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Ur soul is mine!!!

December 17, 2011 by NEVERMORE#152880
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My favourite,probably best

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

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Ur soul is mine!!!

December 17, 2011

About Nevermore

Nevermore is one of the best carryies in the game.He is not played so much bcz he is easy to counter,if u play vs Nevermore u just need someone with stun in ur team,just gank him and its over.But if u come fed in late game its GG.Nevermore is solo hero,he needs lot of farm.Its realy hard to last hit with him on first lvl,but when u build up ur souls it get easier.U need to build up ur souls as much as u can for late game,its realy important.Always remember that ur souls make ur ulti stronger but witohut souls i think even auto atack is stronger than ur ultimate.

About items

With nevermore u just wanna get ur core and Shadowblade as early as u can.One of the opions is to get Dagger,its realy good for nevermore too.I personaly like shadowblade more than dagger,just bcz u cant activate dagger when enemy hero auto atack u.Shadow blade and dagger is there to help u get position for ur ult.After that u need BKB so u cant get disabled or nuked while casting ulti.If there are lot of atack dmg heroes u need to get ghost scepter.Dont use it stupid bcz 40% extra dmg go in ur *** !!!From that point u need to get Desolator or HoD(helm of dominator) than Satanic instead.U also need Manta but always remember:FIRST LOOK AT ENEMY TEAM THEN BUY ITEMS.U also need to remember to DO NOT buy satanic or HoD and Desolator in one game.Orb effects do not stack.Boots of travel are good late-game item for Nevermore.U get + mov speed and effect to teleport alamost when ever u want.


U need to lvl necromastery at lvl 1 just so u can get souls from start bcz its realy worth it.After that u need to lvl up shadowrazes as fast as u can.By lvl-ing up shadowraze u get 3 nukes.It deal 300 dmg at rank 4.Z raze is medium one,used when ur enemy is in melee range.Second raze is X raze,its medium range.When u are laning vs someone ur range,om max range autoatack u can cast X raze and C raze and u hit him with both razes.C raze is large range,mostly used to finish-off enemy that are escaping.REMEMBER u cant play nevermore like a pro from start,he is realy hard.I dont know how to describe ult.Its AoE pwnface nuke that pwn faces if u have max souls and if u are close to targets u hit.Ult is so strong that u get items like dagger,BBK,shadowblade to land it properly.


Thank you for looking at my guide,plzzz comennt,vote,tell what u think about my guide.

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