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Windrunner The Damaging Helper

January 13, 2012 by Codykoko
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The Damaging Helper

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills




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2 13 15 17

Focus Fire


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Sharing the Top and Bottom lain

---I personally find Windrunner having a hard time last hitting creep in a creep wave. To solve this problem i mas out the Skill shot first to assist in last killing creeps before they are denied by baddie champs. When using this skill shot try your best to aim for the baddie champs so that they will take harassing damage as well.
---When your skill shot is around level 2 or 3 you should be able to have a sufficient gold income buy shooting it into a wave of creeps killing the lowest health creep and shooting the ranged creep leaving your lain partner to the other 3 kills if he can get them. while the other 3 baddie creeps are alive use that time to zone or harass baddie hero's giving your allie champ ample time to get their own gold supply.
--- at Hero level 4 the shackle is a great pocket spell to have in case things get hairy. Be sure to save it and use it when a tree or creep is behind a baddie hero.

Why I do not get Ult spell

I find the Ult worthless since it does not work with procks or slows. Yes i do know theirs a staff that can make the ult prock, but as an Int Hero surviving while shooting arrows really fast is extremely hard. I find it much more useful spending it into the "Stat" attribute

Using the Items to its full potential

---If their is a melee Hero in your lain or even a range Hero, and they are at low health feel free to use your healing potion to help them out.
---The Force staff is a really tricky item but extremely strong if used well. I love to use it as a get away on top of my Windrun spell. But since i have Windrun i have a good chance of getting away. Other Allie heroes might be getting focused so pushing them out of the battle is a great way to keep your teams death count down. WARNING!!!! Do not push your allies into the fight it is possible. Be sure your allies are not turning around when you put it on them or u will shoot them into the heart of the fight. On a strategic note about the item if you see the baddie running in to harass and backing out as a pattern and you feel like your team can kill them. When they run in to harass push them into the team before they have a chance to turn around.
---Shadow Blade is mainly a get away item to get some distance if targeted and rejoin the fight. I rarely use it as a positioning item to shackle someone to a tree but it does work. Just make sure you push staff and windrun out of the baddie team. I hardly do it mainly because of the massive amount of stuns that can catch her and its hard to do in the first place.
---Manta style is a great item to keep them off you if targeted. use it either when targeted to use one of your many get away's to get some distance before the allies can help or use it before starting the fight.
--- the crit item and orchid malevolence are kinda obvious on what they are for just use the silence and % Damage increase wisely.

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