinker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Heat Seeking Missile

2 4 6 8

Defense Matrix

10 12 13 14


9 11 16


15 17 18

Zero's Guide to the

February 8, 2014


Welcome to the Original Guides of Zero(that's me. In this build, this will teach you, if not the best, then decent way of using a Hit n' Run Tinker


Tinker is effectively good against hitters and other spellcasters since Laser deals pure damage and blinds hitters while doing a two way combo kills spellcaster much more easily, here are some of the following heroes he's good against:

Shadow Fiend

And best of all:
The Dwarven Sniper or just Simply Sniper


One bad thing about Tinker is that he's an early game type of hero so late gaming would have a big disadvantage especially against:

Your top one weakness:

Wraith King(yes especially Wraith King)
Legion Commander a.k.a Tresdin"a"
Dragon Knight


Every hero has atleast one equally matched hero against itself so here are some of Tinker's equally challenged adversaries:

Outworld Devourer

Early Game

Try going in for kills as early as level 4 on low life heroes(you're lucky if you're lane adversary is Sniper as he is one very squishy hero, kill before he gets too fat though, you're only powerful against him if you turn him into a meal). Laser-Heat Seeking Missile combo is very effective and your auto attack damage is quite high early so harrass as early as you can by right clicking and initiate kill combo whenever needs necessary. Rush for Boots Of Travel without delay.

Mid Game

If you turned your mid-laned adversary into an everytime meal, then get Rearm one level after getting Boots of Travel at any level, this item is your soulmate and therefore Tinker can't carry the games without it. After getting BoTs and Rearm just simply: BoTs, Gank, Kill, Rearm, Travel back to base always

Late Game

Make sure you are fully equipped and with that I mean with a level 3 dagon(level 3 is good enough before upgrading), an Aghanim's Scepter, an Ethreal Blade, Shiva's Guard, Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade, and your BoTs as you need these to survive and continue carrying unless you want to end up a support. Do these: Travel, Ethreal Blade, skill and individual, Dagon is not dead yet, Shadow Blade to safety then Rearm, travel back to base, Rearm all over and over. Remember, killing is NOT the pure way of using Tinker, it's killing to enable pushing for your team. Always remember that

The End

Well that's all I know about this hero. Leave comments so I can improve this build and I hope you guys find it worth your time. Well, stay tuned for an in-game guide along with Youtube Guides with a gameplay video. Check these out when they're released on my channel Zero Enriquez(don't check it out yet since no viedeos are available at this time but soon will be). I'll be making more guides on heroes I expertly know how to use and I'll see you guys on the field. I'll update this guide once I get to know this hero very well. Stay safe.

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