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Wraith night carry windranger (updated with NG+ build)

December 16, 2013 by spare145
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DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Wraith night carry windranger (updated with NG+ build)

December 16, 2013


The objective of Wraith Night is to defend towers and the ancient from creep waves. You no longer regenerate HP or mana from going back to base, so HP/Mana items are crucial. Some items cannot be bought, and there are some new items especially made for this mode (HP boots, Arcane boots 2). Heroes have their skills modified for this mode and only certain heroes are playable. Particularly, Windranger's ultimate has been changed significantly. Its name has been changed to Zephyr, and you no longer have to focus on 1 target. Your attack speed is increased for the entire duration of the buff and each shot has a chance to fire an additional arrow at a nearby target. This gives Windranger incredible DPS, so that she can be built as a carry.

Team composition

It is generally agreed that you should have axe and omniknight on your team. You can just fill the rest of your team with whoever. I recommend drow ranger for wave 6 because she can kill the eggs solo using her 2nd skill (the one with multiple arrows).

My recommended team is:
Axe (tank)
Windrunner ( evasion tank/ DPS)
Omni( healer)
Drow (DPS)
Shadow Fiend (Armor reduction/ DPS)

Split into 2 teams. Have Axe pair up with Omni and a DPS. And have Winranger pair up with a DPS. This way, we can have both tanks, tanking at the same time, while the squishies stay back and do damage.

Wraith night waves

1st wave: Kobolds and Trolls.
Stay at 1 tower for the 1st wave (at least until near the end where you know nothing's going to appear at your tower). You won't have to wait long for enemy waves to show up no matter which tower you're at. A lot of people rush from tower to tower, causing one of their towers to be undefended and destroyed in the process. When a tower is destroyed, you lose gold, so do not let that happen. You can pretty much kill everything with 1 powersoht. This is also the only time powershot is actually useful (because you'll be relying on right clicks later on) which is why I skip this skill entirely for stats later on. When you run out of mana for powershot, you should've levelled up to 2, and skilled in windrun.

Windrun allows you to tank any physical attack, making you the best physical tank in this mode (even better than axe, but a lot of people fail to realize this, and try to tank for you even if they're at 10% hp). With 3 levels in windrun, you can tank long enough to revive someone even if you have 20 enemies attacking you (while sustaining some damage because windrun will run out shortly before you manage to revive them). Keep an eye on the duration of windrun by looking at the lower left hand corner. You will see the windrun icon with a bar around it. Stop tanking before windrun runs out. You are very frail without windrun. Your only weakness during windrun is magic (more on that later).

Anyway, this wave is pretty easy. Pick up all the gold bag (windrun tanking to get to them if necessary) because you'll need it for the later waves. The enemies may drop healing items (which you may need depending on how your team is doing). If anyone dies at this wave, you pretty much guaranteed to lose in the later waves.

2nd wave: Zombies and Undyings.
The zombies with a green glow explode when killed. Not only does it deal huge magic damage (meaning you can't windrun tank it), it also leaves a green puddle that damages you if you stay in it. It is okay to go in the puddle for a bag of gold or healing items, but otherwise, stay out of it. The good news is that the explosion hurts the enemy as well, so target these zombies first. Your 2nd target is Undying. If you leave him alone, he will summon more and more zombies and your team will be overwhelmed. When you see him channelling, shackle shot him to prevent him from summoning zombies. Then windrun tank, and finish off undying (ignoring all the zombies' pitiful attempt to attack you and missing).

3rd wave: Ogres, Ogre Magis, and Large Ogres.
The thing you have to watch out for are those large ogres. They have an attack that cannot be windrun tanked but the animation is pretty slow, so you can just get out of the way. To be careful though, you should run in circles around it if it ever faces you until it attacks you, then you can counter-attack. If you got mask of madness, you can use it together with windrun for good DPS, since you are basically invincible while windrunning.

4th wave: Slarks and Slardars.
The sladars have their slam attack which stuns (and cannot be windrun tanked). Shackle shot them and don't let them get close to you until they've used their stun. If axe is on your team, he can use berserker's call to stop them from using their stun while you safely attack behind enemy lines. If you got power threads, switch them to intelligence for added damage and mana regen.

If you are playing on new game + difficulty, this is where you are usually going to lose. On NG+, Magic wand is crucial during wave 4, as it will fill VERY FAST with all the stuns and pounces going around. Get rid of the sladars first, and you should be able to carry your team to victory.

5th wave: Nature's Prophets and Treant Protectors.
A lot of pub teams lose at this wave because they fail to target Nature's Prophet first. They summon a ton of trees, and they can trap you using sprout. KILL THEM FIRST. Ignore all the tree minions and treant protector, and go straight for Nature's prophet. Windrun tank everything to get close and kill them. Do not deal with the minions after killing the Nature's prophet at your location. Instead, seek out Nature's prophet at other towers. Actively search the map for them until every last one is dead. Killing them takes precedence over reviving your teammates.

6th wave: Broodmother.
Broodmother lays eggs which will hatch into a bunch of spiders. TARGET BROODMOTHER FIRST. The eggs hatch too fast and broodmother lays them too fast. A lot of pub teams die here because half the team is trying (and failing) at getting rid of the eggs (while broodmother is laying more). The spiders can very easily be dealt with after broodmother is dead. If you have drow ranger on your team, she can kill the eggs alone with her 2nd skill (the one with multiple arrows).

7th wave: Leshracs and Roshlings.
I hope you brought a Hood of Defiance just like in the item build, or you will find yourself dying after 1 fireblast from the roshlings. If you do not have enough money for a Hood of Defiance, get a Cloak instead (because you need the magic resistance). Leshracs will use Split Earth to stun you. This skill will cause a dark red circle to appear on the ground before you get stunned. Watch out for the circle and do not get stunned. Shackle shot the roshlings to prevent them from breathing fire. Don't bother trying to revive anyone unless someone is distracting the enemy, because chances are, you'll get stunned and get a fire breath without ever reviving them.

8th wave: Golems.
After dying, the golem will split into smaller golems, which will split into even smaller golems when killed. That's why you focus the smaller golems first. You should have no trouble as you can windrun tank everything here. I recommend you start building a divine rapier at this point after hood of defiance, because there is absolutely no penalty for dying here. You can just pick the rapier back up when you revive (assuming a teammate didn't steal it from you). You probably won't have enough money for 2 rapiers, so Daedalus/Crystalys and/or Mjollnir is a good alternative after your first rapier. But if you can, by all means, buy 2 rapiers instead.

9th wave: Spirit Bears, Lone Druids, and Ursas.
Those ursas are very powerful, and you will die in less than a second if you don't have windrun on. Remember to protect the towers. Run around the map and attack anything attacking your tower to make them follow you. A lot of your teammates will be dying on this wave (because they don't have windrun), so make sure to keep an eye out, and revive them. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: windrun before going to revive and you can basically tank anything if windrun is level 4 (which it should be at this point).

10th wave: Two Pudges.
If you have made it to this point, you have basically won the game (on normal difficulty, anyway). The pudges can hook-dismember combo you. Just like in a real match, don't get hooked. If anyone gets dismembered, save them by shackle shooting the pudge.

11th wave: Clockwerks and Gyrocopters.
If you have an omni-knight, he can cast dispel on you when you are targetted by gyro's missile, but otherwise, you'll have to save yourself by running and attacking the missiles. Don't forget, windrun makes you faster even though it doesn't help you tank the missiles. I recommend you don't use mask of madness on this stage, or you will take heavy damage from the missiles. Clockwerks will be going straight for your tower (and ignore you), so target them first.

12th wave: Ancient Apparitions, Liches, and Satyrs.
Just don't let Lich's ultimate bounce and you'll be fine. I recommend not using mask of madness on this stage due to Ancient Apparition's ultimate coming out of nowhere. Also, it would be better to solo Lich so his ultimate has no chance of bouncing on anyone. It should be very easy with divine rapier.

13th wave: Wraith King
The final boss. When you see a green circle on the ground, get out of it (windrunning to boost your speed if necessary) or you will be hit with massive magic damage. If you did not get a cloak or hood of defiance, you will probably get one hit KO'ed by his hellfire blast (so I hope you did get it). You will have to kill this guy 3 times before he dies completely. During which, death prophet will come and heal him. Kill them first. There are also some weird undying towers that spawn ghosts, but you should probably let the others deal with that since you are the team's main DPS (because no one gets rapier in pubs; why? It's like they forgot it exists).

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