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Why not "A" click?

November 6, 2016 by Soulseptem
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Why not "A" click?

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Why not "A" click?

November 6, 2016

Reasons For Everything

Kardel the sniper is one of the most hated pub hero's ever. If you first pick sniper your team is very likely to rage at you. This is due to his inability to escape and some other stuff that no 1 really knows about but they still hate you anyway(TBH). This happens all the time in low MMR brackets (1k-4k). In this build being a noob will help you greatly, because all you have to do is A click.

This build will get you kills because what people don't realise how great an ability that headshot is. It does 90!! extra dm at level 4. That is HUGE! This ability along with attack speed grants incredible physical damage. But you know what's even better than incredible physical damage! Incredible physical and magical damage! Mjollnir's chain lightning does 120damage to 5 targets.( that the whole enemy team)All 5 bolts together can deal up to 1000 damage. Additionally it's bonus to attack speed and damage make it a great item for sniper. But the best part is to come, Mjollni stacks. Yes you hear right it stacks. Since Chain Lightening is a unique attack modifier, if they both activate at the same time, one will override the other, and only one will activate. So the total chance of getting a CL on any attack is slightly less than the 20% +20% from the two items.

Unfortunately the lightning can only go off ever 1sec at max. This is not a bad thing. This gives you a chance to some OTHER orb effect, so that every attack that didn't activate chain lightening would inflict some other ailment like a slow from eye of skadi.

In fact this damagee output is so high that you can get a rampage incredibly easily. For example, in a game of dota 2 my internet was playing up. I didn't not realise this till I was in game and had 500ms! I decided my best bet would to go this build. Later that game I A clicked in a team fight (then froze), when I unfroze I had gotten a Rampage!

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