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Welcome To The DOTAFire Guide System!

January 28, 2012 by Matt
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Jakiro

Purchase Order

Core Items

Black King Bar
Blade Mail
Blade of Alacrity
Blades of Attack


Band of Elvenskin

Hero Skills

Dual Breath

1 4 7 10

Ice Path

2 5 8 11

Liquid Fire

3 6 9 12


13 14 15


16 17 18

Welcome To The DOTAFire Guide System!

January 28, 2012


Welcome to the DotA 2 guides and builds system! You can create your own guides easily, including multiple suggested builds with different item recommendations.

Guide Chapters

You can create as many chapters as you want within your guide, we encourage you to go into detail and provide depth to your guide. This will help others to benefit from your ideas and strategies, which will lead them to vote you up and share your guide with their friends and team mates.


You can use bbcode to format and style your guide freely, including images, lists, tables, videos and streams, as well as various other shortcuts and controls. We will be posting a bbcode guide shortly! Some of you may be familiar with the system on one of our other sites, it works the same way here so any tips and tricks you learned from our network you can apply to your HoN guides.

More to Come!

We will continue to grow and evolve this site and its tools over time! Please join us in the DOTAFire forums to share your feedback, we listen closely to everything our users tell us. Help us turn this into a fantastic DotA 2 community!

We look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with using these tools! Good luck and enjoy!

-The DOTAFire Administrators

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