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Windrunner at your service! (+fun build)

April 15, 2012 by UrChesthair
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Middle Lane Windrunner

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Windrunner at your service! (+fun build)

April 15, 2012


Hi, I'm UrChesthair and I have been playing Dota(1+2)for over 3 years. Windrunner is one of the most versatile heroes in the game, and has a game changing move called 'Shackleshot'. This is how I play her and how I enjoy playing her.

Item Choices

I believe that Windrunner should build force staff and mekansm almost every game. If another teammate indicates that he will buy the mek, then go for 'Pipe'. Also, you can never have enough force staffs =D. Late game, Try to get a Scythe of Vyse, as it is one of the best items in the game, with the hex being able to disable enemy carries. After Hex, try to get a MKB or save for buyback. This item build offers a lot of utility as well as the ability to mantain a high mana pool

Skill Build

For the skill build, you usually want to max your powershot first, as it is your last-hitting/standard nuke. In rare cases will you want to max shackleshot first, even though it is a great skill. How you skill focus fire and windrun will vary, if your team is pushing quite a lot, go for focus fire at level 10,11 and 16. Otherwise, go for more survivalbility with windrun.

Early Game

Try to get mid lane as your first choice, if not possible go for a side lane SOLO. If not possible then you'll just have to bear with your lane partner. If you on the hard lane (top of radiant,bot for dire), then try not to play too aggressive, you should stick near to the river, or else you might die. Try to use powershot to harass and last hit at the same time. If your up against a solo, feel free to play more aggressive but still be aware of junglers. For mid lane, try to get your bottle as soon as possible and then grab as many runes as possible.

Rest of the Game

In the mid game, try to do some ganking and pushing with your teammates. In teamfights, you can either try to get an initiation with shackleshot, or wait for a teammate to do so. Just keep landing your shackleshots and powershots and your team should be able to win the fights. In late game, try to focus down one target with either focus fire or Scythe of Vyse.


This is a fun build that I use when I am bored =D. It focuses on your shackleshot 'shackling' and then you do heaps of damage through your crit/mkb. Remember that this build offers little survivabiility but tons of damage. I go for double nulls for some early game damage and transfer for a crystalys for your real damage.


Thank You for reading my guide, and hope to have some feedback! Please rate it thumbs up if you think it's good.

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