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Wrath Upon Them

January 9, 2013 by Mr. Babix
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Jungle Prophet

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Before Ten Minutes

Mid Game

Late Game

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Wrath Upon Them

Mr. Babix
January 9, 2013


Welcome to my first guide! I am doing this guide on "Natures Prophet" or Furion. The reason behind doing this on Furion is because I have only recently grown attached to this unbelievable hero. I made this guide from what I've learned in the last few weeks of playing him, and I would hope you learn a lot from this guide!


First I will talk about the item selection.


Ring of Basilius - Perfect for jungling as Furion. The aura can armor the treants and increase his mana regen.
Clarity Pots x2 - Very self explanatory.

Before Ten Minutes

Hand of Midas - I get this because it will increase leveling and gold output a good amount.
Boots - These are a necessity on every hero, but for Furion its mainly for ganking early game.

Mid Game

Orchid of Malevolence - This is a great ganking tool for Furion to keep enemies who are keen on escaping nice and comfortable in his sprouts while you tear them a part with the extra damage.
Desolator - The desolator is more late mid game due to the price, and is greatly required because of the armor burn it puts on enemies.

Late Game

Daedalus - Amazing for quick killing enemies inside sprout.
Shadow Blade - Can be useful for late game pushing if you don't feel comfortable pushing alone.

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