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Yurnero Quick Item Build

November 15, 2012 by Araquem
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Yurnero Quick Item Build

November 15, 2012


You begin with Boots of Speed + 2 Ironbranches.
Next, get a Magic Stick on side shop. If your lane has enemies who keep spamming spells, then finish Magic Wand and deliver through courier. If they don't, then go directly for power treads and sell those branches. Next get Bracer for increased survivability and mana.

You should now rush for Desolator, preferably before 25 min mark, but if you get it until 30, it's ok.

For your next item, you must think about what will be more usefull against your enemies and if someone else is going for cuirass (AC). If they have low HP heroes, then go for butterfly's (BF) extra damage (the atk speed boost is the same for BF and AC). If they have high armor (agi or str heroes with armor) and no one else is getting AC, then go for AC.

Next, if you made AC, go for BF, if you made BF, go for AC.

Situationaly, if the enemy is someone with evasion, Mortred or Brewmaster, then you may get a Monkey King Bar instead of BF or AC. You see I focus on +Atk speed items. That's because the more ATK Speed you have, the more you'll hit through omnislash and crits will proc. more times.

By then the game should be over. If not, go for Aghanim's or Heart of Tarrask if your damage is ok.


You get early boots so if oppotunity rises, you may Blade Fury through the enemy.
If not, just keep farming/getting exp and play safe. Don't jump on the enemy trying to kill someone desperately. Just wait for some mistake from the enemy hero. If they position too far through the lane, you may blade fury towards them. Have your lane partner help you.

However, you get Blade Fury (BF) until lvl 3. After lvl 7, you should have a bracer and maybe one Mithril Hammer if you got some kills. Having crits is more helpfull then some little extra damage. The enemy also may have someone with Hood or Pipe by then, so BF increase won't be that great.

You get stats by level 2 and level 4. This is like having an extra bracer, allowing you to last hit better, have more mana (so you can use Omnislash + BF combo on level 6) and allowing you to withstand more harass.

After level 7, get level 1 critical and ward. Ward is usefull for killing roshan if you have desolator already, or standing in lane longer. Then you take criticals so they are more reliable and then max wards.

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