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Viper Aghs Lab

July 26, 2020 by Guest
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Viper Aghs Lab 2

DotA2 Hero: Viper

Hero Skills

Poison Attack

11 13 14 16


1 3 5 7

Corrosive Skin

2 4 8 9

Viper Strike

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2x Corrosive Skin Slow and Resistance
-11s Nethertoxin Cooldown
+70 Damage
+80 Viper Strike DPS
+300 Health
+100 Attack Range
8% Spell Lifesteal
+20 Attack Speed

Viper Aghs Lab

July 26, 2020


Boots -> Arcane Boots -> Wind lace -> Ring of Basilius -> (Disassemble Arcane boots) Octarine -> Eul's -> Veil of discord -> Kaya -> Yasha -> Boots of Travel -> Boots of Travel 2 -> Heart

Boots - Viper is not a fast hero. He has a base movement of 275, so he will lag behind in most parties as the slowest hero. You mainly win this by not taking damage, so boots are your first buy.

Arcane Boots - You are mana hungry. Grab manaboots for now to keep your mana up.

Windlace - Again, you're slow, this helps keep you up with the rest of the team.

Ring of Basilius - This helps with team wide mana regen and will be converted to a veil later.

Octarine - Gives you literally everything you need. Cooldown reduction, Leech for your spells, and more HP/Mana

Eul's - I can't oversell how useful this item is. Going to take damage? Eul's yourself. Ally going to take damage? Eul's the enemy. The lab is about survival. This is the ultimate survival item. It can be used for so many different things, the biggest of which comes when you are fighting Aghanim himself. If you use this at the end of the spell steal cast, you will not have any of your spells stolen. This is needed because you don't have an easy time breaking the crystals yourself.

Veil - All of your damage comes from spells. I rarely found myself even attacking. This buff your entire teams magic damage by 18%.

Kaya and Yasha - You have octarine so this amps your leech giving you more healing. You need mana regen so this amps that too. Remember what I said about survival being the most important thing in the lab? This + BoT 2 + 30 movespeed talent + 8% movespeed from the meta talent tree gives you 550 movement speed. plenty to run away from the fire lasers and then some.

Boots of Travel 2 - +130 movespeed. Allows you to get 550 as discussed above.

Heart - Gives 1200 HP and a lot of regen for those times where you can't leech and your ult is on cooldown.


Poison Attack - Use when you can afford the mana and need the magic resistance reduction. Not super useful. We max this skill last.

Nether Toxin - Our early/mid game bread and butter. Deals stacking damage, can be used to simplify a lot of encounters, and provides break which is extremely useful for some encounters. For example, specters will not reflect while they are applied with break. This makes that encounter a lot easier. We max this first.

Corrosive Skin - Slows the attack of enemies who attack you, provides magic resistance, and more spell damage to passively leech from. If you can get the Corrosive skin applies to nearby allies talent this becomes an amazing buff for your entire team.

Viper Strike - The entire build revolves around this skill. We hope to make it both a damage and healing skill on as low of cooldown as possible with the highest duration possible. This becomes an AoE skill eventually which makes it amazing.

Skill Build

1 - Nether Toxin

2 - Corrosive Skin

3 - Nether Toxin

4 - Corrosive skin

5 - Nether Toxin

6- Viper Strike

7 - Nether Toxin

8/9 - Corrosive Skin x2

10 - 6% spell lifesteal

11 - Poison Attack

12 - Viper Strike

13/14 - Poison attack x2

15 - +5 Corrosive Skin Stats

16 - Poison Attack

18 - Viper Strike

20 - +80 Viper Strike DPS

25 - +30 Movement Speed.


Legendary Shards

This entire build is built upon the legendary shard Contamination. This makes Viper's ult a duration ability that launches his ult to a new target within range every .4 seconds for the duration of his ultimate.

Combine that with Antitoxin which allows Viper Strike to target allies causing it to heal them for the damage and buffing their movement speed by the slow and you have a potent team wide buff that also does a lot of damage to everything.

So here is a kind of rankging for which Legendary you should pick.

Must Pick - Contamination - Antitoxin

Great Picks - Shedding Skin - Fly into a rage - Lingering Miasma - Nethertoxin Charges

Meh - Snake Bite - Everything Else

Don't - Channeled Viper Strike

Common Shards

There are too many individual ones to list here, but the priority is pretty simple.

Viper Strike Cool Down > Viper Strike Duration > Viper Strike Damage > Nethertoxin Duration = Nethertoxin AoE > Corrosive Skin Magic Resist = Corrosive Skin Attack Speed Slow > You pick.

Play Style

Basically your play style for this build will be to walk around dodging attacks, hitting your ultimate on cooldown to buff your party and kill everything around you, dropping nethertoxins whenever you can for their AoE, break, and leech. Use your Eul's to escape danger if you are about to take damage, and above all else, survive. A dead person can't do damage.

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