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Wrath of Nature!! [A 7.20 Nature's Prophet guide]

December 19, 2018 by DESt1ny
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Standard things here

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

starting items 1

Enchanted Mango
Ring of Protection
Faerie Fire
Healing Salve

starting item 2 (facing heroes like DK which has high armor)

Blight Stone
Enchanted Mango
Healing Salve

get this if u wanna harass the enemy

Orb of Venom

core items in the early game <20min

Drum of Endurance
Orchid Malevolence
Phase Boots

get this if your team still has armor depleting issues

Medallion of Courage
Solar Crest


Aghanim's Scepter
Assault Cuirass
Crimson Guard
Dagon 5
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Diffusal Blade
Removed Item
Heart of Tarrasque
Heaven's Halberd
Helm of the Dominator
Hurricane Pike
Hood of Defiance
Pipe of Insight
Refresher Orb
Shiva's Guard
Silver Edge
Vladmir's Offering
Glimmer Cape

situational 2(too much not enough to fit in LOL)

Hand of Midas
Linken's Sphere
Lotus Orb
Meteor Hammer
Monkey King Bar
Divine Rapier
Spirit Vessel
Scythe of Vyse
Tranquil Boots

Hero Skills


4 9 14 16


2 8 11 13

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

1.8x Treant HP/Damage
Removed Teleportation Cooldown
+20% Cooldown Reduction
+30 Attack Speed
+4 Treants Summoned
+8 Armor
+15 Wrath of Nature Base Damage
+25 Damage

Wrath of Nature!! [A 7.20 Nature's Prophet guide]

December 19, 2018


Hey guys, this is my first guide on Dotabuff so don't judge this too hard XD.
So, in this guide i would like to ive you guys some tips on this particular hero---Nature's Prophet.

Prophet is a hero that excels or specializes in split pushing as his Teleport (W) lets him go anywhere on the map freely.

-Extreme global presence
-Can gank enemy easily
-Can nuke the enemy although standing far away the map
-Great team for range teammates
-The best escape mechanism when use correctly
-If teleported into an area wihtout vison, you can potentially get backfired
-Excels in many roles--- support, off-laner, roamer, physical damage output, magical damage output

-If not used correctly, treants can potentianally make the enemy get more farm
-Needs micro'ing skills to control treants and hero at different occasion
-Extremely weak if not farmed properly
-weak late game potential
-If used incorrectly, its hard to escape enemy with this hero

Skills explanation

Summons a ring of trees around the targeted area. This ability is often use to trap enemy, escape, give flying visions or normal visions, a normal to summon treants if there are no trees nearby.

-This ability can be targeted on an enemy or ally, which it will summon the ring of trees around them.
-Enemies will not gain vision for the insides of the ring of trees.
-Enemies trapped in the ring of trees will not gain vision of the outside of the tree
-Trees spawned can be chopped down using Quelling blade and Battlefury.

Teleports you to the spot selected upon cast.

-This ability does not require a creep or friendly unit to teleport to the location.
-This ability can be stopped by enemies by using CC (crowd control)
-Double tapping this ability will teleport you back to the fountain
-This ability can be used with SPROUT. Sprouting yourself and teleport when escaping can make the enemy not gain vision on you, hence they cat deny your teleportation.

Summons treants using trees

-This ability is perhaps the most useful ability for this hero.
-This ability is directly proportional to the trees in the area of ability casted. Eg: there are 2 trees in the area of the ability, hence 2 treants will spawn.
-If treants if killed by an enemy hero, they will earn gold, so avoid feeding treants to the enemy.
-Can be used to block the enemy's pathway similar to creep blocking but this time you are using the treants to block and you or your teammate can attack the enemy.
-This ability can be used to cut creep waves, stack camp, deny runes/aegis, tank tower damage, lane pushing and even help you farm multiple jungle camps at a time.
-Treants are deniable.

Summons a bullet like stuff bouncing around the map and damaging enemy.

-There is a maximum number of bounces, 18.
-The damage increases for each bounce by 11%
-Only bounces to unit within friendly vision.
-Cast it as far away as possible to your main target for maximum damage, but be careful not to cast it too far away as it may be over 18 bounces.

Talents choices

+30 damage OR + 25 movements speed
I would regularly pick +25 movement as it gives the mobility u need when chasing enemies.
But you can pick +30 damage if your team is already winning very hard or your team lacks of heavy right-clicker

+4 treants summoned OR +10 armor
I like taking +4 treants because it helps your split push tremendously, but if you struggle against hero like sven, jugg, pa or hard right-clicking heroes, feel free to thake the +10 armor talent.

+40 attack speed OR -4s sprout cooldown
Taking +40 attack speed is very good for tower pushing, _4s sprout cooldown can be really useless when the condition is not met, only take it when your team is losing very much or locking down heroes is is hard for your team as this talent allows you to perma sprout the enemy.

Removed teleportation cooldown OR x2 treants hp/damage
In most case scenario taking removed cooldown is a really good choice as it enhances your split pushing power to its fullest, but sometimes x2 treants hp/damage can really help too, If you realize you can teleport freely to anywhere on the map and not getting ganked immediately x2 treants hp/damage is actually a good choice as you know again it boosts treants taking down tower faster or if you wanna defend base x2 treants hp'damag is actually not a bad choice.


In the early game you have quite some amount of right-click output so feel free to harass the enemy but don't forget to farm the lane too. When you hit level 6 upgrade ultimate without a doubt as it hurts a lot in the early game. Just cast your ult whenever your team is fighting or struggling to get kills, as this ability lets you secure kills. You can also snipe the courier using your teleport.

In the mid game, feel free to jump on enemies to gank as you are the strongest in the mid game. Teleport to the enemy and ask your teammates to help you gank them. Also don't forget to teleport to a team fight and help your teammates out as you are strong. If you see a creep wave pushing also feel free to teleport to that lane and push the lane out.

Falling into the late game, you are comparably weaker so try not to initiate fight on enemy heroes alone, always move in group. If you feel that your team is not gonna win a certain fight don't jump in like you are in the mid game, just go push the other lanes; but if you think that your team is winning then just tp in and help them out. As i said you are comparably weaker int he late game, but your treants has reached their full potential so always split push. Push whenever the enemy team is not noticing you, like when they are busy fighting bottom tp top and push the lane, this can either force the enemy to also tp top and defend or you can just take a tower.

Items explanation

Orchid malevolence: great item for ganking, silences enemy and gives you extra damage.

Drum of endurance: a nice item for a team orientated hero like prophet. Can also be casted whenever pushing with treants wave.

Phase boots: good choice of boots for a chasing hero like prophet, can be casted to have a speed boost.Whenever casted you can move past units, good for traveling among treants.

Tranquil boots: if playing a more supportive role tranquil is great item because you won't farm very often and this also gives health regen to the weak support role prophet.

Guardian grieves: A great late game item choice, enhances your team's fighting ability and can also be casted to give teammates around you mana and health.

Aghanim's scepter: great item for pushing as it spawns treants for every ulti kill, it also increases your ult's damage.

Assault cuirass: get this item if your team struggles to fight against strong right-clicker. Get this item only if your team also right-clicking hero like sven, jugg, etc, as it does not give magic dealing allies much benefits.

Crimson guard: also a good item for teammate against heavy right-clicker.

Dagon: nice item for kill secure in the late game.

Desolator: gives you nice damage and a armor reduction passive, nice against high armor enemy.

Eul's scepter of divinity: nice item to hold enemy in place or to cancel enemy actions as you don not have any stuns, can also be used to save yourself. It is a more supportive item, avoid getting this item if you are playing a core role, but you can also get it if absolutely necessary.

Diffusal blade: great item against certain heroes like wraith king, medusa, jugg. It removes bits of the enemy's mana per attack and can be casted to slow the enemy.

Heart of tarrasque: get this if your team lacks tanky unit of you find it hard to survive because of your low health.

Heaven's halberd: good item against specific heroes like ursa, troll, pa, etc. Disarms the enemy making them unable to attack.

Helm of the dominator: Good item to increase your pushing power

Necromonicon: also a good item to help you push. Bonus, it's spawn gives you true sight, great against invis heroes.

Force staff/Hurricane pike: great item for survivability, great against skywrath mage, clockwerk, razor, etc.

Hood of defiance: great early game item against spell dealers like viper, venomancer, huskar, etc. Can be build into a pipe of insight, which grants the same effect for the whole team.

Refresher orb: if you ever feel like 1 ult is not enough, then get refresher orb.

Shiva's guard: get this item if you have major armor issue and facing fast and hard right-clicker. It grants a high amount of armor and has an aura that reduces the nearby enemy's attack speed.

Shadow blade: great early game item for damage and attack speed. Also a great survivability item that gives you invisibility .

Silver edge: an upgrade from Shadow blade. removes passive from enemy if directly attacking them from your invisibility great against pa, timbersaw, bristleback, enchantress, etc.

Vladimir's offering: good item for team also, granst them some lifesteal, armor and other stuffs.

Glimmer cape: cheaper version of shadow blade, grants you invisibility upon cast DOES NOT effect channeling skills. Doesn't grants attack speed and damage, can be casted on ally.

Hand of midas: Great item for farm improving and tower pushing.\

Linken's sphere: great item against targeting heavy spell like rupture, doom, hex.

Lotus orb: also great against heavy targeting spell. It reflects some enemy's skill back to them, but requires timing.

Meteor hammer: good item to stun enemies in your sprout as their movements has been restricted.

Monkey king's bar (MKB): great item against evasion like pa, wr or heroes with butterfly.

Urn of shadows/Spirit/s vessel: great item for ganking, you can easily gain charges by teleporting around the map.

Scythe of vyse: great against heroes that has high mobility and great escaping capabilities or heroes that are too strong for your team to fight against.

Rapier: do i need to explain?

Final words

This hero is not a hero is not a hero you can aster right away as it needs some practise on micro'ing the treants. Hope you guys the best of luck, and if you enjoyed this guide please give it some support or if you have some feedback feel free to comment (remember this is my first time :p).

Peace out.

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