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x4 The Chaos

November 27, 2012 by SenorVodka
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DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 3 5 7

Reality Rift

2 4 6 9

Chaos Strike

10 12 13 14


8 11 16


15 17 18

x4 The Chaos

November 27, 2012

Early Game

In this phase of game you are not very effective. Because your mana pool is very small. But you have got a very good stun and base damage. All you have to so is farming and if your lane partner has a decent slow / stun kill the enemies in your lane. Make your bracer fast. Because it will give some nice stats in early. Then buy boots for making your kill tryings easy and finish Early Game with Magic Stick.

Middle Game

Time to shine ! Make sure you have finished Early Game items abd bought Robe of Magi. And then you can gang your enemies untill your mana pool ends. An important note: Make sure to switch your Power Treads to the intellegence when using stun. Then switch it back to strength and then atack. If you know how to gang you can get your Middle Game items by ganging. If you do not know, just go farm and try to take the tower in your lane. ( Do not forget to last hit the tower ! ) When your ganging finished go back to base, refill your mana pool and go back to farm. With your gangs you must have finished Drum. After Drum, farm and buy Helm of Iron Will. And congrats ! Middle Gam has ended.

Late Game

Aaah the Late Game ! A carry's paradise ... In this phase quicly finish Helm of the Dominatir. And get Armlet ASAP ! Be sure to use your ulti when your Armlet is on ! Chaos Knight with Armlet > Chaos Knight without Armlet. In combats select yourself the one with the lowest HP. Because with your critical strikes you can quickly eliminate him. Then go and atack their carry. If you are being disabled too much or taking AoE damage too much get a bkb fast. If you want to be a good out-carry buy Heaven's Helbers. You got too much kills? AC, HoT and Satanic waiting for you !

Closing Talk

In this guide I writed my own opinions. I do accept some improving suggests ! By the way I am sorry for the writing / spelling mistakes. I am writing this guide on my phone and it's pretty late in here. If you think this guide is bad / normal / good please don't forget to vote. Oh ! And English is not my native language.

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