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Void Road to Rampage

October 18, 2015 by Emad Zamout
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Carry from mid game

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 8 9 10

Time Dilation

4 12 13 14

Time Lock

2 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Void Road to Rampage

Emad Zamout
October 18, 2015


This is modifications and fixes to my first guide. This guide is for people with at least some experience in void. However, for the newbies, ill give the intro on void

Void is a hard carry which means, is item dependent. Ill cut the chase and say Void is not a good hero in fighting early game and shouldn't be played to fight in early game, however this build makes it happen. Regardless of this build, always keep in mind this fact : you'r playing against pro's and you can't get any kills and you died 2 times straight
In this case, go jungle and stop fighting immediately. You'r team should hold them back until you'r able to carry. This does NOT mean sit in jungle until the clock hits 40, it means if you have no chorno, your in jungle. and when your chrono is ready, go join the fight and fight if it is safe. If you managed to throw a chrono, you'r team can use it to kill the people disabled inside it. If you were inside the chorno and you feel you'r not doing much, then most likely after the chorno is over all heros who are in it will kill you so just chrono and run let your team use it.

Void's Skill

Time Walk is an ability that let's Void travel a specific distance. The maximum distance starts off 700 and adds 200 per level to a maximum of 1300 when the skill is maxed. Another important thing to know about this ability is, if you jump over an enemy, it will be slowed starting at 20% in the first level, up to 50% at the max level.

Backtrack is a passive ability that starts of with the probability of 10% and when maxed is 25% is the chance you have to dodging any attack. The main difference between this and evasion is that backtrack cannot be penetrated.

Time lock is a very important passive skill. starting at 10% up to 25% is the probability you have to stun an enemy for 1 second and add's extra damage starting at 40 and when maxed 70. Note this doubles in a chrono which is why it's important to max out first.

Chrono is Void's ultimate which when cast has 425 radius and anyone locked up inside it will be disabled for 4 seconds and when the skill is maxed it will be 5 seconds. You can upgrade it with a scepter


The item's I listed are in numbers rather than names and the reason is I want to make an order of what you should buy and you should only consider with in each set the order of items you buy.

First start the game with a quelling blade, stout shield and tango's. Not much to explain here this is really important and don't skip it. Always get quelling blade first, at some point you will buy a battlefury so buy it early and use it's benefits. It will help you last hit creeps greatly

as soon as the game starts, upgrade your stout shield to a poor man shield. It will cost you 300 gold and give you 6 agility which means you will have 6 damage, 6 attack speed. Once you have this, if you are up against someone who's abusing his abilities, then buy a magic wand. Magic wand is really important, first, it costs 465 which gives you +4 to all abilities but most important is 4 agility which gives you 4 damage and 4 attack speed and one thing to add, if you were to give me 1$ for every time I was saved by magic wand I would be rich now...

I always recommend phase boots first, however, if you are being harassed allot get morbid mask first to use the life steal. The life steal won't be great at start, especially with your attack speed, but if played smart you won't need to buy any healing items

once you have phase boots and mask, get Ring of Aquila. It is very important to get this asap for the following reasons: it costs 985 and gives 9 agility and 9 damage. If you do the math that's 18 damage and 9 attack speed and very importantly, it will solve your mana problem only at early game. Don't abuse your time walk, and this should regenerates enough mana to keep you away from going back to base.

Now note, if you are running out of space, at this stage you should put the quelling blade in a courier or your stash, I don't recommend this but I sell it and rebuy later on

Once you have all the items in #02, get malestrom asap. Sell your poor man's sheild to make room. This is very important, it gives 24 damage and 25 attack speed which will help ALLOT and most importantly 25% of your hits you have a chance of releasing a lighting bolt damaging 4 targets each 120 so this is a no skip item

Once you get the malestorm, sell your magic wand and get battlefury asap. I cannot emphasize the importance of this, you can will farm way way way faster and it solves your mana problem and it will allow you to damage multiple targets in a chrono, and remember, with a malestorm this is a deadly combo

Get deadlus right after, you need the crit hits to get kills in the chrono. After deadlus upgrade to Mjollnir

basically with deadlus, mjollnir and battle fury, you have cleavage, light bolts and crit hits rarely anyone will survive after your chrono

If for some reason your in extreme late game and you got some extra money, buy and consume moon shard, sell your mash and buy satanic. Once you get that moon shard, you'r attack speed is really fast that you won't need the mask, you need the life steal.

Never buy a BKB, only buy it when your in an EXTREME SITUTATIONAL game which I still say no to, but anyways buy it to help you chrono safe and not worry against disablers. BKB will give you 5 seconds of magic immunity after you use it for 5 times, which matches your chorno's 5 seconds period so you guarantee a safe chrono


Start buy getting time walk first at level 1.
This is very important, almost all the kills I get early game are due to time walk. Not just kills, almost every game I play, time walk saves me ATLEAST once in start of the game

Once you have level 1, aim to max time lock asap. Remember, the main goal to this build is the ultimate damage to give you the early kill. Nothing beats this, at level 6 when you have you'r chrono, you should be level 3 which means you have 20% chance to damage 60 and stun an enemy and most importantly it doubles in a chrono. At early game, 120 damage is almost atleast 10% health of all heros.

1 level of backtrack at level 4 should be good enough until you have time lock and time walk maxed out

How to play Void

Okay the main goal here is to be offensive and attack rather than farm. The item's listed above especially at early game will give a huge burst of damage. So when your in top or bot, and your last hitting, always attack any hero that comes near the creeps. don't time walk, just walk and attack. time walk should be used only when the enemy is running away and you can gurantee a kill.

ALWAYS DENY CREEPS !!! not just deny, KILL YOUR OWN CREEPS ASAP. This is really important, don't push at start. keep the fighting flow of creeps near your towers the benefits to this is you can safe easier, if enemies are abusing their abilities you don't have much distance to run back. Second reason is it gives you a higher chance to kill since if you inflect enough damage to your enemy, he has a longer distance to run, which you could use your time walk to catch him before they get to their towers

So heroes the basic idea, attack when ever get's near the creeps, and denying creeps. This build is structured for this so if you'r not going to do that, find another build.

Once you get the towers destroyed, go jungle and don't stop. One a team fight breaks beside you jump into it. otherwise keep farming dont stop. If your going through jungle clear it out before you leave it. Always do this

Can't really say much, you need to try it out! Please do and let me know how it went

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