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Viper the most damage possible

January 29, 2013 by englishjakes
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Viper dps mode

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Hero Skills

Poison Attack

1 4 5 10


2 7 8 9

Corrosive Skin

3 12 13 14

Viper Strike

6 11 16


15 17 18

Viper the most damage possible

January 29, 2013


Viper is my favorite dota character mainly because i think hes so easy to play. now it takes quite alot of skill/experience to play my build. ive told some of my friends how i play him and they all insist i do it wrong so try it out if you dont like it there is a "proper" viper build, as my friends always say, by vlladonx on this web site and here is the URL:


i get a wraith band and some tangos 1st

after that you will want boots or if your doing well enough go strait for the shadow blade i like the tranquil boot for several reasons:
- 1st of all there cheap and you can get on with the dmg items
- 2nd they have an active heal which is very useful early game due to the fact i dont get tank items
-3rd theyre the 2nd fastest boots which is good for trailing

next you prolly want to get the ring of aquilla its so cheap to upgrade and it will stop your mana from evaporating while setting poison attack to auto.(some times i get a 2nd one after shadow blade because my build is attack speed sometimes 1 isnt enough erly game).

after boots comes shadow blade if you havent got it already this is the best item for Viper imo i dont die much because of this item.

now comes the real damage, because vipers poison attack is probly the most amazing unique attack modifier i get mjollnir because they stack, this item is amazing for viper and i cant believe no one else really uses it.(also good for clinkz).

next or even while mjollnir is still maelstrom i get vlads, vlads + mjollnir allows you to destroy any one 1v1 espcially if you get the jump on them.

now last but not lest i get a butterfly this will give you dodge and make your attack speed ridiculous. now if your game lasts a long time you may want to replace aquilla with another butterfly doing this will make you attack somewhere in the region of 3 attacks per second.

beginning game

this is so simple its not even funny so what i do is usually go bot if im not needed mid. then spam poison attack use it as a poke on cd the other team will be forced to hug the tower if they want to survive.

while poking them focus on last hitting creeps and try not to push if done successfully they will lose alot of experience or you may even get multiple kills before lvl 6.

now if you follow my skill order you will have poison attack lvl 3 at lvl 5, now even tho it maybe tempting to just kill someone just wait 1 lvl for your ulty and its a garranteed kill. poison attack lvl 3 can be set to auto and it will proc every attack so use your ulty then poison attack until dead.

note if at all possible take a lane with someone who is or is likely to get the boots of mana if they do this will allow you to hold off buying the ring of aquilla.

be wary of enemies with lots of range such as keeper of the light if you dont play smart you can die fairly easily to these chars.

mid game

usually at lvl 7 i have 2-3 kills under my belt and 1000 gold worth of creep farm. for this reason i can usually get the shadow blade before upgrading my boots, if you can pull this off you will then probably be able to get 4-5 kills before the enemy can ward effectively against shadow blade and when they do switch lanes.

as for how i use the shadow blade for survival, at this point i can usually kill 1 person even if im against 2 people and then i use they shadow blade to avoid dying this is they key to playing my build, if you die alot with viper you wont be able to afford the extremely expensive build i use. if you have problems dying mid game my build is probly not right for you. check out the other build i quoted its what i used to use.

if you have shadow blade, boots, and ring of aquilla then start with mjollnir.

note i tend to force they enemy team to start ganking early if this happens, start ganking back if you can team with someone who can actively stun this would be ideal. while ganking i dont mind initiating as long as shadow blades cd is ready. so what you want to do is initiate wait till your at like 3/4 health use your invis wait for everyone to switch targets and then start dpsing again. try not to start team fights because my build is squish and if a team fight or gank start on you use shadow blades invis asap.

late game

now this is were it gets fun after you get your lvl 3 ulty u should just be finishing up mjollnir. mjollnir gives viper the only thing he is missing a multi-target proc that coupled with the huge amount of attack speed well u gotta try it even if this is the only item u ever try with viper.

now for me if i can i try to go strait for the butteryfly but since vlads is cheaper than even an eaglehorn vlads usually becomes my next item. with mjollnir and shadow blade your attack speed will be quite ridiculous vlads will be more than enough to keep u alive. this is where i usually win the game but if you have time replace the ring of aquilla with 2 butterflys i only managed to do this once because the amount of gold required is insane, if you do pull it off its just nuts you have 70% chance to dodge and 3-4 attack per second not to mention the vlads you got erlier. no one can kill you unless they can burst all 2k of your health and i downed a 6k health tide hunter in 4-5 seconds.

Pros / Cons

- most damage ive ever seen
- can get away fairly easily with shadow blade
- extremely satisfying to kill a full build tank in less than 6 seconds

- requires alot of skill mid game
- very squishy until getting vlads and mjollnir (vlads without mjollnir isnt that great)


to summarize:
- spam poison attack as a spell until lvl 6
- get shadow blade early
- dont die mid game


once again my build is really for fun and not for serious matches its hard to pull off but soooooo worth it if you can. if you want a build thats not quite so intense the build i referred to in the intro.

p.s. with this build i dont always win because its kinda squishy i wouldnt call it a carry build but when i do lose i lose with like 45/5 K/D ratio so i have fun even if my team gets owned. also because your attack speed is so high people will accuse you of KSing alot.

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