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Very Netski PA (For the noobs)

December 10, 2013 by Netski
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Cutting the Cheese

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order


3 minute goal

Core Boots 1

Optional Boots

What you should look like by 6 minutes

Key Items



Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 4 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 8 9 10


3 12 13 14 15

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


17 18

Congratulations! You want to burst them down!

Phantom Assassin is one of the most devastating carries in Dota. With very high crit damage with her ultimate, great chase potential, good escape, and very pesky evasion, she can become the gem stone of your team.

Starting Items and skill

Nothing unusual with this grab. Stout shield will allow you to tank creep waves a bit better with its block. Start out with three branches and a salve. Tangos are the other option obviously. For your first skill, invest it on your Dagger. It has a low mana cost and it will be beneficial for last hitting, harassing, and chasing for the first blood oportunity.


As a PA, you would prefer going for the safe lane. That is the bottom lane for Radiance, and the Top lane for Dire. Try to delay your first creep wave as best as you can. Last hit the creeps with your dagger if you feel unsafe being too close to the enemy heroes. Early laning will have a sequence of last hitting and denying. Amass enough gold to purchase your poorman's shield in the side shop to have a damage advantage as well as a defensive advantage. Finish your wand and purchase boots at the side shop. Tip for newbies that can help: Purchase your magic stick, part of the magic wand recipe, at the side shop as well. In the early game, don't be afraid to upgrade the courrier for the team. If you notice it hasn't been upgraded for a long time, be a team player and upgrade for the team. If you find yourself getting caought often and getting unwanted damage from the enemy laners, use salve when you are at your tower with 45% health left your lane partner is your insurance because you can blink to him.


Most guides will tell you to purchase phase boots because of the damage and chase potential. Boots are for your personal preference. Personally, I prefer Power Threads because of the bonus stats they give. There is a difference between 1k health and 900 health.

Six minutes onward

By this time, you would have wanted to have gotten started with your battle fury. With your ultimate, you are more capable of fighting the enemy. With the perserverance, you are, by all means, battle ready, Your aim is to roam often and look for ganking oportunities. If you aren't ganking, try to farm the creep waves and the jungle to finish your Battle Fury. Once your BF is set, you can join the five man push. Your team will handle the CC while your job is to right click everything. WARNING: As the carry, the enemy will try to focus you down. Never get caught out of position! Try to aim for your life steal item as soon as battle fury is complete.


Most builds say a BKB is a must have on PA. It's a logical buy if the enemy has plenty of Magic Damage. Keep in mind that the charges on the BKB get shorter with every use. Use it wisely. Asault cuirass is also put into situational because of the armor gain and the armor gain which may not be needed if the enemy team does not do enough physical damage. Keep in mind, that these two items are put under situational because if you are at an advantage, it is better to grab more damage rather defensive items.

Late Game Outlook and Rosh

It is fianlly the late game. Your choices are wider when it comes to PA. If you want more attack speed, a MKB is a good buy. The mini-bash, can secure you kills. A heart is a good buy if you want to stay in fights longer. If you want more stats, an Eye of Skadi is a very good pick. The stats gain and slow can be pesky. Personally, I love buying Skadi on PA. If you want to go in balls deep, then get the Divine Rapier, but ensure you will not lose it if you die by taking Aegis and/or cheese. Just have as much presence in late game as you can possibly give.


In conclusion, PA is one of the most devastating carries in this game. Pros of PA are the high damage burst, the chase potential, and the escape with evasion. However, PA can be easily shut down early game if laning is a failure.

Anyway, thankyou for choosing my first guide to build your PA. please leave a like if you loved it and it works. Leave some feedback in the comments, but please be nice :3. Keep in mind this build is intended for starting DoTA 2 players and this is my first guide.

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