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Visage, The Soulkeeper

August 15, 2014 by Spacecat
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Visage, The Soulkeeper

August 15, 2014


Visage is a semi-carry or semi-support depending on how you want to play him who can secure a kill from an escaper with massive damage based on soul charges and summon some friends to dominate the pushing game. Visage is a dire intel hero who steals movement speed for a breif period,and deals tons of dmg with full charges.


Grave Chill:1,4,8,10.

Soul Assumption:2,3,5,7.

Gravekeeper's Cloak:9,12,13,14

Summon Familiars:6,11,16


Starting Build:
Tango,Clarity,Clarity,Healing Salve,Iron Branch,Iron Branch,Circlet.(Total Cost:625)
Early Build:
Boots of Speed,Bottle,Magic Wand.(Total Cost:1,600)
Main Game:
Aghanim's Scepter,Power Treads,Tp scroll,Vladmir's Aura.(Total Cost:7335)
Situational/Luxury Build:
Blink Dagger, Soul Booster, BKB, Manta Style.(Total Cost:18,575)

Team Work

In a team fight and that last victim just about to get away, Visage is the hero for u. Even with a third health left Soul Assumption will take them out at full charge. He is also an unbelievable pusher, and therefore good be a great addition to your team in cap mode.

Pros / Cons

Great Pusher.
Killing familiars give lots of farm.
When dead, Visage can still help out his team because familiars dont die when he does.
Does not have an escape mechanism.

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