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YevN's Guide to Durable Necrophos

November 29, 2014 by YevN
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YevN's Bloodstone rushing build

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Null Talisman

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Soul Ring
Town Portal Scroll
Null Talisman

Core Items(20 Mins)

Power Treads
Town Portal Scroll

Luxury Items(Offensive)

Aghanim's Scepter
Dagon 1
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard

Situational Items(Defensive)

Blade Mail
Blink Dagger
Crimson Guard
Pipe of Insight
Black King Bar

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 4 8 9

Heartstopper Aura

1 3 5 7

Ghost Shroud

Reaper's Scythe

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

What kind of hero is Necrophos?

Simply, Necrophos is a durable hero which means he take a lot of damage from opponent team but can survive a team fight using his skills. His instant healing makes him really hard to chase and gank. And also,his Ultimate (Scythe) deals huge amount of damage. Building a sceptor,his ultimate can make the opponent team's carry unable to buy back which can be a real thread in late game.

Purpose of this guide

Interesting part is that there are so many ways to play Necrophos but the most convenient way for me is to rush bloodstone. Of course, bloodstone is a must-build for durable heroes like Timbersaw,Death prophet and Necro. And the new patch makes it cheaper than before as well as can build from soul ring. And thats why I decide to skip the Sadist completely and take the Aura and stats to maximum. Some people may reject this because they have been playing Dota for so many years but they still think Dota is the same thing. Hell No! Every month and a while, there are so many updates and new items like (Crimson Guard) which makes me play creatively instead of walking through the same old path.

Starting the game

At the beginning of the game, buy a Null Talisman for easily getting last hits and adding him more damage and health. If you have trained to last hit 7 creeps per minute than you will likely to get soul ring and power tread very soon. And always keep in mind that to bring TP scroll every time which is your only survival chance. After 10 mins to the game, you should be able to take all creeps by using your Soul Ring->Death Pulse combo.

Early Game(Play Safe,Keep Farm,KS)

If the lane seems quite dangerous when the gankers from opponent team are missing and seeking to hunt the solo farmers, you can ward the jungle and start farm neutral creeps. If your towers are losing, you can TP and defend but don't let yourself die a lot. I can guarantee you that even if you don't get hero kills in team fight, you can get 18 -19 mins bloodstone by instant farming. If your core carry is not around to get the secure kills,you should be the one KS using you Scythe. That will make you to get very early bloodstone.

Mid-Game(Pushing,Pressuring,Improve Items)

In the mid-game, after you get your bloodstone, you should stop farming and join the team fight. Pushing lanes, wreck the towers and just don't let the pressure stop. Next item will be relatively easy to get but here comes the difficult part,Choosing a playstyle.If your team is losing , you should go defensive items like Pipe,Blademail and Crimson Guard. If your team is dominating, then go dagon and Sceptor and keep wrecking them until they totally give up or their ancients gone.

When to Pick and When Not To Pick

When opponent have a lot of tanky heroes.
When opponent have high-regen heroes like Morphling and Alchemist.
When your team have a hard carry whom can be reliable to carry late game.
Mostly every game,because Necrophos is a 2nd place at higest win rate heroes.

Don't Pick
When opponent have Pugna.
When opponent have Ancient-Apparition.
When your team don't have hard carry then don't play Necro as hard-carry.Just pick hard carry.
When your team is a bunch of old modern ****ty players and blame that your new style of skill build and item build makes them lose.


A new meta arises, many old modern players retire, patches are being updated now and then and you know that you have to play creatively in order to get the maximum potential out of a hero. You want to learn how to farm effectively and you want to make your GPM and XPM high. Then, this guide has taught you how to take out the best of the best of playing Necrophos. He has disappeared from the competitive scene and staying as a pub-stomper for so long but now in this year 2014, a new Snowball meta has been used by Team Secret(KuroKy's Necrophos) and starting from this, it seems the Old Reaper has returned to the Captain Mode again. Wanting to play seriously or wanting to stomp noobs in public matches, this Guide is for you . Rush a bloodstone and keep wrecking them. Good Luck Have Fun! :)

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