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War is an equation, death a solution

March 3, 2014 by Ungwe
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Harrass/fuck you wharuuuuu build

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Thunder Strike

1 3 8 10


4 12 13 14

Kinetic Field

2 5 7 9

Static Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18

War is an equation, death a solution

March 3, 2014


Hi everybody, this is my second guide to my favorite hero in the game. Feel free to give me suggestion and advice according to your way of playing :D

Pros / Cons

- fun to play

- can teleport, block and silence!

- ulti + kinetic field turn to your advantage team fights in 4 seconds

- life saver with glimpse and kinetic field, which also let you bail safely against annoyingly fast people like bloodseeker, slardar, ect

-squishy early game and item dependent

- if not used with good timing glimpse will let your enemy kill you and teleport him back after he gave you the last hit, so basically you are doing him a favor

- can be easily countered by silencers

- it's a hero based on timing in general


ok i really can't figure out how to embed skills with their image, if anybody cpould explain to me in the comment i'll be happy to fix this...and also why i can't use images...

anyway let's start:

Thunder strike: a very useful DoT with Aoe and a pretty good range...often i manage to kill newbies with low hp that feel secure under their tower cause they don't wanna go back :)
also it allows you to keep people at safe distance letting your mate exp safely (it has only 16 sec cooldown!)

Glimpse: one of the most fun skill to use in the game...early game you wont need it much, so i just put one point there at lvl 4 and then cap it later...with this skill you can both save people (and/or yourself) or catch foes running away =) once you get used to the timing (depending on how far your target was 4 seconds ago, it take different amount of time, so be sure to use it as soon as you can with fast enemies like slardar or blood seeker or people with phase boots). Initially it has alon cooldown, but when capped it becomes more reasonable (65 sec at lvl 1 and 20 sec at lvl 4)

Kinetic Field: once again, a skill that is both offensive AND defensive. Offensive because it let's you harras since lvl 2 (combined with a hard carry like Viper or Drow, you can easily get your lane for yourself). Again, the field takes 1.7 seconds to form, so timing is extremely important (i suggest you to practice with bots cause their always moving around and never standing still). This skill also let you save you and whoever is with you if your push didnt goas expected. Just cast it a few meters in front of the enemies and RUUUUUUUUUN.

Static Storm: well this is ****ing poetry. This skill is so good everytime i cast it I have an ****** :P: It does increasing damage per second over time (300/sec at lvl 3!!!).....and also silences your enemies! isnt it just awesome? But if you really, REALLY want your ultimate to be the nightmare of the other team buy [*] Aghanim's scepter. Why? Because not only lenghten the time of your skill (7 sec at 300 damage/sec it's a lot of damage lol :D) but also...silences your enemies' itmes!!! that means NO BKB, NO BLINK DAGGER, NO NOTHING...i guess by now you have realized that a good timed kinetic field plus you ulti and just a Aoe slow by one of your teammates, means slaughter :D
I pulled out so many triple or quadruple kill with this combination...not even with carries i get that :D


Your fundamntals are:

Arcane boots: let you have since early game a good pool of mana and you can also regen it

nothing much to say

Now, as i said, depending on how your team is doing, if you have other supports or if your lane mate is a suicider, you may wanna go Mekanism as soon as you can. BUT, if you are confindent I heavily suggest you to go fast Aghanim...following the sequence I illustrated top, which is the best to follow (int boost---> mana and health boost---->health boost---> agility boost)

Shiva's Guard: since you armor has a really poor stat growth, this is particularly helpful since it gives you +30 intelligence (more mana more party) and +15 armor AND it has a really cool skill that does 200 frost damage (40%slow) in the area around you and follows your movement, so it is great for pushing

By now you are kicking ***, but if you really wanna be a pain in the **s, go for Vise?s Scythe or refresher orb as you prefer (for example, if you have a really farmed Pugde agaist you, while the other enemies are not a threat you may want to go for the Scythe first so you can turn that the Stinky Chubby in a Stupid Chicken...while on the other hand, if your foes are all pretty damn good, go for refresher's orb and cast an apocaliptyc 14 second storm :D

Team Work

your best allies in lane are of course carryies Best for you are carries that have an automatic cast skill that slow, like viper or drow. that is just awesome :)

another good hero to lane with is Juggernaut. Catching two enemies in the kinetic field and let juggernaut use his blade typhoon on them is so funny XD and also pretty effective

DONT PICK DISRUPTOR when there are already two support in your team, or there are at least 3 silencers in the other team, because you would be practically useless


Hope you liked it and if you please explain how to embed skill and items description and how to link images properly, i'll be happy to make it more pleasent for the eye.


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