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Venomancer - The Durable Team Fighter

August 19, 2012 by riOrizOr
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Team Fighter & Ganker & Tanker

DotA2 Hero: Venomancer

Hero Skills

Venomous Gale

1 3 5 7

Poison Sting

2 4 8 9

Plague Ward

Noxious Plague



10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Build Explanation

Well its pretty simple. This Build is for the end game. A dota match is most of the time over 30-40 minutes and these plague wards are useless then. 4 points spend on something what has a low cooldown..yeah its low but it still has a coodlown and come on :) we all know a plague ward will not kill anything anymore in late game sicne the heros are just to good equipped.
So... Max at very first your gale and the you posion sting, your ultimate you get on every level the rest of your points you put into stats. it helps you a lot more in end game, you will get more helath more armor more mana... You can take really tons of hits without dying. And more alife means you can deal more damage, you got more time to posion your enemies.

Items Overview and Explanation

First of all you get a Courier to help the team out at the start. Then you buy 1x(3)tango for your regeneration. If thers another support skip the courier and go straigt for the Ring of Basilius. The Ring is good because it increase your armor and adds exatra mana regeneration.
Your Power Treads you can get at also the side shop. You buy normal boots first and finish then with Belt of Strength and Gloves of Haste. I recommend the turn the Boots into intelligence boots ONLY for the beginning, because you are not able to pull off you ulti and gale at level 6. With intelligence boots you can do it. You switch to Strenght boots if you got enough mana to pull off both of your skills, Gale and Posion Nova.The extra Strenght will give you more survive ability.
If you finished your boots you start your vanguard with a stout shield and then a ring of health, few minutes later and after (maybe ganks) you are probably able to finish your vanguard. Vanguard is very uncommon for Venomancer but ive played this build now so many times theres nothing better than that. The Vanguard helps so many times. You can way better initiate (place your posion nova), also better chase (while running behind tower) and if it comes suddenly (example jungle) to a 1on1, you can face your opponent and you are able to win even against a carry.
After Vanguard you work on your Blade Mail, beginn with the ChainMail first (so you can take more hits) then the Robe of Magic and at very last the Broadsword
With higher level (in the end game) Venomancer will be less effective and the carrys can kill you now faster than at the beginning. This is where you probably gonna die more often. So the blademail is the best "bang for the buck" you can get. If you activate it while lets say are hooked into a group of enemies you deal a huge amount of damage. You can pull off your blademail and ulti into that crowed. This should be a half kill on the whole enemy team.

At The Beginning on your lane

1. Try to lane with a carry or someone with a stunning attack like Juggernaut or Sven.

Why? ...A Stunner like Sven or a good carry like Juggernaut with his Blade Fury can easy kick *** with veno at lvl 2+
Dont try to first blood at level 1 its much harder cause you are missing Posion Sting at the beginning. I recommend a level 1 first blood only if your enemy opponent is a very low health hero, like crystal maiden.

After Few mins on lane

2. Dominate your lane and dont give it away anymore.

If you and your team mate doing well and correct it should be almost impossible to lose that lane. You are definitely in control of your lane and should have already few kills (or assist) depending on how aggresive your enemy team is might sound stupid but the more aggresive your oppents are the easier you get kills.

Mid Game

3. Team Fights & Ganks if needed (recommended)

Sometimes you have "weak people" in your team, try to help them out with your Gale and posion nova. You can easy take out another lane in seconds. Just buy a teleport scroll at the side shop and help you team mates or meet for ganks all around the map.

End Game

4. Stick with your team now

Try to stick always with your team. Solo you are less effective because your normal hits(auto hits) damage output is very low compared to other heros. You will struggle killing someone on 1on1. If you dont have a real initiator you can play this roll now, with your blademail & vanguard and your huge aoe damage ability (posion nova) you are able to start fights.

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