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Wisp+Ursa (lvl1 Roshan)

April 11, 2013 by Jevenator
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Wisp+Ursa (lvl1 Roshan)

April 11, 2013


Wisp is a support class and this is how I have seen people play him and how I play him paired with Ursa.


The starting items is for Roshan. What you want to do is walk over then and when game starts you want to tank the hits and then let Ursa do it's job. Then use salve on you because you are going to loose health, then rotate in between depending on how your Ursa is doing. You want the urn of shadows first because you want to be ganking together and getting many kills early game. Deaths stacks up and is very nice to heal yourself and your friendly Ursa who's getting all the kills. Keep following the guide and soon with your tether you should stay alive quite a lot and keep teleporting to places ganking and getting kills.

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