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You may be strong but you are not 5

February 11, 2013 by Direclaw
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Hard Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Hard Carry Build

Ring of Regen
Ring of Protection
Tranquil Boots
Boots of Travel
Aghanim's Scepter
Ultimate Orb
Ultimate Orb
Ultimate Orb
Ultimate Orb
Eye of Skadi
Eye of Skadi
Ultimate Orb
Ultimate Orb
Eye of Skadi
Eye of Skadi


Manta Style
Blink Dagger


Ethereal Blade
Heart of Tarrasque
Armlet of Mordiggian

Items that your allies should make

Pipe of Insight
Veil of Discord
Vladmir's Offering
Assault Cuirass
Drum of Endurance

Hero Skills


1 3 8 9


2 4 5 7


10 12 13 14

Divided We Stand

6 11 16


15 17 18

You may be strong but you are not 5

A detailed guide made by �ireclaw

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This guide was originally created at here are the links to the original version


The Hero

Meepo the Geomancer, one of the most unique heroes in the entire game, feared by some, underestimated by many. Meepo is not an easy hero to be learned, and in order to master the Geomancer you need to have some coordination and the will to practice with him a little. Even being hard to be learned, he is not that hard to be played, most of his moves become automatic after some good practice.

Meepo is a misunderstood hero, unlike most of the heroes that are played a lot, Meepo remains a mystery for most of the dota players, and since lots of people pick without knowing how to play him, he gets pretty underestimated by the dota 2 community in general. You can use that misinformation and underestimation in your favor when playing pub games.

Meepo can represent many roles on a team, he can be a insane hard carry, a deadly ganker, and a really efficient pusher, while having a insane presence on teamfights. Besides that Meepo have an easy time dealing with most of the most annoying things in dota such as BKB, Blink, Invisibility, Single Target Disables, Harass, Silence and many others.

Since there are some heroes and skill that might give you a hard time try not to first pick, but even existing some annoying heroes or skills in the enemy team don't be afraid of picking Meepo. There is always a way to deal with the situation. The problem is not the hero, is what you do with him.


"If you ask me, life is all about who you know and what you can find. When you live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be tough. So you need to cut corners, you need to scrounge, you need to know your strengths. Some of the beasts up there can kill you, so you need a way to trap the weak and duck the strong. On the upside, the ruins have history, and history is worth a lot to some people. There used to be a palace there, where they had all these dark rituals. Bad stuff. If you survived the ceremony, they would shatter a crystal and split your soul into pieces. They made great art though! Sculptures and such. Let me tell you: sometimes you stumble onto some of those old carvings. Take a pack full of those to town and sell them, then get yourself food for a few weeks. If luck is really on your side, you might find a Riftshadow crystal. Get it appraised and start asking around. Someone always knows some crazy fool looking for this kind of thing. If all else fails, sell it to a Magus the next time one's in town. They love that stuff. Still, whatever you do, be careful handling those crystals. You do not want one to go off on you. It really hurts."

The Author

Since I started playing dota, some heroes always intrigued me, heroes that are different from the others, heroes that are unique, heroes like Geomancer. Once I got enough dota skill to start playing him effectively I started learning a lot from him, on that time I sucked hardcore with him, but I eventually got better.

Information about him was not hard to find at the time, and it always made sense. But everything changed when 6.76 patch attacked, Meepo never changed so much in a single patch, everywhere I looked the only thing I saw was outdated information.

I started to research by myself. I played match after match using Meepo in dota 1 and 2, testing many item builds. With the help of some friends of mine I developed my own playstile. With so many false information going around I just had to make a guide, a guide with updated and trustworthy information. I am not the best or oldest Meepo player, but i can assure you that I know what I'm teaching here.

The guide

This guide's objective is to teach you how to play geomancer with your team, Meepo benefits a lot from team mates and if you really want to play him for the victory, have good supports behind you. But if you want to play alone with random people on your team you will probably have to adapt to the situation. Remember, every hard carry need support, Meepo is no exception.

If you disagree with something on this guide please put your opinion on the comments so we can talk about it and learn with each other, it'll be a learning experience for both of us. Also if you have any question feel free to ask, I'll do my best to help you out. Feedback is also welcome.



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Pros and Cons


Flash farmer
Great pusher
Underestimated hero
Able to be omnipresent
1800 day and night vision
Leaches experience from allies
Huge aoe nuke with really low CD
Able to disable people for as long as he wants
Can be in two or more places at the same time
Greatly benefits from items that allies can make
With full inventory have the highest dps of the game


Item dependent
Low base damage
Unreliable active skills
Leaches experience from allies
Carry that is unable to buy BKB
Countered by some popular mechanics
Unreliable escape mechanism on early game
Can be in two or more places at the same time
Require some coordination to be played effectively

Skills - Earthbind

Tosses a net at the target point, pinning down all enemy units. Earthbind prevents invisibility, blink, and interrupts channeling.
Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range Area of Effect Duration Allowed Targets Effects
1 100 20 500 220 2 seconds Enemy Unit Ensarnes enemy units
2 100 16 750 220 2 seconds Enemy Unit Ensarnes enemy units
3 100 12 1000 220 2 seconds Enemy Unit Ensarnes enemy units
4 100 8 1250 220 2 seconds Enemy Unit Ensarnes enemy units
  • Active point ability
  • Prevents enemies from using blink skills.
  • Does not hit invisible units, but ensnared units won't be able to become invisible.
  • Interrupts channeling spells if the target isn't affected by this ability already.
  • Does not work on magic immune units.
  • Does not work on Roshan.

Your disable, with this skill you can prevent enemies from fleeing turning them into easy prays. If used correctly you can snare the target for as long as you want once you have enough clones, the clones will be explained in the Divided we Stand section.

The picture above represents the max range of the skill in all 4 levels, my screen makes a distortion so I will update it once I figure out how to do it.

Landing a net can be really hard some times, specially at really long ranges. That is because the time it takes for Earthbind to land gets higher as the range gets higher. Geomancer has a 0.5 seconds cast animation and according to the code net moves 30 units every 0.035 seconds, giving the net a 857 movement speed. That tells us that at minimum range the spell hits 0.5 seconds after the click, and at max range it takes almost 2 seconds to hit after the click. Here is a table to help you out.
Range Time
0 units 0,50 seconds
250 units 0,79 seconds
500 units 1,08 seconds
750 units 1,37 seconds
1000 units 1,66 seconds
1250 units 1,95 seconds

So if the enemy is running away and he is close you will have to aim just a little in front of him, if he is far away you will have to aim way ahead of him.

I have a personal trick to help me land difficult nets. First of all select the Meepo who is closest to the target, you can do that by manually selecting him or pressing tab while paying attention on the selection rings, the selected Meepo will have a thicker ring than the others. If the enemy is running in a straight line, the distance between the point you need to aim and your target is about the same as the distance between you and your target, so your target will be in the middle of the line between you and the point you will click.

Things get a little harder if he is not running straight. You will have to find a point that the enemy and the net will take about the same time to reach, the enemy needs to be heading to that point. These nets are extremely difficult to land, so don't get frustrated if you miss.

You can also use lots of Geomancers to throw lots of nets at once, increasing the chance of hitting, just remember to leave 1 net off cooldown to do a follow up.

Skills - Poof

Drawing mystical energies from the earth, Meepo can teleport to another Geomancer, leaving destruction in his wake. After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Meepo instantly teleports to nearest target Geomancer, dealing damage in 375 AOE in the departure and arrival locations.
Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range Area of Effect Duration Allowed Targets Effects
1 80 12 Global 375 N/A Geomancers 80 damage
2 80 10 Global 375 N/A Geomancers 100 damage
3 80 8 Global 375 N/A Geomancers 120 damage
4 80 6 Global 375 N/A Geomancers 140 damage
  • Active point ability
  • Damage type magical
  • When targeted, Meepo will teleport to the Meepo closest to the target point (can be the same Meepo as casts it).
  • If Meepo teleports to himself, both departure and arrival damage will be dealt in the same area.
  • Can teleport to illusions.

Poof is the skill that allows you to teleport your units around, it is your only active damage skill and it is the skill that should be maxed first. Since it damages on arrival and departure you will do double damage if use it on yourself. With this skill it is possible to do up to 1400 magical damage in a 375 area once you have enough clones, the clones will be explained in the Divided we Stand section.

The picture above represents the area in game of the poof, I stacked lots of kobolds and killed them with 1 poof, the creeps on the picture are the ones who survived. But you have to know some things before taking that area into the game. Meepo's collision has 24 units, therefore, the closest that the center of one Meepo can get the center of another is 48 units, so if all Meepos are stacked together, the AoE of their poofs will be slightly shifted from each other.
Red Yellow Green Blue White
1 Poof 2 Poofs 3 Poofs 4 Poofs 5 Poofs

In the picture above the black dots in the middle represent each Meepo, the white area is the one you want your enemies into, it has an unusual shape but the minimum radius of it is 327, so if the enemy is less than 327 units away from the center Meepo he will be hit by 5 poofs. Each color represents how many Poofs will affect that area, the outside black area will not get damaged. To put that image ingame, you have to associate one of the 5 circles that make the image with the area of dead creeps on the first picture.

Remember that the picture above represents the situation where all meepos are the closest to each other, that will not always be the case ingame, sometimes it will be a line of circles, sometimes Meepo will be hitting someone, making the target unit the center of the area affected by 5 Poofs.

Also keep in mind that the position of the Meepos on the departure are different from the position on the arrival, unless you double tap poof. So depending on where you click your Poofs the position on the arrival can be changed allowing you to do more damage. That is why you always click on your opponent when you are mass poofing.

If you have a better way to represent that graphically plz share with us in the comments.

Skills - Geostrike

Meepo enchants his weapon to deal damage per second, as well as slow the movement speed of the attacked unit. Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack.
Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range Area of Effect Duration Allowed Targets Effects
1 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 seconds Enemy Unit 5% slow, 7 damage per second
2 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 seconds Enemy Unit 10% slow, 14 damage per second
3 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 seconds Enemy Unit 15% slow, 21 damage per second
4 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 seconds Enemy Unit 20% slow, 28 damage per second
  • Passive ability
  • Damage type: magical
  • Does not stack with buff placers.
  • Geostrike's slow of every Meepo stacks directly.

This is an awesome skill, the slow gets really heavy as your clones hit. And yes you can reach 100% slow with 5 Meepos, you just have to remember that the minimum movement speed in dota is 100, you cannot slow people down below that vallue. Usually 80% slow already reaches 100. Also with you and 4 clones this skill does amazing 140 magical damage per second.
Level 4 20% slow 28 dps 40% slow 56 dps 60% slow 84 dps 75% slow 105 dps 100% slow 140 dps
Level 3 15% slow 21 dps 30% slow 42 dps 45% slow 63 dps 60% slow 84 dps 75% slow 105 dps
Level 2 10% slow 14 dps 20% slow 28 dps 30% slow 42 dps 40% slow 56 dps 50% slow 70 dps
Level 1 5% slow 7 dps 10% slow 14 dps 15% slow 21 dps 20% slow 28 dps 25% slow 35 dps
1 Meepo 2 Meepos 3 Meepos 4 Meepos 5 Meepos

Skills - Divided we Stand

Meepo summons an imperfect, semi-autonomous duplicate of himself, which can gain gold and experience as he does and shares his experience and abilities. However, the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears. The cloned Meepos also gain 30% of any bonus attributes the primary Meepo has. If any of the Meepos die, all Meepos die.
Level Mana Cost Cooldown Casting range Area of Effect Duration Allowed Targets Effects
1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1(2*) Geomancer(s)
2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2(3*) Geomancers
3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3(4*) Geomancers
4 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4(5*) Geomancers
  • Passive ability
  • The only item that transfers to the clones is one pair of boots (any type).
  • Meepo clones cannot use the active ability of Arcane Boots.
  • Meepo clones gain 30% (100% if you have Aghanim's Scepter) of any extra attributes the primary Meepo has.
  • Can be upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values). Note that the Scepter is undroppable once acquired.
  • Even if you didn't skill this ability, picking up Aghanim's Scepter will still provide you with an extra clone.

This is the skill that makes the hero, since each clone can use skills without sharing cd, you can make permanent disables, insane nukes, be omnipresent, farm like a boss and multiply item stats. This is the ulti that has the best Aghanim's Scepter version in the game, making this item a must. Go to the Experience and Clone Stats Section for more information.

Gameplay - 1 Geomancer

Meepo is one of the most weird carries early game, he is not as dependent on last hits as the other carries, also Meepo is an awful last hitter because of his low base damage (39-45). Since his farm gets a huge burst at lv 6 your main objective on the early faze of the game is to get to lv 6. But if you want to get as much farm as possible from the beginning get a strong babysitter and go bot lane, while he harass people away you can safely get all the last hits without being denied any exp. In an ideal situation your lane partner will not get any last hits and little xp and you'll be 6 in no time with good gold.

Meepo can be effective in almost all lanes and situations, the only lane you want to avoid is solo hard lane, it is the most ineffective lane since the enemy can deny a lot of xp by pulling and keeping you away from xp range.If you are against a strong lineup don't put yourself in danger, stay on exp range and don't attempt any last hitting if you are not sure its safe, since exp is way more important than gold at this stage dying for last hits is NOT WORTH IT.

You should avoid engaging your enemy but if an ally ganks your lane you should help him out. Try landing a net, its pretty easy if they have some kind of set up slow or stun, and then try landing a Poof. NEVER TOWER DIVE. Kills that early on gives great exp and will accelerate you farm a lot, but wait for the right opportunity since you do not want to die. The mid player should always prioritise ganking your lane.

Gameplay - 2 Geomancers

Once you hit lv6 your objective change, depending on how is your lane. You can now do 2 things, farm in the jungle using double poof to clear the creep camps, or send 1 Meepo to the jungle and keep the other one in lane last hitting. This multitasking can be really hard, do some practice before applying it in a real game. While last hitting every single creep, use the other Meepo to kill the small camp, stack the big camps, and even do some damage to medium camps in the mean time. This is the fastest way to get experience and gold, but is the most dangerous one. Since you are scattered around the map, you will be way more likely to be ganked. But since you are scattered you will be able to easily poof to the Meepo that is not being ganked.

Another thing you can do is farm with one Meepo while using the other to position for ganks, when the time comes poof the farming Meepo to the positioned one and do your gank. Your net is probably not high lv enough so wait for the allies to do a set up disable, after that lock him for 4 seconds with your net and land your double poof. These ganks are usually pretty effective since people will see you on the other lane farming seconds before they get ganked by you.

While you don't have your Boots of Travel you should try to spend all your mana on Poofs and then go regenerate on base. A Ring of Basilius helps a lot but since you will be spamming a lot you will get oom, the Tranquil Boots will keep you from having low hp, it can be dangerous to jungle with 2 Meepos with 20% hp. Don't send the 2 Meepos to the base at the same time, leave the highest hp or mana on the jungle farming, when the other one reaches the base use poof to get both on the base, just make sure the one that is still on the jungle have 80 mana to use 1 poof.

Pay attention to the Mid and Safe lane, if the creeps wave is near your tower and there are no enemies around, go there Mass Poof on top of the wave in order to kill it instantly. If you are sure that that you will not be ganked you can stay on that lane and kill one or two more creep waves, get back to the jungle when the lane gets near the enemy tower, you do not want to push towers at this stage of the game. Since you'll be farming jungle ask your team mates to put defensive wards to keep people from ganking you there.

Once you reach around 2000 gold go to the base, dissemble your Tranquil Boots sell the items you are not going to use, you can save the ring of protection to make a Basilius or a Aquila, use the Boots of Speed to make a Boots of Travel. Things get a lot better after this point, you will be able to Mass Travel to the fountain and Mass Travel back for cheap regeneration and you will be able to farm Hard lane in addition to the other two. After this point you should be 11 in no time.

Unlike lvls 1-5 your main objective is to finish your Core, you should be focusing on gold ratter then exp, if a team fight happens and you are close you should help but be cautious, you do not want to put yourself in danger, Net Lock them from a distance, if there is no danger you can get closer and Mass Poof, that should guarantee you the last hit. By all means avoid dangerous team fights, never put yourself in danger. Farm a lot and get to lvl 11. If you do not have Boots of Travel by the lvl 11 you are doing it wrong, you are either dying a lot or wasting your time on team fights, but if you finish Boots of Travel and Aghanim's Scepter you are doing it perfectly. Just remember, at this point you are not that helpful to team fights anyway specially the dangerous ones.

Gameplay - 3 Geomancers

With 3 Meepos your possibilities increase. You can assign different Meepos to do different tasks. Jungle can be done with any number of Meepos, but the most efficient number is 2 or 3, 1 usually have a hard time killing stuff alone. Last hitting in lane should be done by 1 Meepo only. Positioning for ganks is also a task for 1 Meepo only. So here is the deal, always farm on the jungle with the Meepos that are doing nothing.

Spreading the Meepos is good, but keeping them all together is also really good. If you keep them all together, their farming potential is still pretty high, walk around the map killing every single creep wave/camp, go for the towers when you feel that the enemy will not defend it. You will still be able to clear out all the creep camps while pushing the bot or mid lane.

If you see that your enemy is trying to take down a tower or he is trying to defend one, go to the other lane and go for their tower. They usually don't even notice that you are there if they are distracted enough. These free towers must be taken on every opportunity. Each tower's last hit will get you a lot closer to your Scepter. Sometimes you can take 2 or even 3 towers while a single pointless team fight happen.

Remember that each new Meepo you get you get stronger and stronger, being able to participate more in the teamfights and be more aggressive. But don't be reckless you are probably still too squishy to endure the magical damage. Stay back and concentrate on your farm. You will usually get your Scepter around 20 minutes, and around lv 13.

Gameplay - 4 Geomancers

The rule to avoid team fights is now off, but that doesn't mean that you are allowed to be reckless. Team fights are really unpredictable and you will probably have to adapt your playstile to face different enemies.

On a team fight you have 3 jobs: 1 - Disable with your net, aim for dangerous melee heroes or fleeing enemies. 2 - Do damage with your Mass Poof to as many enemies you can. 3 - Survive

Never go in if you feel that you are going to die, keep throwing your nets, go in when the dangerous skills are on CD. Even if most of your allies are dead, if the enemy skills are off, you can safely go in. The damage output of Meepo is insane, is probably the highest in the game, you will have no problem taking anyone down. Also keep an eye on any enemy out of position, 1 enemy less can also turn the tides of a team fight.

There are a few tools that you can use to survive. If a Meepo get's low hp try getting him away from the team fight, if you feel that you will not be interrupted use his boots of Travel to get to the base. You can also just run away, and use the remaining Meepos to lock the chaser down. It is really easy to find out what Meepo is endangered using the portraits on the left side of the screen.

At this point your team should have finished some of the items mentioned on the Items for Allies section at the end of this guide. These items will make the team fight power of the Meepo insanely higher. I'll put more details below.

Since you will be keeping all lanes pushed when a team fight happens while another lane is pushed, instead of going for the team fight you push another lane instead just like mentioned before. Do this every time you feel you will probably not win the teamfight. Enemies will be discouraged to keep pushing since they don't want to get raxxed.

But if you feel that you can win the team fight go for it.

Gameplay - 5 Geomancers

The rule to avoid team fights is now off, but that doesn't mean that you are allowed to be reckless. Team fights are really unpredictable and you will probably have to adapt your playstile to face different enemies.

On a team fight you have 3 jobs: 1 - Disable with your net, aim for dangerous melee heroes or fleeing enemies. 2 - Do damage with your Mass Poof to as many enemies you can. 3 - Survive

Never go in if you feel that you are going to die, keep throwing your nets, go in when the dangerous skills are on CD. Even if most of your allies are dead, if the enemy skills are off, you can safely go in. The damage output of Meepo is insane, is probably the highest in the game, you will have no problem taking anyone down. Also keep an eye on any enemy out of position, 1 enemy less can also turn the tides of a team fight.

There are a few tools that you can use to survive. If a Meepo get's low hp try getting him away from the team fight, if you feel that you will not be interrupted use his boots of Travel to get to the base. You can also just run away, and use the remaining Meepos to lock the chaser down. It is really easy to find out what Meepo is endangered using the portraits on the left side of the screen.

At this point your team should have finished some of the items mentioned on the Items for Allies section at the end of this guide. These items will make the team fight power of the Meepo insanely higher. I'll put more details below.

Since you will be keeping all lanes pushed when a team fight happens while another lane is pushed, instead of going for the team fight you push another lane instead just like mentioned before. Do this every time you feel you will probably not win the teamfight. Enemies will be discouraged to keep pushing since they don't want to get raxxed.

But if you feel that you can win the team fight go for it.

Item Discussion - Boots

Recommended Boots

Tranquil Boots: Highly recommended for the early game, these boots will increase your survivability granting you armor and awesome regeneration, it will allow you to jungle with a single Geomancer helping you to farm your Boots of Travel. The movement speed is really good and the best thing is the price. These boots are way inferior to Boots of Travel on the Mid and Late game, so make sure you dissemble it and sell the rings and buy the Boots of Travel as soon as you get the gold. However if you are new to the hero, you should keep these boots, since they are easier to deal with then the Boots of Travel.
Boots of Travel: Allow you to be omnipresent, farm all lanes at the same time, free fountain regeneration. You will be able to gank anywhere anytime you want, you will be able to be present in every single little team fight. You can learn more about these boots at the Combo section.

Weak Boots

Power Treads Strength: Recommended for new players only, this will give HP and atack speed to Meepo and his clones allowing you to be less afraid of enemies and make your auto attack hurts more. With this boots Meepo becomes a little more normal, and his playstyle more similar to other heroes. This boots will not give you any kind of regeneration, so you will need to buy Vlads or Mech. Btw it is almost never worth to use Power Treads on Agility or Intelligence. You can put it in agility if you are pushing down a tower and you can put it on inteligence if you need more mana to spam poof on jungle.

Rejected Boots

Phase boots: First of all you should never make this item for Meepo, this boots will give Meepo and his clones attack damage and allow them to chase and escape better. The reason this boots are rejected is because attack damage is not really that good on Meepo, your main source of damage will always be Mass Poof. Even if you plan on just auto attacking people down power treads and tranquil do the job much better. Also while using the Phase ability you will have 417 movement speed, just 17 ms higher than the 400 ms from Boots of Travel. This boots also doesn't give you any kind of HP regeneration, forcing you to make a Vlads or a Mech.
Arcane Boots: You also should never buy this boots. This item gives you low movement speed and mana pool, thats it. Meepo can't use the active effect. Worse possible boots on him.

Items Discussion - Starting Items

Recommended Starting Items

Ring of Protection: Will grant you survivability and will make a Tranquil Boots or a Ring of Basilius in the future.
Ring of Regeneration: Gives you some HP regeneration to help you in the early stages of the game. This item can be used to make a fast Tranquil Boots. Since Meepo only farm XP on the early stage of the game, staying in lane is a must, and regeneration will help you do the job.
Hp Regeneration: Since you are XP farming having to leave the lane to regen is not a good thing. You should buy it if you don't have a ring of regeneration. Ask some ally to make it for you, it is really cheap and can help you stay in lane.
Quelling Blade: If you think you will be able to try for last hits without putting yourself in danger you should get this items and sell it once you are lv 6.
Stout Shield: Grant some survivability to help you last hit without being afraid of haras. Since it doesn't help your clones sell it on lv 6 or use your main Meepo to tank jungle creeps.

Weak Starting Items

Branch: Cheap stats item, the most cost efficient. Only do this item if you have unused gold or you are planning use this item as reagent for other items. Since I don't recommend Meepo to make Magic Wand, Mechanism or Pipe you should sell it as soon as you need the inventory slot.
Clarity Potions: If you have a good lane partner and you think some nets will help him to finish off enemies you should buy some to keep your mana up for nets. It would be nice if an ally could buy this for you.
Magic Stick: If you are sure that a skill spammer is going to be against you in your lane you should buy it, if you are not sure just wait to buy it at lane. Also I do not recommend Magic Wands for Meepo, so sell it as soon as you reach 6.
Gauntlets of Strength: Gives you extra hp. You should only buy this item if you are planning to make a Drums or a Bracer, both weak items.
Slippers of Agility/Circlet: Gives you some damage to help you last hit, the circlet also gives you some HP. You should only buy this item if you plan on building a Ring of Aquila, a recommended item for the early game. Its better for you to buy this item in lane since there are better items to make at the start.
Ring of Basilius: Good Early game item that helps you the entire game, its better for you to make this item in lane, just buy a ring of protection and get the sages mask in lane.

Rejected Starting items

Sages Mask: You do not need extra mana regeneration at lv one, you should buy this item in lane.
Blades of Attack: 9 damage to help you last hit better, almost the same price as a Wraith Band that have a better effect. Also there is not a single recommended item that uses this item as reagent.
Bottle: Expensive regeneration item that is unable to regenerate the clones. Waste of gold.
Null Talisman, Bracer, Wraith Band: Rejected at the start of the game, they are too expensive, there are better ways to spend your initial gold. These items can be recommended for other stages of the game.

Every other item: Not worth considering.

Item Discussion - Early Game

Recommended Early Game Items

Tranquil Boots: Mentioned on Boots Discussion Section.
Ring of Basilius: It will grant mana regeneration and armor for Meepo and his clones, allowing them to spam their abilities and farm jungle more effectively. This is a very cheap item.
Ring of Aquila: A good upgrade for your Basilius, just be careful making this will delay your core.
Orb of Venom: Cheap item that helps you chase people down. You should only buy this item if you have a strong lane and you are planning to max Poof and earthbind first. You can either sell the item when you lv up your first Geostrike lv or save it to make a Skadi later on.
Wraith Band: Good useful stats, can be combined with Ring of Basilius, a recommended early game item to make a recommended core item.

Weak Early Game Items

Bracer: Gives you some HP and some stats. You should only buy this item if you plan on making a Drums, a Weak core item, later on or if you are in dire need of survivability.
Headdress/Buckler: Gives you and your clones some regeneration and armor, you should only make this items if you plan on doing a Mechanism, a Weak core item.
Poor Mans Shield: Gives you some damage mitigation for the main Meepo and some agility to you and your clones, you should only do this item if you plan jungling without poof and tanking with the main Meepo (Really weak strategy)
Magic Stick: If you are against spammers guy one at the side shop, just make sure to sell it at lv 6 since it becomes useless, you should never upgrade this item.

Rejected Early Game Items

Null Talisman: Even if you plan making a Dagon at some point you should not be making this item this early in the game. If you need some stats go for a Wraith band.
Magic Wand: Regeneration item that only heals the main Meepo it is useless above lv 6, even if you already have a magic stick don't upgrade it, just sell it when you reach 6.
Urn of Shadows: Really good regeneration item that can even target your clones. But you should not be focusing on killing people, without charges this item is useless.
Cloak: Even if you plan making a Pipe at some point, don't buy this item early on.

Every other item: Not worth considering.

Items Discussion - Core

Recommended Core

Boots of Travel: Mentioned on Boots Discussion section.
Aghanim's Scepter: Aditional clone and 100% stats sharing... YES PLZ, This item is a must on Meepo, it is just too good.
Ring of Aquila: Really good Upgrade for Basilius, specially after Aghanim's.

Weak Core

Power Treads: Mentioned on Boots Discussion Section.
Tranquil Boots: Mentioned on Boots Discussion Section.
Mechanism/Vladmir's Offering/Drums of Endurance: Only if the everyone else on the team refuses to make one.
Medalion of Courage: Reduces the armor of the target so you can do more damage to him. Dispensable item.

Rejected Core

Phase Boots: Mentioned on Boots Discussion Section.
Arcane Boots: Mentioned on Boots Discussion Section.

Every other Item: Not worth considering.

Item Discussion - Luxuries

Recommended Luxuries

Eaglesong: Let me break this up for you, Eaglesong will give 25 damage, 25 attack speed and 3.5 armor to the main Meepo and all his clones. However this item is situational, on a normal situation Mass Poofs and auto attacks will bring down any hero. Go to the What Luxuries to get section for more information
Ethereal Blade: Eaglesong's upgrade, It'll give you 40 damage, 40 atack speed, 190 Hp and 5.5 armor to Meepo and his clones and also giving you the ability to multiply your magical damage by 1.4 almost reaching 2k magical damage with Mass Poof. Also situational.
Manta Style: Agility and strength item, the stats are cost efficient just like most of the items in this section. It allows you to play mind games with your enemy. You can illusions to safely scout for you, if you want you can poof to the illusion at any time. Manta have a really unique interaction with Meepo, all Meepo illusions receive the benefit from the Divided we Stand stat share, so if you buy Aghanim's Scepter your illusions will receive 200% of the stats from the items. This mechanic will make the illusions a little easier to be identified since they have the same hp of the main Meepo but with a really higher max hp being able to reach 7k hp, the illusions will spawn damaged. The illusions will be a lot stronger than normal illusions because of the extra agility, and don't forget that illusions are able to apply geostrike. With full Agility build a illusion will do almost the same dps as a clone. And don't forget that everyone loves focusing the low hp Meepo, and the illusion will almost always be the low hp Meepo, so it creates the possibility of a illusion being target of dangerous skills like laguna blade.
Reaver: 475 Hp to Meepo and his clones, the best item to deal with magical damage, increasing your survivability by a lot. This item is the standard Luxury for Meepo, In doubt fill your inventory with this. Go to the What Luxuries to get section for more information
Heart: Reaver's upgrade, It'll give you 760 extra hp on Meepo and his clones and will allow you to keep an Armlet of Mordiggian permanently turned on. Only do this item if you have few inventory slots remaining, if you have 2 or more just build another reaver, its more cost efficient.
Armlet of Mordiggian: Only worth doing after a Heart, while turned on it'll give 475 hp to Meepo and his clones, while making the main Meepo's dps heavier. This item is better then another reaver if you already have a heart and you don't plan making another one.
Eye of Skadi: 25 Strength a 25 Agility is the highest amount of useful stats that are able to share the same inventory slow, making skadi a must if you need to keep a good balance between survivability and physical damage. This item has a great cost benefit and provides you with Cold Attack, a orb effect that fully stacks with Geostrike, making your main geomancer alone be able to apply 50% slow
Blink Dagger: Only for High skill lv players, good to initiate ganks and chase people down. Need a lot of skill to be used effectively. It gives you really high mobility. I'll teach how to use it on the combo section.

Weak Luxuries

Scythe of Vise: Give you a good ranged disable that you can use as set up for your net and as a way to get closer to the enemy. Since your only disable is unreliable buying a reliable one is a good thing.
Heaven Halberd: Gives you some strength and the ability to disarm enemies. The stats are clearly not worth for the price but since you can buy a club and a belt early in the game for really cheap strength points in the early game this item is viable. It is good to deal with high damage carries, and specially good against ranged ones. This item is situational and a lot inferior to Ethereal blade, but if you need strength and the ability to disarm, this item is the way to go.
Necronomicon: Gives you some Hp and the hability to create some minions, they have mana drain, mana burn and the last will hability. They can help you push towers down and will inflick tons of damage if people throw some aoe at you (600 pure damage at lv 3). Thay can also help you to see invisible units. Use this item in teamfights.
Difusal blade: Good item for chasing people, use the active skill to slow them down so you can either land a net or just beat the **** out of them, it also gives good agility. It replaces your orb for a mana drain orb. Also it is kind of useless after you get a Ethereal Blade.
Shadow Blade: Just like Blink dagger, it is awesome to initiate ganks, not as good to chase people. It is a lot easier to use than Blink. I'll teach how to use in the combo section.
Pipe/***alt/Veil: Only if the everyone else on the team refuses to make one.
Dagon: Since Meepo can farm really fast the price of the dagon is not that much for him, and you'll be able to make a Dagon 5 easily. The high damage nuke with low cd is really usefull to burst people down. This is good if the enemy team has a low hp insane damage carry like Riki, PA, etc... If they use bkb, use the item as soon as the bkb ends.
Bloodstone: I used to believe that this item was totally useless to Meepo, the item don't help the clones at all, but there is one thing about this item that is just awesome. Bloodstone gives you the Bloodpact skill, it will reduce your respawn time, reduce your gold lost, your corpse will receive xp while you are dead and gives vision of that area, and you will heal all your allies near your death spot. All the reasons above are still not enough to make this item viable for Meepo, it is just too expensive, but there is a reason this item is viable. If a clone dies the Bloodpact will not trigger any of his positive effects with the exception of the reduced respawn time, but in compensation you will not lose charges. Meepo is the only hero in the game that is capable of dying without losing Bloodstone charges and that is huge. So with enough charges you can die, respawn instantly, tp to your death spot with travel, die again, respawn instantly again, tp back, die, respawn, tp back, etc... just remember that your enemy will still get gold and xp for killing you, so don't die that much.

Rejected Luxuries

Buttefly: Inferior to Ethereal Blade in all aspects. Wasted evasion, attack speed, attack damage. (Clones only benefit from stats and auras).
Eul's Scepter of Divinity/Rod of Atos: Good items to chase people down, but both are inferior to Difusal Blade.
Orchid Malevolence: Doesn't give you anything useful besides silence, if you really need a silence on your team just ask a team mate to do it. Anyone will benefit more from this item than you.
Divine Rapier: What if I told you that Ethereal Blade gives about the same dps that divine does and it doesn't drop on the ground when you die. The only situation you should have one in your inventory is if you found one on the ground.

Items for Allies Discussion

These items should be made by allies of Meepo instead of Meepo himself, all this items should be done as soon as Meepo starts participating more on teamfights (When he gets Aghanim's Scepter).
Mechanism: Grants you and your clones good armor and burst heal.
Pipe: Grants you and your clones a huge shield that make you ignore the next 400 magical damage, really useful in the beginning of teamfights.
Vladmir's Offering: Grants armor and lifesteal to Meepo and his clones, as well as a 16% amplified damage.
***alt: Huge armor bonus and atack speed bonus to Meepo and his clones, as well as a negative armor aura applied to the enemy amplifying Meepo's damage.
Veil: Use this item when you see Meepo channeling his Poof, you will make his Mass Poof do 1750 magical damage to the enemy instead of just 1400.
Drums: Increase the movement speed of Meepo and his clones, allowing him to chase better.

All these items help every one of the team not just you, these are the best items to support a Meepo, there is no need to say that its important to have a courier, wards up and anti invisible items like dust and sentries if needed. Never ask an ally to make a rejected item.

Friends and Foes

This section of the guide is going to be really polemic, but I think I need to go deeper in this topic. The point of this section is to let you know what allies can be really good to have on your team and what heroes might be hard to deal with on the enemy team. If you disagree with something from this section please let me know on the comments. If you have a hero suggestion to add to this section I would love to know.


Friends of Meepo are heroes that have natural synergies with him. Are the heroes that are able to do what Meepo is not good at. Counter Pushers will hold the game long enough, allowing Meepo to farm effectively. Harassers will keep the enemies away, preventing enemies from denying creeps and making Meepo farm more effectively Gankers will benefit from Meepo's help since he can always tp support the gank. Heroes that have natural auras are specially effective with Meepo. Heroes that help him on Teamfights also are really good allies. Down bellow are some examples of allies in no particular order. There is a box informing what aura items they can make to help you. Don't forget that they need to do their own items so they will only make 1 or 2 of those items.
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
Probably the best counter pusher in the game. His Illuminate destroy entire creep waves and scare the enemies away. Mana drain is a good set up for earthbind and earthbind is a good set up for Illuminate. Keeper can blind the enemies making Meepo invulnerable to physical damage for a while. Keeper can keep Meepo's mana up while he jungle, he can weaken large camps so they can be killed with just 2 poofs. One of the best allies a Meepo can have
Natural Aura
Team Fight
Even not having any aura skills Chen is probably the best aura hero, he can control jungle creeps that have powerful auras. You can chose 3 auras from: 30% more damage, 3 armor, 2 mana regeneration, 4 hp regeneration, 15 attack speed, 12% movement speed or some powerful abilities like stun, slow, snare, mana burn, purge and a powerful +8 aura buff that can be applied on every Meepo. Chen excels in versatility and utility, being one of the best supports for Meepo in the game. His ultimate is just insane, it heals 400 hp of every Meepo instantly. He can also send a injured Meepo to base that can easily return poofing. Since he farms on the jungle you have to coordinate with him, leave some useful creeps for him to control.
Natural Aura
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
He has one of the most useful auras in the game, 20% magic resistance too all Meepos. Meepo is very vulnerable to high damage nukes and since he is unable to make magic resistance items, this aura is just too good. He also is capable to reduce the enemies attack damage and to stun the enemy allowing easy nets. His ultimate is specially good since he can steal a really dangerous enemy ability and use it against him, the utility of his ulty however depends on the enemy team. He is also a really good counter-pusher since his fade bolt hits all creeps take away their damage and he is able to do that from a safe distance.
Natural Aura
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
Just for being around he increases the attack speed of every Geomancer by 40, this number might seem low but you have no idea how much it increases your dps. Since Meepo doesn't benefit from high attack speed items such as Butterfly and Mjolnir, his aura is specially good on Meepo. Beastmaster will help a lot in any situation that you usually need to go for dps items (isit the What items to buy section to know more). Beastmaster have a powerful stun that goes through BKB, axes that help counter pushing and a bird that has flying vision.
Natural Aura
Team Fight
One of the best heroes to buff Meepo's physical damage. Unlike most of the other heroes the entire portion of Meepo's damage is base, so Venge literally multiplies Meepo's physical dps by 36%, that is a lot. But that is not the end of it, Vange also decrease the enemy's armor by 5, making them even more vulnerable to physical damage. Venge can swap enemies out of position and stun them, the swap goes through BKB and interrupt dangerous channeling spells.
Natural Aura
Just like Chen, she can control creeps, being able to have lots of useful auras at the same time, the problem is that she is way less effective overall, her creeps are less strong and they die after a while, her slow might help you to land some nets. Her heal is not really effective on you since it is not aoe. Ask the enchantress player to focus a lot in keeping aura creeps summoned, it helps a lot.
Natural Aura
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
One of the scariest combos you will ever see, the synergy between these 2 heroes is simply amazing. If Spirit Breaker charges a lane you can instantly help him out using Travel on a nearby creep, it is almost impossible to survive this since he has lots of bashes, it is really easy to land nets on people that are being mowed down by him, his movement speed Aura grants Meepo a constant 466 movement speed, on a teamfight Spirit Breaker is an awesome initiator, he starts the fight, you end.
Team Fight
This hero is on this list because he has one of the most synergetic teamfight ulties with Meepo. Overrun will make you run really fast trampling your enemies and holding them in place for a perfect poof, is the only teamfight ulty that disable the opponents while putting you right in the middle of the teamfight. He also have a lot of ganking potential that can be helped by a Meepo tp support. He can also stun people for easy nets and poofs.
Team Fight
Omni is one of the best allies for Meepo, he can heal a injuried Meepo, since Meepo is usually near his opponents the heal also damages the enemy hero. His ultimate makes Meepo invulnerable to Physical damage making him REALLY hard to kill. The Meepo + Omni combo is insanelly effective and it is probably one of the most deadly combos in the game. He is also a good babysitter for the early game preventing unnecessary deaths.
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
Massive impact on team fights that have a really good synergy with Meepo. She can use her illusions to use riptide on the creeps from a distance, but his not that effective to counter-push. If played as a hard carry she can get in your way doing more harm than good, so make sure she plays as a team-fight utility hero. Her ulty allows you to get near the enemies and start to cast your Poofs that will damage the enemies when Nagas ulty weres off. The ultimate can also be used to retreat. Her net is pretty effective in locking down enemies for you to get near and kill, or just land nets and stuff
Team Fight
I will just say one thing fatal bonds + 1400 damage poof = rampage. Warlock and Meepo are a really deadly combo, Warlock amplifies the damage with fatal bonds, stun them all with his ultimate and slow everyone down after that.
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
He jumps in the middle of the teamfight and stuns in a area. The stun lasts time enough for you to kill anyone inside that blackhole. If someone survive they will be close enough to be all locked by the same net, his midnight pulse can do a little counterpushing and his stun is really good to land easy nets.
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
Really good team-fight hero, he can use his orb to damage creeps from a safe distance and have a really good interaction with Meepo. He usually jumps in the middle of the enemies silencing them and trapping them in place, all you have to do is walk in the middle of them and rampage, it is a really easy and powerful combo. Puck is the master in providing everything you need to kill the enemies, he silences, damages, stuns the enemies making them easy targets for you to kill.
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
This hero have lots of good interactions with Meepo, his march of the machine makes it impossible to push against, and it is specially good since Tinker is such a global hero. Tinker and Meepo can teleport anywhere they want any time they want, and that presence is really strong. Enemies will be less likely to push and gank while you 2 are alive. But Tinker will have to adapt his play-style a little, Tinker usually go from lane to lane farming the creeps, don't let him do that, it will cripple your farm. On pub games a Tinker on your team will usually be more harm than good.
Natural Aura
Counter Pusher
Team Fight
His aura is only active while he is ultying. His aura affects the enemies reducing their movement speed while increasing their damage taken. The tombstone also helps a lot slowing the enemies allowing you to land easy nets and poofs. He can heal you, and make the enemies weaker. Really good ally to have at your side, awesome combination.
Natural Aura
Team Fight
He is a good ganker that you can help out with tp support, he gives you some extra gold after you kill his targets. His ulty helps you a lot making you and your clones run really fast, on a team fight this is massive, just make sure he is not trying to hard carry.


Foes of Meepo are heroes that can take advantage from the fact that Meepo is more than 1 hero. Pushing heroes can force you to defend towers preventing you from free farming. Gankers can also disrupt your farm with constant ganks. High burst damage heroes can be really annoying since you can't make BKB or magic resistance Items. Aoe disables may force you to change your item build to adapt to the situation, Agility is good against silence, Strength is good against stuns. Beefy high damage carriers can be a pain since they can kill you really fast and they don't die just from Poof damage, forcing you to make agility items. Ranged high damage carries can be dangerous if they can kill you before you even reach them. Most of the things mentioned above are Hard carry counters and not just Meepo counters, so don't be disencouraged to pick Meepo if there are some counters on opponent team.
Aoe Stun
Burst Damage
Unfair Advantage
Never underestimate a Earthshaker, his ultimate when used on Meepo does a lot of bonus damage, and never ending stuns are really annoying. If you see him on the opponent team start stacking strength items, you will need them. Once he finishes his combo, if you survive, he is a easy pray.
Aoe Disable
Burst Damage
Axe benefits a lot from lots of people hitting him at the same time, his Call prevents you from poofing and his counter helix hurts a lot. He can harass you a lot in the early game with his Battle hunger. Also axe loves keeping the pressure up in the early game, pushing down towers and stuff like that. To deal with Axe you need good counter pushing allies and stacks strength items. Once he finishes his call you can easily poof him down.
Aoe Stun
Burst Damage
This guy do a scary amount of damage, and Meepo is a easy target for his combo. His stun is not that long but can be really annoying. He can be a pain in the early mid game since he will keep trying to kill you again and again. Ask your allies to keep everything warded and safe for you so you can farm, if you stack strength items he will be no problem on the late game.
Aoe Stun
Burst Damage
His ultimate just do so much damage, he have aoe stun, aoe slow making pretty scary team fights. He can be really annoying trying to kill you all the time. Your net will not do much to reveal him, but it can prevent him from going invisible. If you are lucky you can interrupt his ulty with your net. Stack a lot of strength items, make sure your team has Pipe and Mechanism before going on a team fight against him.
Aoe Stun
Beefy Hard Carry
Magnus is a scary hero to go against, his stun is really long and his damage is pretty high, he usually makes bkb making him even more hard to kill. To kill him you usually need a combination of strength to survive his stun time, and agility to give you armor and the ability to bring him down fast even with BKB. Make sure you don't get initiated to improve your chances of surviving.
Aoe Stun
Beefy Hard Carry
One of the longest aoe stuns you will ever face, void is one of the few hard carries that can outcarry you. Because of his backtrack he reduces a lot of damage from the puff, and since he usually makes BKB you will have to bring him down manually. A combination of strength and agility will be the way to go, also keep away from him while his ultimate is off CD.
Unfair Advantage
His constant ganks are a pain to deal with, but that is not the main reason he is on the Foes list. He is able to use his ultimate more than one time on you, and if you die under the effects of it you will give him a lot of gold multiplied by the number of tracks he placed on you. But there is a simple way to counter this, play really safe, ask your team to buy loads of sentries to protect you, if you catch him off guard he is dead.
Burst Damage
Aoe Stun
It is really hard to survive this guy, his ganks are constant and painful and if you not deal with it you will be crippled the rest of the game. His damage is really high and scary, he can stun you in area and if you try to attack him after that he can stun you again. To deal with him you need to ask your team to keep wards and sentries up, you need to be protected. This guy is dangerous and should not be underestimated.
Burst Damage
This guy is the definition of burst damage, he can take advantage from Meepo's low intelligence to do an insane damage to you. His attacks hurt like hell and if he gets fed it is almost impossible to deal with him. Against this guy you need to increase your intelligence, make Eyes of Skadi to do so, a Sheep Stick might be viable as well. You need to thrust your allies to not feed him. Bring him down before he kills you, he is usually really squishy. Really dangerous guy to face.
Aoe Silence
This hero forces you to build agility items, for the duration of his ulti you will not be able to poof, therefore you need an alternative way to do damage. On the early game he is a really good harasser, sometimes forcing you to leave the lane. He is really easy to deal with, but he sure make teamfights more annoying.
Burst damage
Unfair Advantage
Position Switching
You have no idea how easy is to hook Meepo, when you get hooked you have to think fast or you are going to die. Pudge's damage is pretty high and since he will usually have allies with him this situation is pretty scary. If you get hooked poof everyone to the hooked Meepo and try to land a fast net, if you do it fast enough you might reduce the duration of the Dismamber. Try to get the low Hp Meepo to safety and use the others to bring Pudge down as fast as you can. To deal with him you need skill, but it is still really dangerous.
Aoe Stun
Really long and painful stun, the big challenge is to survive until the end of it. Stack strength items and hope for the best. Avoid getting initiated to improve your chances by a lot. Tp support the allies that are getting ultied. You can use your net to interrupt it.
Burst Damage
One of the few hard carries that can outcarry you. Meepo is usually a little vulnerable to ranged carries, but sniper's range is just too big. The problem is when he is able to kill you before you get near him. To deal with him Ethereal Blade is the answer, use EB on him to get near him, while getting the injured Meepo away from him, and land a net, try to kill him before he kills you. Sniper is only a problem if he gets really fed. Watch out for his ultimate, don't let a Meepo get too low.
Aoe Stun
Lesh can put a lot of pressure on the towers, he have lots of Aoe abilities and a Aoe stun. Meepo is almost immune to Edict since the damage gets spread out. You need good counter pushers to deal with him. He is not much of a trouble late game, specially since you can bring him down really fast.
Beefy Carry
Lycan has lots of ways to deal with Meepo. He can push like crazy on the early game, his ulti makes him immune to geostrike's slow, he can buy BKB to be immune to Nets and Poofs. To deal with him you need agility items, and you need to use your skills effectively while he is not immune to it. On a late game situation you will probably outcarry him.
Burst damage
Necro is a naturally good hero to deal with Meepo, Meepo loves stacking HP and Necro is a anti tank hero. His aura do a lot of damage to all Meepos, his Death Pulse also do damage to all, but the one skill that you need to be afraid of is his ultimate. If a Meepo gets to 40% hp, something that is really easy to happen, he can instantly kill you. A way to deal with him is to focus him down, and have allies with Mechanism, Vlads and Pipe.

Meepo Combos

All combos shown bellow will take in consideration that you are using dota 2 hotkeys. These combos have no need of control groups.

Mass Poof

The most basic technique of Meepo. It need to be done as fast as possible. If done correctly you will do 1400 magical damage to an area if done with all 5 Meepos. The combo for 5 Meepos is:

The clicks are always on the enemy target. Always make sure your enemy will still be in range 1.5 seconds after you start casting.

Net Lock

This is another basic technique of Meepo, it consists in locking the enemy in place for a long period of time. The time between each click should be around 1.8 seconds. The idea is to constantly trow a net one at a time preventing the enemy from blinking, going invisible and moving. The combo can last as long as you want if you have 5 Meepos and it is:

The clicks are always on the enemy target, even if you are not sure if you first net will land or not trow the second one 1.8 seconds later.

Controlled Poofing

The combination of the combos above, the point is to lock the target in place while you poof on him with one Meepo at a time. The time between each W-Click should be around 1.8 seconds, but you can speed it up if you want to finish him quickly, you can also ignore the Q-Clicks if you need to finish him off asap and get out of there. The combo will only be endless if you respect the 1.8 second rule. The combo is:

Always make sure you are auto-attacking the target while you do it.

Mass Travel

This is used to take all Meepos from one place to another asap while damaging creeps on both depart and arrival, with 5 Meepos you can clear 2 creep waves on 2 different lanes in the process. In this guide the hotkey to Boots of Travel will always be 1. The combo starts with any Meepo that have an off CD Boots of Travel and it is:

The clicks are always on the destination. End the combo as soon as you click (Number of Meepos) times.

Blink Poof

This is one of the most basic moves using Blink Dagger. Blink Dagger will be represented by the hotkey 2. You need to do all the combo in less than 1.5 seconds in order to do it properly, if you fail some Meepos will stay behind. Make sure you are selecting the second Meepo at the start of the combo. The clicks will be always at the enemy target. This combo allows you to blink with all Meepos surprising the target enabling easy nets and getting close enough to slow the target with your orb.

Start the combo after 5-(number of meepos) rounds of W-Click-Tab-.

Advanced Players Only

Mass Travel Blink Net

This is a combination of Mass Travel and Blink Poof. If done correctly you'll be able to teleport with all Meepos near the target isolated hero, blink near him and Net Lock him to the death. As soon as your Poof gets off CD you can switch to Controled Poofing. Each Meepo can be selected using F1-F5 keys, this combo will use the F1.

1-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-F1-2-Click-Q-Click-Tab-Net Lock-Controlled Poofing

The faster you do this combo, smaller is the chance of your target escape.

Advanced Players Only

Shadow Poof

This is how you use a Shadow Blade effectively, if done correctly the enemy will out of nowhere receive 840 magical damage, get rooted and beat down by 5 Geomancers. It is really easy to be done and it is almost impossible to survive this. To start the combo use the Shadow Blade to get your main Geomancer under the target. Make sure your other 4 Geomancers are in a safe place to not scare your target away.

Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-W-Click-Tab-Q-Click-W-Click-Net Lock-Controlled Poofing


First of all, Geomancer is not a ganker, you can play him as a ganker and you can do ganks pretty well, but he is not designed for ganks. If you want to play as a ganker there are tons of heroes that do that way more effectively, and will benefit from it way more. The reason I say his is because gankers usually farm heroes instead of creeps, and while doing that he gives his entire team a lot of xp and bonus gold. The thing is that Meepo can farm creeps better than any other hero, and waste his farming potential is not that good, you will also get levels faster but after lv 6 gold is way more important then xp. Also Meepo skills are really unreliable, and lots of fail ganks will happen.

But there is nothing wrong in ganking once in a while. In order to gank effectively you have to be unexpected, keep farming in one lane with a Geomancer and position yourself to gank with the other one, when the time comes poof the farming one to the positioned one and do your gank.

This changes a lot depending on the number of Meepos, the situation and if you have any ganking items. If your allies don't have a set up stun or slow, iniciate with your net from behind the trees, aim for heroes that are not moving a lot. If they do wait for their set up and then throw your net. Try to get all the enemies in the same net, depending on the situation it is impossible. After they are snared, go for the dangerous one first. Get near them and poof with all your Meepos, make sure the snare will last long enough for the Poof to land. If all your poofs hit, your enemy is probably dead. Sometimes the other hero manages to escape, so try landing a long net, these nets are pretty easy to dodge, but it is worth trying.

If you have 3 or more levels on Geostrike and more than 3 Meepos you can also snare one with the net, while auto attacking the other one to apply the slow. The Geostrike lasts for 2 seconds, your Poof charges in 1.5 seconds, so if he is slow enough you can easily land poofs on him without the net.

If you see an ally already iniciated a gank, use your Mass Travel on a nearby creep, try to stay on top of the enemy when the other Meepos arrive. Try landing a net and hit the target, it is usually pretty easy to do.

After the gank you will get a lot of xp, and some gold (equivalent to a entire creep wave), use the Experience section to learn more about how the Xp is shared. After the gank, go back to farm or back to the fountain to regen.


As a rule of thumb strength will always be good on Meepo, give you more resistance against any kind of damage, however sometimes resistance alone is not enough for you to win the game. Without any items, Meepo's damage is insane, it can bring any normal hero down in a matter of seconds, but some times the enemy carry get too beefy and you have to kill him before he kills you. Mass Poof will not do much against a 3.5k hp hero with a insane damage. Also if Meepo is against a hero with BKB that you want to burn down as fast as possible Poof will not help. Aoe silencing abilities can be a pain since you will not be able to Poof. And if you need to push towers pretty fast, Poof will not help you. In all those cases you need to get heavy agility items, get a Reaver first and go for a Ethereal Blade.

1 Ethereal alone increase your right click damage so much that few heroes will be able to survive, keep getting more agility until you feel that he is being brought down fast enough. The Ethereal also give you the ability to disarm the target, while he take increasing magical damage from your Poof. Just remember, a dead or disabled Geomancer can't right click anything. To get a safe combination of right click power and HP go for Skadis, it will make you survive the big nukes while giving you insane damage. If you chose to go for agility make sure your team already have a Vladmir's Offering, it will heal you a lot.

So here are the situations that you need to go for agility.

-Beefy dangerous carries
-Aoe Silencing heroes
-BKB on a dangerous enemy
-Need to push towers fast

Remember your main source of damage is Poof, go for agility when Poof is not enough to do the job. And don't underestimate Poof, a 1400 nuke with 6 seconds CD is awesome.

Clone's Stats

Each clone is the exact copy of the original Meepo in every term. The only difference is that you can't buy items for them. To compensate for that the clones will make a copy of your boot, the clone boot is exactly like the original one, and it doesn't share active ability cooldowns. That is why Boots of Travel is so strong on Meepo.

In addition the clones will get 30% of every Stat from the items in the main Meepo's inventory. So if I get a Ultimate orb for my Meepo, every clone will earn get 3 points in each stat. This changes a little if you buy Aghanim's Scepter, instead of 30% they will now get 100%. That same Ultimate Orb will now give 10 points in each stat. This is a very recent mechanic and this is why so many people still think it is worth making aura items for Meepo. Before that the only way to make your armor higher was buying ***alt, Vlads or Mech. Now you can do it buying an Eaglesong. Power treads was also the cheapest way to get HP, that's why it was considered viable, but since now you can make Scepter and get good hp from every Strength item Treads lost it's importance.

Lets just do a comparison, Pipe is an item that is really common to see on a Meepo, it costs 3628 gold and it's only benefit is to create a shield that absorbs 400 magical damage that lasts 10 seconds. Reaver is a 3200 gold item that permanently increase the HP of all clones my 500. Even knowing that Pipe can help the rest of the team to survive, it changes nothing if you buy this item or another hero on your team, you receive the same benefits of spending your gold on it or leting you ally do that for you. Meepo used to buy this kinds of items a lot, but that was because he didn't received good benefits from normal carry items, well now he does, so stop playing him as a support, Meepo is a hard carry and should be played as such.

Lets say you have Scepter and you want to buy a Ultimate Orb, since the item only gives stats, if you have 4 clones every clone will also get the same effects as the main one, so is almost the same thing as buying 5 Ultimate Orbs. This sounds better than it is on reality because of the death rule: If one dies every single one of them dies as well.


Here I will post some interesting replays to show you the gameplay, most of them will be played by me. If you find some interesting replay post it on the comments below so I can watch them and post it on the guide.

(I was recently informed that Valve don't keep replays for a long time, I'm trying to find another way to post replays here)

Basic games played by me:


Shadow Blade Meepo: 68763672

Really skilled player: 68991047

Here are some cool videos I bumped into:

n0tail Meepo
Another Rampage
Collection of high level Meepo plays

Some of the videos above are really old and all of them are following item builds that are not really good on this patch, the reason I'm showing them to you guys is for you to see some really good Meepo players doing cool stuff and try to learn with their plays.

Author Notes

Hello everyone, my name is Ðireclaw and I hope you liked my guide, if you have any questions you should post them on the comments and I'll do my best to answer. If you have something to add plz explain your point of view so we can discuss about it.

I tried to make the guide useful for both new players and pro players. Meepo changed a lot in the last patch and this guide might be a little polemical.

Remember that Meepo is a tricky hero to master so don't give up if you fail one or two times.

Thanks for reading it to the end, and good luck trying this hero out.

Special Thanks

To my girlfriend Ðirefang for helping me making the Videos
To Icefrog for creating the game
To Valve to improve Icefrog's work
To Lycan for reviewing the guide and giving me some tips
To Redefinder for helping me with formatting.
To Devius for helping me improve this guide.
To Rigel234 for helping me with the calculations.
To random999 for helping me with the game code.
To You for reading to the end, validating my efforts.

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