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Versatile Phoenix

September 2, 2017 by Loveta
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Supporting Fire Bird

DotA2 Hero: Phoenix

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Animal Courier
Observer Ward

Early Game

Flying Courier
Tranquil Boots
Urn of Shadows

Core Items

Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque
Sentry Ward
Observer Ward


Aghanim's Scepter
Force Staff
Glimmer Cape
Orchid Malevolence

Hero Skills

Icarus Dive

2 12 13 14

Fire Spirits

1 3 5 7

Sun Ray

4 8 9 11




10 15

Hero Talents

+1.5% Max Health Sun Ray Damage
+3 Supernova Hit Count
Sun Ray During Supernova
+1100 Icarus Dive
+400 Health
+25 Fire Spirits DPS
+6% Spell Amplification
+14% Icarus Dive Slow

Versatile Phoenix

September 2, 2017

How to play

Phoenix is a hero that takes time to learn. You start with zero armour so you must keep in mind you will be easy to kill early on. Also remember that all of your abilities (save your untie) use up some of your health. With this build you will slow your enemies' attacks and heal up your allies white speeding up their attacks.


The Icarus Dive will be used as an escape option in the early levels. You can also do some safer harass in the lanes with this ability. Bare in mind that you can be stunned during the dive, causing the dive to end. Remember that you can also stop mid-dive by activating the dive ability again. The dive can be used in combo with all of your other abilities.

Fire Spirits can seriously get you and your team out of trouble when being ganked, or give your team an edge in team fights. At level 4 they give a 140 attack slow which is a significant effect in a team fight. They also give brief vision of where they land after being launched. Remember that they don't stack so don't launch them all at once at the same hero. It's good to pace yourself. A good way to harass early on is to dive at your opponents with your fire spirits active. Once you are next to the enemy heroes launch a fire spirit or two to have a guaranteed hit. Fire Spirits can also be launched right before you ult to give yourself a bit more safety.

Sun Ray is a great ability, and you could max it before the fire spirits if the game requires. This thing deals pure damage to enemies and also heals your allies at the same time. It also deals extra damage based on how much health you have, so items like Heart of Tarasque are amazing if you can get them. When Sun Ray is active you can move at a set speed of 200. You also have flying, so if you need an escape and you don't have the dive ready, you can sun ray up a cliff to safety.

Supernova is a risk to use if not with teammates. If facing multiple heroes, do not use this ability if alone. You are easily taken out if they all attack. This ability should be used during team fights only. After the six second duration of the egg, you break out with full health and mana. Your abilities will be ready to use (except for your ultie :D).

What to do in team fights

Phoenix is a great initiator. You can dive in, launch the Fire Spirits then throw out the Supernova as your team mates swoop in after you to take out the enemy team who now have move and attack slowed. Once out of the egg you can slow the attack again then sun ray your team if they need it.

If you do not initiate you can Sunray from the back to keep your team healthy. You can also launch your fire spirits from the back to slow the enemies attack. If they retreat you can slow them down with your Icarus dive for your team to finish off.

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