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Win Lane Win Game EZ mmr LD

January 6, 2019 by Pl3b
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Bear Build

DotA2 Hero: Lone Druid

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Lane Items

Core Items

Extension Items

Situational Items

Hero Skills

Summon Spirit Bear

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Spirit Link

2 6 8 9

Savage Roar

4 13 14

True Form

11 12 18


10 15

Win Lane Win Game EZ mmr LD

January 6, 2019


Lone Druid is in a reasonable place for the first time in a while. He’s a great hero to deal with tough lanes. Some people have been playing him mid With the ranged build, but that has been nerfed quite a lot. This is a bear build to be played in the safelane.


So we’re going to start with 2 wraith bands on your hero to increase lane presence and then brown boots for the bear, and tranquil for your hero. Tranquil are great on ranged cores now, and it will allow you to jungle with your main hero while your bear split pushes with radiance later.
Radiance will be your first item, it’s a little greedy but this shouldn’t be am issue most games as long as your lane goes well.
Next is SOLAR CREST, weird right? If your have a look at the stats on that item they are actually rediculous. You will keep this item on your main hero and use it to buff the bear when pushing or trying to secure a root proc, but it’s also great for debuffing creeps, heroes and roshan.
Basher is a great fighting item to keep your enemies from kiting your bear.
Assault Cuirass is a great pushing and team fighting item.
Mjollnir is great due to the very low base attack time of the bear at level 20 as well the active being a decent deterrent to killing your bear while pushing.

Ranked Play

NOTE: Before playing this hero, please make sure you have one hot key for your hero and one for your bear.
Trading with enemies is very effecient for you early, so make sure to be dominant in lane and let your support know that you want. Try to pressure towers with the 5 and 10 minute siege creeps and also make sure to contest runes. You can farm ancients quite early with your life steal and the bear to tank for you, so make sure to abuse this to get your radiance as early as you can. As soon as you have radiance tell your team that you want to fight. Buy a smoke and get into action. Once you have secured early towers and you have Medallion/Solar crest look towards doing roshan, you may need some help but if you can get it on one of your other cores it’s very valuable. Be sure to fight in melee form once the other team starts outputting enough damage to burst down your ranged form and just let your bear do the work.


Thanks for reading and good luck with your games!
Any likes or critisisms are welcome :)

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