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Vozzo's guide to TIMBERSAW

May 10, 2013 by Ziche
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Vozzo's build

DotA2 Hero: Timbersaw

Hero Skills

Whirling Death


Timber Chain

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Reactive Armor



Vozzo's guide to TIMBERSAW

May 10, 2013

Item choice

The starting item choice is CRUCIAL for your success with this incredibly fascinating and powerful hero, Timbersaw. Long regarded as an over powered yet underestimated hero, Timbersaw is often seen in the professional scene. However, this guide is beyond anything you will have ever seen - because this guide is VOZZO'S GUIDE.

Some people may wonder why getting a quelling blade on timbersaw is so important. Then those people are clearly not thinking very hard - quelling blades are used to cut down trees. The most important part behind being successful with timbersaw is staying hidden in the jungle for as long as possible. Since your abilities do not allow you to cut down trees, it is necessary to purchace this incredible item - the quelling blade. For only 50 gold, it's an amazing bargain. However - it comes with a massive disadvantage. It has a 5 second cooldown. That is why your next item choices are so crucial to your imminent success - tangos. And LOTS of them. Since your starting gold is pathetically limited, you will probably have to ask your teamates to pull you some extra tangos. Buy as many as you can. Tangos are exactly the same as quelling blades, except they have no cooldown whatsoever.

is it recommended for totally new players to practice timbersaw once or twice in bot games. Make sure to set the bots on passive, of course. Once you've played him in bots, there is literally no possible way you could do badly in your first public game as him.

MIDGAME - A common mistake from new players is to buy items like 'boots'. This over-rated, expensive item really has no use on such a mobile hero like Timbersaw. For 200 gold less, you can actually purchase my favourite item in this entire game - a shadow amulet. Once you have managed to buy this item you are pretty much maxed out anyway. But if the game drags on for several hours, you may consider buying another item, such as a blink dagger. For under 5000 gold, the blink dagger is really the cheapest item in the game. You can teleport anywhere you want, pretty much. In fact, always get blink dagger, regardless of your hero. However I particularly recommend this on a hero like shadow demon, because items like mek or forestaff really don't suit his carry-like play style. But that's a whole new guide.

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