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'Wait, an even better spot.' - Support/Roam Earth Spirit

November 18, 2013 by Zanqray
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Build 1
Build 2

Max Smash

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Boulder Smash

2 4 5 7

Rolling Boulder

1 12 13 14

Geomagnetic Grip

3 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

'Wait, an even better spot.' - Support/Roam Earth Spirit

November 18, 2013


With one of the best level 1 abilities (i.e. Rolling Boulder) in the game, Earth Spirit is great at the safe lane where you have a positional advantage to cast all your spells. He can also dive an enemy hero near towers early in the game with Roll+Smash combo.

You have to judge whether it is more worthwhile to help your carry win the safelane or roam to steal runes and gank/control the other lanes.

Always learn all his spells when you are level 3 as Earth Spirit simply needs a remnant for them to take full effect.

*Build 2: If you do not wish to max Rolling Boulder first, you can go for more damage and lower cooldown by maxing out Boulder Smash.


Should I play Earth Spirit?
Players who enjoy early game action, supporting your team, micro and positional play will love a safelane Earth Spirit.

Why Rolling Boulder first?
-80% slow for 2s
-135 damage
-1.6k range
-50 mana

Can I get Stout Shield instead of Orb of Venom?
If you plan on going Vanguard or need more survivability, definitely.

Why Ghost Scepter?
-Gives you more survivability in team fights for you to keep up magnetize debuff
-Gives +7 to all stats
-Costs only 1.6k

Why is the F.A.Q after the intro?
I don't want your burning questions to cook you.

What if I have questions after reading the sections below?
Figure the rest out by yourself.


Boulder Smash

-Levels increase damage and reduces cooldown
-Damages all enemies hit
-Smashing a Remnant: Activates 5s silence, increases range to 2k

1. When you are behind your enemy, push him out of position and into your team.
2. In teamfights, push a Remnant into your enemies for 5s silence.
3. Pushing your allies into a fight.
4. Pushing your allies away from enemies.
5. Trolling.

You can pick this up at level 2 instead of Geomagnetic Grip if you are confident in hitting your Rolling Boulder.

Rolling Boulder

-Levels increase cooldown only
-1.6k range, 135 dmg, 80% move&attack speed slow for 2s at 50 mana

1. When initiating, place a Remnant right in front of your hero and roll into the enemy (follow up with boulder smash if it gives a positional advantage).
2. Escaping through cliffs and terrain.
3. Moving around the map in general.

Generally, always use this skill with a Remnant. Click further for better accuracy. Roll after stunning with Geomagnetic Grip for a guaranteed hit.

Geomagnetic Grip

-Levels increase stun duration only
-1.4k range AoE stun for 1 to 2.5s, and 125 dmg at 75 mana

1. General long range stun.
2. Saving your allies. *IMPORTANT*
3. Pulling an ally into a fight.

Your true initiation ability for all your spells to follow up.


-Gives enemy a 6s DoT debuff that explodes nearby remnants and refreshes the debuff duration

1. Follow up spell after initiating with Rolling Boulder.
2. In team fights, it is not too important to try to cast it on many enemy heroes as remnants can increase the range from 300 to 600. Focus on looking for opportunities to chain it.

Has the potential to do massive damage... in the right spot.


1a. Remnant > Grip
-Basic stun

1b. Remnant > Grip > Roll
-Staple initiation combo

1c. Remnant > Grip > Roll > Smash
-Enemy hero dive/gank

1d. Remnant > Grip > Roll > Magnetize
-Teamfight initiation

1e. Remnant > Grip > Smash
-Long range stun and silence

2. Remnant > Roll
-Initiation, follow up slow

3. Remnant > Smash

Extra: Advanced C-C-C-COMBO

(Usable in 6.79)
You can use just one Remnant for the activation of both Boulder Smash and Rolling Boulder. It is not too practical to execute this 'full combo' as the timing window is extremely small and mistakes on Earth Spirit can lead to screwing up a gank or losing a teamfight entirely

So here goes:
1. Cast Rolling Boulder
2. Within the 0.6s delay, place a Remnant, Geomagnetic Grip it towards you, AND cast Boulder Smash on the remnant while it is moving (you have to be rolling towards the remnant while it is moving to you)
3. When your rolling boulder hits the remnant, it will both consume and push it activating the silence and slow
4. ....
5. Profit!

In summary; Roll > (Remnant > Grip+Smash)

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