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Vengeful spirit and how it should be played

August 10, 2012 by Slithereen
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DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Hero Skills

Magic Missile

1 12 13 14

Wave of Terror

2 3 5 7

Vengeance Aura

4 8 9 10

Nether Swap

6 11 16


15 17 18

Vengeful spirit and how it should be played

August 10, 2012


Vengeful Spirit is one of those heroes I see people failing the most with.
First of all, VS is a support. Not a semi-carry. "But my buff scales! It gives me more damage!". No. Your "buff" is an aura and it affects the whole team.

This guide is made to explain why Vengeful Spirit must be played as a support in order to be effective.

This is not a guide made for you to get monster kills and end games with a ridiculous amount of kills/low deaths. If you play VS correctly, you will die a lot and that's good. If your death means your carry lives; it's hella worth it.


VS works the best in a lane with another ranged hero because your attack range is very low and most of the time your lane partner will be relying on you to push back the enemy heroes.
You can either babysit* a ranged carry/semi like Morphling, Drow, Sniper, ... or lane with another stunner who needs more gold than you do: Sand king, Sven, ...

You must try as much as possible to not steal creep kills from your laning partner. As you can see from the item build, you don't really need a lot of things. Aghanim isn't even necessary.

Skill build

Magic Missile
Why would you not max Magic Missile first?
It's quite simple. The more you level this skill, the more it costs mana, the less you can use it without spending money/losing gank time.
You want to keep it level 1 so you can gank as much as possible and your other abilities scale WAY better than this one.

Wave of Terror
Wave of Terror is the first skill you will max. It's the skill that benefits the most from levels and here's why:
The mana cost stays the same.
The armor reduction gets higher.
The damage gets higher.
Use this skill very often! It can be used to harass, to spot ganks(It gives vision around the area where you aim it) or get creep kills.
This is a must during team fights. -armor benefits your whole team!

Command AuraCommand Aura
Command Aura is the second skill you will be maxing. This one's pretty self-explanatory: It helps tremendously during team fights. Still skeptical about not leveling your stun? At level 4, command aura will add +- 30 damage to your whole team(+ the armor reduction from Wave of Terror). That's 150 damage if everyone attacks once. There goes the bonus damage you'd get by leveling your stun ;)

Nether Swap
This ability is so good I don't even know where to start.
First, it can be used to quickly pick off somebody from far away.
Second, it can be used when your team is chasing someone.
Third, it can be used to save yourself from certain death
Last, and most important, it can be used to save team mates who can't afford to lose gold by dying. During team fights, you want to stay behind your team as much as possible so they can get your damage buff aura. If you know one of your teammate is about to die it is your duty to swap him out of combat so you can die instead.

will add casting range and a reduced cooldown.


Tranquil Boots are very nice boots for supports. They're very cheap considering what they do: More armor and an active hp regen buff. These boots will allow you to spend your money on wards instead of regen items.

Magic Wand is also a must for any support. are very often the only items you'll have for mid game. They will help you stay alive longer as well as giving you some HP/Mana.

Observer wards must be your top priority. Your goal isn't to rush Tranquil boots/Magic Wand. Your goal is to always have two or at least one ward(s) on the map. Too bad if your boots are delayed. Your team doesn't care if you don't have boots :).

You can buy Sentries if your ganking is going well and have some extra cash. Sentry Wards are mainly used to counter the enemy team's wards.

It might sound stupid, but TP scrolls are core items for VS. You must always have one on you in case one of your team mate is being tower dove. Stay alert and TP to save/get a kill.

When you have your magic wand, the next item you want to get is a bracer. It will give you a higher HP/Mana pool.

Aghanim is your luxury item. It's nice if you manage to farm it, but it's no big deal if you can't. If you have to chose between having map control or aghanim(or any item), always go for map control.


As you can see, VS isn't item dependent. Most of your gold will be spent on consumable items

Don't try to take the last hits as other heroes in your team will benefit much more from having gold.


Ganking is your main role beside warding. Sometimes, the only thing a lane needs to get a kill is a well placed 1.45s stun. You should start roaming once you're level 4. Don't be afraid to go back to the fountain to regen because the simple fact you're MIA makes the enemy team uncomfortable/carefull. It's way better to be MIA at fountain rather than dead because you initiated a fight half hp.

Communication is key. Tell your partners when you'll be ganking so they save up mana and don't try not pushing the lane.

Late game (Boredom)

Late game is boring for any support. Your role is to help your team having an easier end-game. Stay alive as much as you possibly can during team fights. Don't try to auto attack people... Spam your wave, stun, go back, stay in range for your aura to buff your team, etc. 36% bonus damage during endgame is invaluable. You will be targeted.

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