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Viper: The Guide to Carrie Mid.... OP

March 7, 2012 by Statiko
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Super Carry

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Hero Skills

Poison Attack

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Corrosive Skin

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Viper Strike

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Viper: The Guide to Carrie Mid.... OP

March 7, 2012

How to truly Carry with Viper!

How to Start You're Middle Lane Game:

First off, Viper is a middle lane Carry, he can also do good top or bottom lane but i would recommend Middle, and if you ever choose to top or bottom, i suggest laning with someone that has a decent Stun to initiate each attack or a strong CC Champ to start you're assaults and make them pay for even the slightest push/overextend.

But i will be focusing more on Middle Lane where i believe he is best at.

At the start of the game i always Check to see if the Buff started right above me, and get ready to snag it, and based off what the buff is, i go for a nasty early hit to start off the harass or sometimes a early Kill...

So at start with Buff or no Buff I start quickly harassing with Poison Attack of coarse, and try to keep them away from taking or denying creep as much as i can, now what i see most Vipers fail at is focusing on to much harass ignoring last hitting and Denying, and getting themselves to the point that they have zero mana and all they can do is auto attack, I personally want all the last hits and good amount of denies and most of all I WANT THAT FIRST BLOOD!

So i Poison Attack and keep there Health and my Mana at about 30% and level up my Nethertoxen x2 as fast as i can, and at level 3 i do my "Full Dive" to get me that juicy "First Blood"

What you don't want to do is Harass to the point where u just used up all you're mana and there now just using there "Tangos" and "Healing Salve" and playing very Passive, and making it much harder to land that (Extra Gold First Blood). Most players underestimate the low health damage of "Viper" for after leveling Nethertoxen x2 early game, they don't realize the damage output you can give and they feel as if its a fair fight if you are both at the same health. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.....

Worst Case Scenario: They know Viper well and they know the damage u can take with most their health missing, and with the Mana u have left, so they stay far back enough where they are safe, But now you have control over you're lane.

Or Second Case Scenario: They underestimated you and have taken to much damage with you're harass and you either got First Blood or they are forced to go back to heal... And if they do go play safe and go back to base. Take Advantage Of It! And quick push you're lane to tower, and See if u can get a Buff in River and you're First Blood from a overextended Top or Bottom....

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