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Void Spirit - Farm Till Win [In Depth] - 7.25c - [under construction]

April 10, 2020 by Rengar Rep0rt
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Items To Use [ Pos 1,2,3,4 ]

DotA2 Hero: Void Spirit

Hero Skills

Aether Remnant

2 8 9 11


5 13 14 16

Resonant Pulse

1 3 4 7

Astral Step

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Dissimilate Stuns for 2.5s
Astral Step 160% Crit
-4s Astral Step Charge Restore Time
+14% Spell Amplification
+80 Resonant Pulse Damage
Remnant Provides 475 Truesight
+15 Damage
+2.5 Mana Regen


If you want to LEARN Void Spirit, then this guide is for you.

I am currently focusing on writing the guide for Void Mid, as I feel it is the most popular position for him. Up to the item section [but not including it] is writing for all 4 positions, past that its for mid only, as all 4 roles vary vastly, and it is hard to write a guide for all 4 in one at once.

Hello All! Now, I am a straight forward guy, so im not going to draw it out to much. I am a avid player of all games moba, but I am no DOTA2 god. I dont play ranked, and I dont play much of any ranked in any moba to climb for my self. I am probably more of a league player than anything [with all 20k hours I have in it] , so do keep this in mind, but I do consider myself adept at DOTA2. Anyways, welcome to my guide on Void Spirit, and playing him in Pos 1, 2, 3, 4.

As I am not an adept at using DOTA Fire to make guides, so this will probably look fairly barebone, but I value information over flashy ****. I will update this guide as time goes on, as I plan to go in-depth on each aspect of the champ, and whatnot. Please do have patience, as it will take time for me to improve, change, and write more and more of the guide as time goes in.

I plan on making this guide a fairly in-depth one to allow even 200 hour scrubs to understand the micro / macro that you should look for when playing void, and reading everything even if your a vet will give insight into how I play void, and how I think, and might even help you. I am not planning to include a TLDR, as if I write this, I want people to read it [this might change as I write more, but its hard to encompass thousands of words, into a TLDR, and even skimming the guide, in my opinion, is better than the TLDR].

Patch: This guide is updated and written for patch 7.25c. Future patches may have little or great effect on the quality of this guide, tho if any major changes to void have been made, the guide will mention if it effects it or not / changed to match the changes.

7.25c : No major changes to the Guide, the guide in its current form is serviceable.

Info For Newb'ies - General Game Info

Dota 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena [MOBA for short] game. This means there is a but load of champs that battle it out with other butloads of champs. The best way to get better at the game is slowly playing the game, and seeing champions, and learning what they do from play. Don't forget about resources such as this one, and the Dota2 wiki that you can use to your advantage about learning more information about champions and whatnot. In this section, I am going to go over the basic roles and lanes of the game, and over some terminology that I use in the guide that might be good to know. I will also go over warding locations, and how warding works in the current patch [7.25c, if the current patch is not that, please see the Introduction section to see if the guide is updated to the patch, and the notes I have about the patch changes].

There are 5 roles in dota 2, and they are represented by numbers. When you see me say pos #, I am referring to one of the roles below:

1 - Carry [Safe]
2 - Mid [Gank or Carry ]
3 - Offlaner
4 - Roaming Support
5 - Hard Support

If you do not know what each role does, I recommend reading this guide for more information.

Pros / Cons

Pros -
- Strong Early => Mid game
- High Dive and Space Creation Factor
- Lets Pos 1 / 3 to get farm into Mid => Late game
- High Damage and Roam potential
- Easy to Pick Up
- VERY Strong level 6 allowing for high kill potential
- Can farm VERY well because of E+R in jungle and lanes

Cons -

- Is not a late-game hero
- HIGH Skill Ceiling
- Struggles Against Ranged Heros
- Lockdown KILLS
- Some Mana issues early game [resolved after first item]
- If team is bad / bad team comp, struggles to end matches
- Tempo Based Hero
- Highly versatile and playstyle changes match per match [ no single playstyle easy right choice ].


Aether Remnant - [ Q ]

This is your main lockdown ability and allows for a lot of your kill potential at 6. As the taunt allows you to use your [W] for damage if you need it in a situation, altho [W] should be saved to use for escaping and doing ability [knowing whether to save or not for a kill will come with time and expirience]. You level this skill second after your [E], as the taunt duration goes up, and the damage scales better with levels than your [W]. Your Q does have a travel and cast animation, and early on it is usually better used to secure CS [like a ranged creep if E is on CD] and it becomes a lot more impactful after you get R, tho does not necessarily need R to be useful [in the case of a gank, or a bad enemy who will fall for Q].

Your Remnant will give you vision, and the hitbox for the remnant is larger than it appears, as you can see below.

Dissimilate - [ W ]

This ability can be used in two main ways within your game. You either use this after you Q and taunt the enemy to allow for the W damage to go off while they are taunted. The other usage of W is to escape, de-aggro, and doge damage. As dissimilate takes you out of the world you can utilize this to doge abilities and damage. One thing that is possible to do with this ability is trying to finish off an enemy when you misjudged your damage and they started running. This is generally not advised as they can usually run out of the area. With time you will be able to tell if using W for damage or saving for disengage. You max this last as it is mainly used for its disengage purposes and the low damage scaling makes it inefficient to max early.

Resonant Pulse - [ E ]

This ability is your main ability. You utilize this in lane for trading, securing ranged creep, farming jg and lane, damage when engaging, and getting more defense in a fight. Once you get Agh's you get two charges and it silences the enemy it damages, meaning you can cause 2-5 people to get silenced, and this is really strong. One important thing to remember, Void Spirit is dependent on CD [cool downs] and if you try to engage without having proper CD's, you will not have the damage to finish an opponent. You max this ability second as it is your main damaging ability besides [R] and allows wave clear, burst, and survivability.

Astral Step - [ R ]

Astral Step is the reason why you have so much space creating potential. You have the ability [once you purchase your first item granting you manna regen] to farm and push lanes efficiently, and getting jungle, as a [R] + [E] combination [and later on in the game, just R] will clear a minion wave or almost fully clear a jungle camp. The fast distance clearage and slow on your R allow for you to land guaranteed Q's on the enemy, allowing your combo to be alot easier to perform. You have ALOT of kill potential at level six, so depending on your role, at level 5 it would be a good idea to try to damage the enemy and allow for an easier time going for the kill at level six. Denying ranged creeps is a large benefit to you, and you should almost always guarantee your own ranged creep, weather that we with abilities or whatnot. Once you get into a higher level of play, the enemy will recognize your kill potential at 6 [ushualy] so you should focus on roaming, and getting yourself ahead in other lanes creating space and roaming clearing JG + mid when you have the chance. Vision control is huge on void spirit, so if your Pos 4/5 is trash and not controlling mid vision, take the blow and gain it yourself [depending on gold status, as delaying certain items is to detrimental, read more in items section].


Level 10 Talents

Mana Regen [ + 3 ] VS. Damage [ +30 ]

Weaving AA into your combos will allow for greater damage output and allows you to get the extra bit of damage out to get the kill. On the other hand, mana regen allows for more sustain and spell casting. The reason why you do not go for the mana regen is that you will get a lot of mana regen from your items, and getting +30 damage will allow you to farm alot better, and gives you more space creating potential to allow for Pos 1/3 to farm. Once you finish your first item, you should not have mana issues anymore. Not to mention that with a bottle and re-filling it with bounty and power runes [every 5 and 2 minutes respectivly] will allow you to stay topped off with mana.

Level 15 Talents

+100 Resonant Pulse Damage VS. Remnant Provides 600 True Sight

The power that your [ E ] creates [wave clear, damage, mitigation, etc] is further boosted by the damage and allows for you to farm easier, and be able to dive and kill faster. The damage boost is both an efficient and feels good scaling tool that allows for more potential out of your kit. On the other hand true sight is useless, as dust costing 80 gold, and usually carried by Pos 4/5 and yourself [if needed, and if they have even one invis should be unless you can not sacrifice the item slot]. The true sight is useless and does not allow you to do your main goal in the match, which is getting strong early on to allow for your Pos 1/3 to scale into Late.

Level 20 Talents

-7 second Astral Step CD VS. 15% Spell Amp

Astral Step can allow for a lot of playmaking material, whether it is diving into the enemy team to kill the support in team fights, roaming and chasing the enemy, or just farming. The -7 second CD reduction allows you to get a 23/18/13 second recharge versus the original 30/25/20. Your [R] is your main engage, disengage, and initiation, which allows for you to make risky plays that you might need, and [R] in, attempt it, combo, [W] to doge the retaliation [if any] and then [R] back out. Getting the CD down is really important. The 15% amp is less efficient, as it does not allow for more [R]'s t be performed, and makes you less efficient in space created for the team, so we do not take it.

Level 25 Talents

Disimilate Stun VS. Astral Step 200% Crit

When you reach level 25, your [W] is almost 100% of the time being used as an escape or damage dogging ability. You should not be using it aggressively, and even though you can potentially get large group stuns with it, the action of using W aggressively will end up doing more harm than good in the end. The 200% crit on your R will allow you more space creation and late-game farming, as you will be able to clear lane waves with just an [R]. Not to mention, that once you get to the late game, you will be wanting to go on the Pos 4/5 of the enemy team [people such as rubric, disruptor, crystal maiden, etc] and kill them, as the CC and damage they provide will lock down your Pos 1/2/3. When you dive on them, you will cause the team to split, having the backline focus on you, and while you are wreaking their backline, your Pos 1/2/3 can be dealing with the Pos 3 initiator, or Melee Pos 1/2/3. This team split will allow your team to clean a 4v2/4v3, while you are doing a 1v2/1v3. You are able to do these 1v2/1v3's because of your survivability, kill potential, and escape possibility. If you are playing from behind, then depending on how weak your team is, you should play defensively, and allow your Pos 1/2/3 to farm, therefore allowing for more time to catch up with the enemy team. Your Pos 4/5 should focus on warding and getting vision so when you see an enemy who is miss playing by pushing a lane to far, or solo farming in your jungle, you can kill him and force a push in a 4v5 situation allowing for an advantage.

Skill Leveling Order

Leveling Skills

Here I am going to talk about leveling what skills at what level in the early game depending on your position. A lot of what is said here will become more natural as you learn the matchups in each position for void spirit, but I will try to explain why you level certain things the way you do.

Overall, no matter what position you are playing, your leveling priority of R>E>Q>W stays the same. The main difference in leveling paths is when you level what ability in what order in the first 1-6 levels. The main point of contention is the first two skills you level, and what level you take your [W]. As a Pos 1/2/3, you are going to be taking creeps within the wave. Because of this leveling your [E] level one is mandatory, as if you are against a ranged champion, you will need it to secure the ranged creep, and if you are against a melee champion, you will need it to secure creep and give you an edge on the early #v# fights. Your [E] gives you absorption, so it will give more advantage while fighting in creep waves and/or against physical heros.

Talking About your [E]

While your E is a mandatory skill up at level 1 on Pos 1/2/3, it is not necessarily mandatory on Pos 4. This is because you will be the roaming support, and taking your Q level one for protection from combat on you, going for early kills, roaming and getting Q's from Fog, etc, are all options you can do as a roaming support.

Talking About your [W]

The next big contention of leveling skills comes when you should level your [W]. This can vary greatly from match up to match up, but generally leveling it at 5 is the way to go, as you want your [E] to max level as fast as possible. Altho maxing [E] is important, I do sometimes take my [W] level 2 or level 3. This is something you will get a feeling for match to match, as you understand matchups, skill level, enemy team comps, etc, more, but generally, if you think that the Pos 4/5 would be roaming mid lane to you, or your enemy is high kill potential on you and has poked you hard out of lane, you would take it. Also taking it early the higher MMR your on is an option as they will try to set you back and get the enemy mid laner an advantage.

Talking About Early Skill Points

Another point of contention is distributing your points in levels 1-6 to your [Q] and your [E]. Some Void Spirit players prefer to put two points in [Q] and two points in [E]. I find this un-optimal. Both your [Q] and [E] have the same damage scaling per level [50 damage]. Meaning that your [Q] scales at 90/140/190/210 and your [E] scales at 70/120/170/220. Leveling your [E] over your [Q] or vise versa damage-wise does not matter, so we look at the other stats that each skill gives. Leveling your [Q] will give you more taunt time, increasing by 0.2 seconds, and starting at 1.2 seconds, and ending at 1.8. While leveling your [E] gives you AoE damage, allowing you to clear and push waves, better gankability, and importantly, gives you more absorption on your shield. This gives you good amounts of survivability [even though it is physical damage, it is good against even a magic hero, as it will protect you from tower shots, and minion damage which will allow you to dive an enemy in a tower or in a wave easier]. Because of the fact you get better stats from leveling your [E] over your [Q], as your [E] will give you more survivability, allowing you to do your main goal of space making and diving earlier with ganks and early kills. Therefore I recommend taking [E] over [Q] in the first 1-6 [meaning 3 points in [E], one point in [Q]and one points in [W] at level 5, and one point in [R] at level 6.

That is more or less it for the leveling order and disparities that you should have in the early 1-6 leveling. After 1-6, you prioritize your skills in R>E>Q>W.

Skill Combinations

There can be a lot of different combinations that you can do in a match, and as you progress and get better you will understand what to use when, and become more adaptable.

Early Levels:

In the early Levels, you do not want to be worrying about trading, and should focus on getting to 6, as your 6 is a huge power spike, and at 6, there are very little heros that cna match you in a lv5 vs, lv6, or even a lv6 vs. lv 6 fight. Do note that this will change whether you are in a duo or solo lane, and you have to take enemy skill, duo skill, wards, runes, etc, into consideration when fighting.

You should focus on using [E] and [Q] to farm + poak, and trade damage with the enemy to the best of your ability. You do not have the best fight potential even in a melee fight, but depending on skill, and your gut sense, you can fight before 6 [in a solo, as a duo, its based on enemy mistakes, and power spikes in level of your duo]. If forced into a fight, the best thing is to just walk to high ground, or if you are determined to trade:

=> AA if possible, if not , AA until you feel the need to back off. Use skills off CD when needed.

Post 6 => Early/Mid Game Play

Once you get your level 6, you have ALOT more space creating potential, and therefore kill potential. You want to be able to kill your lane opponents and then roam to stack camps, clear camps, clear unpushed lanes, kill unsuspecting enemy side laner's, and overall just make the space that your Pos 1/2/3 need to farm and get items so they can carry you late.

As your post six, you have that nice mobility, and can dive in and out [CC allowable, use your head, not your tilt] getting kills on enemy side laners, and in the rare team fight at this point in the game, the backline supports to that you split up the team as I talked about above.

You are going to wish to initiate with making sure that you hit the enemy with it, as the slow will allow you to guarantee a . From this point, you can use a if you feel that you do not need the escape and are sure of kill [use your head on whether to use it or not, have vision on side lanes, look at minimap and see if Pos 4/5 or others have been missing from lanes for a decent amount of time]. From there you use your for the damage and shield. Do note that any time you are not casting an ability, you should be AA'ing them, as your main source of damage past your burst from skills, is the AA's. They allow you to get the last bit of damage that you need to secure kills and can add up to a lot of damage over the course of a fight. At this point, you would continue to AA them down to death. You should still have a second charge of , but this is where it depends hevily on the HP of the person you are fighting, the situation you are killing them in [in the jungle, under tower, in wave, etc]. You can continue with AA's [ AA range permiting] and use to catch up to them and slow them. But saving you is good as it allows you to get other skills off of CD, and gives you a chance to escape assuming that the enemy team come to help the person/s you are clapping. Another thing to note is if you are in a duo lane, or if it is a gank in your favor. In these situations, you have to know if the ganker / lane parter that is fighting with you has CC, what damage output they can do, where the gold is most effective on [its 99% of the time you, as you need the early gold to snowball and make the space you want for your team].

As you gain more talents and levels, your combo will continue to be a variation of [R] engage, using [Q] or [E] [based on if you think you need the [Q] for the chase, but do keep in mind, it does have a hefty animation and fly time, so using it after [R] allows almost 100% hit chance if you can aim, as they are slowed off of [R]]. And then bashing on them with AA's and using abilities on CD with items.

Mid, and Mid => Late game Play

As you progress into the late game, your role transitions from being the early game carry, and making lane space, and forcing the enemy back to allow your Pos 1/2/3 to farm, into a diving space carry which makes space in team fights [this does not mean you should not make sure to punish mispositioned players, and pushing + stacking camps, this just means that when you team fight, you focus on the Pos 4/5, to allow your Pos 1/2/3 to fight the front line, and you first in the 1v1/1v2 as mentioned before, effectively splitting the enemy team and giving the carry's the space they need].

The combo that you would use would utilize your items that you have at this point in the match. If you're into a cc heavy team, build a bkb second item, and force them to be unable to cc you down. Delaying Eul's and getting bkb can be the difference between a good dive, and you inting. You will have to notice some things such as "hey, they have a CM, axe, and disruptor" and then build a bkb, or see that "hey, they have a tide hunter, but the pos 4/5 are trolling and went mirrana and riki, so the cc is none existent, and I can punish the side lanes / fight early with my side lane partner [depending on your role].

At this point, you would let the initiators initiate [ if you are the pos 3, or the supports cant initiate, you are going to have to do this, or catch the enemy team out as a group / let them initiate on you] and then go into the backline, use your orchid to silence the most important backliner [CM, disruptor, whoever] and focus them down with the orchid damage to finish it up, and depending on the fight, you would [R] out, or switch targets on another backliner. Assuming you do have euls / bkb, and used them appropriately [remember euls is a basic dispel, so if you get a pesky root, or are in a bad spot without w cooldown and need a few seconds for CD's, euls yourself] you would continue to split the enemy team, or regroup with your team to finish off whoever is in the 4v3 / 4v4 allowing you to clean the fight. Your impact on a fight when you take out the CC/backline can be huge. Do not forget that you can Eul's or orchid a strong carry, for example, Eul'sing a blademail pos 3, or Orchiding a Storm Spirit. You have to recognize who needs what items, and who you focus on, as your base damage without actives can usually burst through squishy supports.

Items - Starting and Early Game Items

Starting Items :

I will be focusing on Void Mid for everything below here, as it will take a lot of time to explain all the items for non-mid void as begining items have great variance at each role.

The starting itemization is heavily based on what you prefer to run, your team composition, the skill level of your team and the enemy team, how confident you are with void, what position you are playing, etc. As there are a huge variety of items and builds you can go, and it is heavily dependent on the player, I can not be listing a single best item start. In general, I include some of my recommended builds for each pos below:

Items - Mid Game Core Items

Mid Game Core Items :

Items - Mid Game Situational Items

Mid Game Situational Items - Vary Heavily on Position :

Items - Mid => Late Game 5/6th Slot

Mid into Late game Items [5th and 6th Slot]:

Items - Neutral Items

Them Neutral Items :

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