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What is this ?I came here for a battle.

April 25, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Orthodox/Unorthodox pub built

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

12 13 14 15

Lunar Blessing

1 4 8 9


6 11 16


10 17 18

Introduction Pros Cons

Luna is a #1 hero and one of my favourites.She is a typical glass canon.

Highest natural movement speed in the game 330 (Damn you Nova you are fast)
High damage (easy last hits)
Good agility gain
Excellent neutral farming ability
Decent low cooldown Nuke
High armor

Too squishy (luna and gorgon have the lowest starting hp)
High manacost skills
Needs a good positioning (Not too get too Close to tank all the ****ty nukes but to be close enough to kill and deal much damage with eclipse)

Best allies

Babysitters early on and gankers later on work perfect with Luna.
Examples are:
Dazzle,Witch Doctor,Thrall,Wisp,SandKing,Shadow Fiend,Beastmaster

Special Mention to Vengeful Spirit venge is just great lane partner for luna,with lunar blessing and vengeful aura the early damage is just beyond any expectation.Also venge has great initiaton skills for luna.

Worst enemies

Heroes who can outlane luna early and gank luna in mid game
Lich,Drow Ranger,Pudge,Bounty Hunter,Magnus,Lone Druid

Special mention #1 Lifestealer ,naix can basicly make your eclipse useless just by press his R button.
Also he has greater carry skills than you do and avoid death by slowing you or infesting a creep.

Special mention #2 Templar Assassin Refraction delays your damage into Ta's Hp and also if timed well can absord all of eclipse .Not much fun playing versus TA especially without Manta style.

Laning phase

Go to the easy lane.Your farm shoud be pretty easy after you picked level 1 lunar blessing.At this point you should start picking items depending on your enemies.
Pick tranquils if you are getting to much harass or prefer ring of aquila and phase boots if you arent endangered.
At this point you should decide again what you are farming for ...
Ask yourself the question: Am I going for luxury build ?Will I be able to outcarry the enemy carry ?
If Yes get a helm of the dominator pick a creep and utilize it to stack ancient creeps for you (pulling at 52-53 seconds).And go farm the masses of creeps later on.
If no aim for the Zhou build (mentioned above as core items).

Note:Dont use your lucent beam before you get to level 5 unless you are gonna get a kill.Your mana pool is too small so you cant afford to spam lucent beam early on.

With Luna you should have like 60-70 last hits in the 10 minute mark (without dying) which is pretty ideal for other heroes and for Luna pretty standard.
This phase ends when you take down enemy tower.At 10-12 minute mark

Mid game

In mid game if you have decent farm you will able to do miracles.If you went for Zhou build tell your team to go roshan with you.If you went for HotD build you can solo kill roshan at level 11 with your dominated centaur semi tanking or with a wolf just standing near offering you damage aura.Still the result is the same in any case, get the aegis and pay a visit to your stack if you played with HotD or pay a visit to your enemies if you played the Zhou build.While fighting keep in mind that luna with black king bar drums and tranquils is hard to kill due to high mobility (around 430 movement speed) much strength gain due to her items magic immunity and Eclipse will make you a teamfight god.
For alternative build dont fight before making manta style.
Continue farming your next item for whatever build you choose.
Note:Reject your aghanims choice dont be a luna Moon***.You will get rid of it later on anyway .If you want to build something to upgrade Luna's ulti, build an ethereal blade to boost your hit and attack speed as well (also consider getting orchid if there an enemy who needs silence).

This phase ends when you start to fill your inventory.About timing at around 28-30 minute mark.

Late game

Luna works in late game with greater farm than other carries.
Naturally her passives are good for carrying but arent perfect.
So in case you have almost equal farm with any enemy you will need to play very carefully at this stage of the game and kill supports early in teamfights so you outnumber the enemy and the teamfight snowballs to ur side.
You will need to use your eclipse wisely.Dont get excited by seeing a solo enemy carry/solo hero and turn it on,save it for at least 3 of them.Eclipse combined with some glaive hits will be enough to finish them off (of course with followup from your team as well).
Eclipse should be used right after some kind of imobilizing initiation wether its stun or something that simply holds you in place

Ultra Late Game:

At this point you are starting to get weak.Luna since the change of lunar blessing that used to be in percentage of your damage has lost the great late game potential but earned early pushing power.
But you still have an advantage because you farm faster than most carries.Fill your inventory with luxury choices.
Push towers before enemy carry gets out of control.

And if you have satanic and black king bar consider buying divine rappier if the enemy carry is becoming a beast and you are the only one to carry your team.
Rerosh again if you have to and finish the game by teamfighting using aegis.

Exlpaining further

Max your Lucent beam because its the core of dealing damage early and your eclipse is based on its levels (so high level lucent beam more damage eclipse).
Your second priority is lunar blessing for hitting hard and for offerling your allies some extra right click damage, this will work nice in a push strat.
Dont get moon glaives before your damage is +100 because otherwise its useless your second target will receive very small amount of damages.
Note:If you are getting raped early on consider getting only 1 level of lunar blessing and replace others with 1 or 2 levels stats.

Items such as Ethereal blade and Shadow blade are 100% pub items dont get them in captains mode because there are better choices.
Also since you want to boost your ulti and a support has a great ulti too ask him to make veil of discord.It will work miracles for you

Also remember just because you are raping in mid game you dont have to face an ultra late game scenario .Finish the game while you can.

Cm build

Luna is a middle game glass canon.However the reason that people pick Luna in Captains mode
is because it gives the advantage in pushing on trilane.Thats why you max your Lunar Blessing after Maxing your lucent beam.

Luna starts with 2 rings of protection and turns one into tranquil boots and the other into ring of aquila.
Note:To do so you need 1 support to buy you 1 tango/salve
With those items you can stay on lane forever even though you are squishy.
Because with tranquil boots you can heal at 18.2 hp per second and you got a decent regen of +4.2* hp on early levels
and with ring of aquila you get +2.1 mana regen* on early levels (5-
9 level).
*=the values shown above are combined with hero's stats.
Right after you farm your drum of endurance which will give you mobility, more life and mana capacity.
Drums are a wonderful cheap cost effective item .Drums give you and your team even better pushing and teamfight potential by the aura of AS and by the use of the drums.Also drums makes you more durable instead of being glass canon.
Black king Bar comes right after Drums to give you immunity, so that you can be a teamfight god if given the right initiation..
By getting this cost effective inventory you should have your core earlier than enemy carry due to your farming ability and low cost core items.
Again aegis is crucial to your push but never try to go roshan without wards and smoke or at least having 2 more heroes alive than the enemy
However if your push tact isnt working CONSIDER REPLACING IT WITH NORMAL INVENTORY OR LUXURY due to your fast farming ability you can replace drum,wand and ring of aquila with luxuries.Disassemble your tranquils sell the ring of protection and ring of regen and buy treads/travel depending on what you need (damage/push).
If it works dont sell anything, just get Manta and Butterfly and finish the game the fastest possible .

Update tab

Since tranquil boots nerf things have gone way more harsh for poor luna.
Luna cant lane easily right now versus hard nukers.She has to either fetch healing from base all the time or to lane with a healer.
So the item choices for you are :
1. aim for a dominator and start stacking the jungle (take an early rosh too)
2. try to get some drums aquila bkb and boots and win teamfights
3. get phase boots+drums+aquila and try to push
4. get a hand of midas and try to go for full luxury inventory

There are pub items like ethereal blade and Shadow blade but dont pick them if you want to win for sure.Ethereal improves ur ultimate's damage a bit and Shadow Blade helps your position and ninja kill the enemies.Focus on more useful items like Manta Butterfly and Satanic.

Luna players

About luna players the best example is Zhou (as mentioned above)
this guy and IG brought luna to competitive dota in TI2 .

Also another great Luna player is Pajkatt .
Check those guys replays especially Zhou owning with Luna in the International 2.
In Europe Luna isnt used as much as in China .
Find their replays in in youtube dota 2 channel or
Update:here are some replays of Luna
IG vs LGD IG vs VG Thanks for your time and please leave some comments of your choice

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