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Windranger the best way to play her

July 23, 2014 by SgtPython
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Windranger Support/Carry

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


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Focus Fire

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Windranger the best way to play her

July 23, 2014

How to play:

You have to play in the earlygame very passive and you have to support your Teammate on you lane!So you have to skill the Shackelshot and the Powershot!
If you have a very good farm you can Splitpusj in the Midgame if not Support your Teammates at the Ganks!
In the Earlygame you should be allowed to Splittpush. But if you want to make much kills as possible you have to gank with the other Teammates!
Windranger is not too hard to play if you have at Start a very good Hero on youre lane who makes much damage (exp. Bloodseeker or something like that)
If you have in the first 15 minutes 3 deaths it will be hard too get a good K/D at the end soo you have too make with the hole team ganks!
With Windranger you have only to do one VERY IMPORTANT thing: PLAY PASSIV in the Earlygame if the ganks starts you can play aggressive but not to much aggressive ;)
What you dont have to forget is that you dont have to much life!

I hope my little Guide for Windranger helps you a littlebit!

Thx if you give a like on my guide!
I hope you will have much good games with windrunner... I like Windrunner a lot and with this skillhistory and those items i get my first Flawless GODLIKE ;)
So have fun and enjoy you games with windrunner! :)

If you play Windranger as Carry

Windranger is possible to play her as a Carry too. If you want to play her as a Carry you have to buy many heal Items! Now you can play her at beginning a little bit more aggressive but not to much because you dont have to much life!
So make everything like the text before but now you can play her a little bit more aggressive. What also important is is to orevent the enemys to farm! with the powershot it works really good!

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