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Very Fast Guide - Alt Tab

October 1, 2012 by Gordhe
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Like a Pro!

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Demon

Hero Skills

Menace (Innate)


1 12 13 14


4 5 9 10

Shadow Poison

2 3 7 8

Demonic Purge

6 11 16


15 17 18

Very Fast Guide - Alt Tab

October 1, 2012


For starters, you have to be the best creeping at first because you will need a lot of money, but after you get the Dagon, enemy heroes will your creep! lol

Skills and Co-Co-Co Combo braker!

Well, first of all I want to explain the proper use of your skills because it will depend on what level do the 1st blood, you should keep in mind that you have in your hands the power of a hero with high possibility of the first blood but it will depend on your security, how to use your skills and better if you have a companion to someone who can help with a stun or a small nuke.
Okay, let's explain:

Disruption (Dis):
this is your initial skill, since in some cases, there are players who try to force the first blood by a frontal attack against the weakest hero in this case could be you.
this is a good skill for defense and attack as it can brake any combo and also give you time to escape, avoid any projectile or if your friend has been stunned, you can use it on him to help him escape (this only if use it as close to receiving the stun).
one of the main uses for this ability is that you use it to trap your opponent and then use Soul Catcher on him

Shadow Poison (SP):
this is your most annoying skill to your enemies, because with it you will start to hurt your opponents, we recommend you start using that when thou hast raised to the second level to make a reasonable damage.
how beautiful is this ability that has a very long cast range and also be combined!
provided that the use is that the shot go through the creeps and obviously hit your weakest hero.
tries to fill this many times with your opponents but never let your mana down less than half as you will need to finish your combo.

Soul Catcher (SC):
there is not much to say. This is your ability parapotencializar most of your skills, it can sometimes be a bit hard to use for a beginner but all I have used it several times a hero, we know we must wait until your opponent is a little apart from the creeps to apply smoothly.
This skill is hard to use without using disruptor on your goal because otherwise they'll escape.

Demonic Purge (DP):
this will be your "freezing" ability as do half damage but best of all is that alentar¡s your enemy, to hit everything you can and finish your combo, also a good skill to start an attack if you're with someone who can do a lot of damage and leave you served your purpose.
its 200, 300 and 400 damage is amplified by the SC so do not think that is a poor damage.

the combo:
first tries to fill the enemy with all the SP you can
the second step is to use your over him disruption followed by your SC to amplify your damage, if you did it correctly, you also have time to use SP again and after that, when available attack, use your DP about it. and again using SP.

This combo is great because you can attack him several times that he can not attack you or the creeps attack you because you're not directly attacking your enemy, just using your powers on it. Your partner may also begin to attack to increase the damage of your combo.

Plus: Once you have your Dagon, just add it after using the SC to increase your damage destrutivo

By following these steps, you can easily get a kill.

Note: when you start to attack, use a tango on you even if you are not taking damage, that will help you survive a little longer in the battle if someone dares to fight back or if the enemy creeps attack you.

Latest points

No need to explain it a hero very susceptible to change. because according to your needs as you build it is.

This is a little life hero, that you should not hurtling into battle.
always expect to be accompanied by someone else to make an attack safer and with better results.

apologize for this simple guide, in my opinion, I can't teach you how to play step by step with each hero as this will lose the essence of each player.
I think you just have to know the order skills, and items initials, the rest is up to you, because there is not an equal game to another and are always subject to change.

Later I will add more details to this guide on how or when to use certain items and how to combine them with your skills.

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